Cinema #19: Justice League Vs. Teen Titans ( Spoilers )

April 15, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I'm back with a movie review for you guys! I am so excited to get back to the regular schedule and just start cooking up content for you guys. So lets just jump right into it.

- Since when does Weather Wizard fly?
- Cheetah has gone full fur.
- Supes really cut Luthor down to size.
- Raven's dad is just kidnapping bodies.
- You just dropped a car from the sky. Nice going Supes, he didn't even care where it landed. smh.
- Damian is always just doing a little too much.
- Is Trigon a ghost? How do they not see it leave the body?
- Yay! Nightwing is in this one too. But please DC, let the chain thing, die. ok?
- Good to know, Beast Boy sleeps in the nude.
- Titans include: Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Raven and Starfire as the leader.
- Starfire's eyes are just completely green, no pupils, no iris.
- Why does Superman do laundry in a building with quarter machines?
- Diana's glasses joke was spot-on.
- " You wear a weapon, I am a weapon" - Damian
- This Damian seems to have learned nothing from the past movies. Did they just decide to throw away all that growth?
- Raven can heal people? Since when? I love that she calls Ra al ghul  a demon.
- Damian's got a crush...
- Does Supermn want Brain Damage? Because that's how you get brain Damage.
- Poor Atomic Skull. I would sue for excessive force.
- Oh Dick, was trying so hard, to ask Starfire out...
- I like Starfire's Idea of fun.
- Everyone loves DDR. Everyone.
- So Trigon is just looking for his long lost daughter?
- What did Trigon pull from the Sand? It looks super old...
- Real music in DC Films? Since When? So many Changes going on...
- No one noticed Raven Disappeared?
- Is Starfire an honorary Sailor Scout now? Like that that transformation sequence was totally unneccesary, Fan service if ever I saw it.
- I'm sure Damian's happy he can go crazy when ighting Trigon's followers, and not have to worry about killing them.
- So Raven does know her father, she put him away. Is it just demon powers when she has four eyes, or is it the same dark magic that her father uses?
- Her mom was uses as sacrifice of a clut and had sex with Trigon (Satan) and there Raven was.
- She and her mom lived in Azarath, and they had peace.
- Trigon doesn't want to catch up for lost time. He wants to use Raven to open a portal to earth for him to conquer. Gah. Bad Guys and their ulterior motives!
- Kryptonite saves Superman, now that is what I call spin.
- "Barry, if you can hear me in there I'm sorry." Did you really have to break his ankle AND leg? I'm sure there was a better way to stop the fastest man alive. I mean, Really now...
- I love when Barry comes back, he's like its going to take me an hour to heal this, and SERIOUSLY?
- Why is Trigon so big? Like the Guy is GINORMOUS, he has to work out.
- Feminists everywhere are pissed off that Superman used the Lasso of Truth on Diana, seriously DC what are ya'll thinking....
- The Titans go to hell, what the heck is happening to Garfield/Beast Boy. Just because he's in hell, he's turning into fictional creatures instead of real animals?
- The Flash literally just Fell from Trigon's body like food in his mustache...
- Hell doesn't look inviting in the slightest...
- How was Ras Al Ghul's "ghost" able to break the jewel?
- What were the things grabbing at "Rhas al Ghul's demon body?" Those creatures in hell are mondo creepy.
- Cyborg is totally going to be a titan instead of a leaguer.
- Raven has assimaltaed the jewel to her forehead.
- It must be total torture for Raven to have to hear her fathers voice in her head for the rest of eternity.
- The Cutscene has TERRA IN IT?! OH EM GEE!

 I think this movie did a great job at two things. Giving you a decent back story on Raven, and Piquing your interest in investigating more cartoons, movies and comics with the Teen Titans. I've never read any of their comics but after this movie I definitely want to. They do a great job of working with continuity that has already been established and only tweaking it slightly. I thought the movie was really REALLY great, I definitely want to add it to my movie collection, and I just can't wait until DC puts out their next animated film, because Batman Vs. Superman left MUCH TO BE DESIRED.

What did you think about the movie? Lets talk about it on Twitter this week!

Until next Time,
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  1. Why can't the DC live action movies be as good as their animated movies?


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