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March 22, 2012

Last week was Spring Break. I definitely enjoyed myself thoroughly. The first half I just worked. The other half I headed up to Columbus for Revolution. I was so busy I only got to take the picture below. The girl is an attendee that I helped on several ocassions. She told me that I was an awesome staffer! It made me so happy because it was the first time I'd done it. I definitely plan on doing it again, at Armageddicon in December.

 Got my Hair done for the Spring Formal that's tomorrow. You ant see al of it, but it is spiraled on top and to the side, and my bang is ut.
 I needed a dress, and sine I was feeling depressed beause I was having trouble finding one that was ute, and atually fit me properly. I deided to go into the library and drown my sorrows in a big group of books. 

Here is what I got from the onvention. a death note and two ell phone harms that I'm thinking abut switahing t o a nintendo dsi. INstead. I played with one, and its amazing! I am thinking of trading in my ds lite. 
 a Super ute Fox-faed purse I found @ goodwill.
 Went to Tuesday morning and got New knitting needles!! I got a 4 pak for 1.99!! They were plasti just like I wanted. The yarn is also new. I got it from goodwill for 25 ents!!
a projet I'm working on. 

Spring Formal

March 12, 2012

 Next friday is my school's Spring Formal, and I am without a dress. I've narrowed it down to two options..I just don't know which dress I want to wear. Wanna help me figure it out?


Handheld Mistress #6: There is a Gamer's Heaven.

I have the most amazing news to tell you! I went out with my boyfriend and family so they could get to know each other better. We went out to dinner, off to see a movie, and then we discovered Gamer's Paradise. Will and I were so enamored that I took photographs.

Welcome To Gamer's Heaven.

 This plae is so bloody  amazing! Here's How it works. all the  

games are free play. Pay $10  and you can play all you want 

until they lose. Their selection of games is stellar! Plus if you 

cant find  a game you like in the arcade version, feel free to 

browse their store, you  can test play their sellable games 

as WELL!!!

 So if you are ever in Ohio, look them up!

Mistress out,

Handheld Mistress #5: Street Fighter X Tekken

 Do you see that?
 Is...Is that?
Why yes, Yes it is Street Fighter X Tekken for the PS3.

Yes, Yes Be Jealous!!

Mistress out,


Inspiration #1

Knitting Blogs


MusiC Videos


A-Pink- My My

Big Bang- FantastiC baby
BloCk B- Nalina

Big Bang- Don't go home

The Dunken Moogle. Video game inspired alCoholiC Beverages. ( I don't Drink.)

~ Spring Break ~

March 11, 2012

I know I know ( as I dodge flying objects) I haven't written since the first of the month. But school is no joke. Going from not having any due dates, and being able to chill whenever I wanted, to having homework due every other night, is ridiculously difficult. Not to mention that I'm creating assignments with a keyboard that looks like this.

3.9.12- Will met my mother. We had dinner, + Movie ( Man on the ledge. It was decent.) We discovered a really neat gaming place in a super dead mall.

3.10.12- Work!

3.11.12- Work!!!

3.12-15.12- Working/Spending TIme With Fam before Revolutioncon.

My Activities.

 New headphones, can't enjoy them tho, left thy Ipod in Will's car.
 No, your eyes are not deceiving you, yes that is Street FighterXTekken. Be Jealous!
 Books, 9 lives I've read. Murder I'm in the middle of.
Everyone has been wearing these knitted hats everywhere. I really want one. This is the yarn I'll be using.

Mistress Out,

what have I been up to?

March 1, 2012

 Just school and work mostly, but on our almost weekly trip to members I picked up a small, portable and brand new sewing machine for my dorm room, I haven't been feeling well lately, like I'm functioning and everything, but I just have this sinking feeling I. My stomach that wo t go away and awful headaches.
 Below are pictures of what's been occupying me mostly this week,  my new sewing machine which. Is a singer pixie plus. I also now have the first four seasons of Smallville on DVD coming my way.  Unfortunately only seasons 1 and 3 showed up first! I also have pictures of what was going to be a glove, but I decided to frog it and am now working on a better version in a completely different color and yarn. So once, I actually have something to show you, then I'll upload w.i.p. Pictures!


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