Mama, and a night of grubbin.

January 24, 2013

 Tuesday, My friends and I went out to eat and to go see Mama. A Guillermo Del Torro film, Mama wasn't scary, but it was creepy as all get out. I was a huge fan of Pan's Labirynth when it came out, so I already knew I was going to enjoy this movie. And for the most part I did, Lately, II've been very disappointed in endings for the last couple of movies I've seen. Skyfall, Looper, Mama, all of the endings dissapointed me, the only one that I even kind of liked was Breaking Dawn 2.  I'm hoping its just a phase, I want to go see Gangster Squad, and I just really hope they don't disappoint me, I mean they have me so hype with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.
  There are reasons Why I am a planning mastermind, its not because I'm controlling or manipulative, its because I know what can happen when there are no plans. Everything can just fall into chaos, and its ok because there is nothing trying to reign it in, and I for one am not a fan of chaos. I set things up in advance and early so nothing else can get in the way. I give ample time for everyone to get there, before going to dinner, and 2 out of 5 were late. I just don't understand the point of planning if no one is listening.

I've Started Video logging again. To keep updated, make sure you subscribe to the youtube channel.

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Cars and Barns

January 18, 2013

 Yesterday, My dad and I went on a car hunt. It was supposed to be the whole family and  the day was supposed to be spent on the road to Milan Indiana to purchase a plymouth breeze. But my father didn't want me to get a car from a private owner. Then My sister and My mom fell ill, and so My dad and I headed out. We headed out all the way to SmallField and began our search. Alas, in order for it to be done my dad's way, I have to keep saving up money because I don't have enough. So I did not come home with a car yesterday, but Damn I had a fun time out with my pops.

On Our journey We discovered many ridiculous things, that had us laughing all day long.

- No one prices their cars, and the one's that do are WAY out of my price range.

- Carl's Fine Cars, can't exactly decide whether they sell barns or cars.

- We went on a ghost hunt for Trollbeads, which is like a brand, haha not an actual place. We walked all the way around Jungle Jim's.

- This Beautiful Sunset I saw, on the way home. 

 For the record, I don't car that I didn't purchase a car, and I don't care that it might be a bit of an issue working to get one, but I got to spend a whole day with my father, who I don't get to see often, because we work all the time, and we argue like cats and dogs, because we're so much alike.

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New Products For Doux Intoxicatie

January 16, 2013

Gabs has her crocheting and knitting groove back. I know I hadn't written about my needle crafts in a while but now you don't have despair. Because the shop is back on course! I finally finished Three of my commissions. Two "Rasta" Hats and Scarves. The First time I'd repeated a pattern. It turned out pretty well I think, and my "winter wonderland" hat and Scarf set. Both hat + Scarves sets are available in the Shop now!! Catch them before Winter is Gone ok?!

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A Day in B.Mont

January 14, 2013

 Friday, I went with My mom and lil sis out to breakfast with an old family friend. We had Ihop, Saw my Grandfather unexpectedly and did a little Hancock Fabrics Shopping. B.Mont's Hancock's was HUGE! It rivaled C.Rain's Jo-ann's, which was pretty legit. It only had two workers though, so unless they like to work people like bake n Steak, maybe there isn't a lot of business going on over there apparently.  Everything was on Sale!~ Even the Clearance was on sale! All of the fabric I bought was 60-90% off!! I bought the buttons because I have some new cardigan designs I've been working on.

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P.S. Don't forget to check out my new website for all updates!!

Handheld Mistress #15: Whats In My Gaming Cabinet

January 11, 2013

 There's just something completely classy about a well organized photo. I absolutely love learning about people, and one way is to look at their photos.
     PlayStation 3 + Controller, 9 PS3 games, 21 DS Games, Gameboy Advance, DSI
Top L To R:
- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)
- Code Lyoko (DS)
- Puyo Puyo Fever (DS)
- Pucca: Power Up (DS) 
- Ivy the Kiwi (DS)
- Alice in Wonderland: Disney (DS)
- Super Princess Peach (DS)
- Metal Slug 7 (DS)
- Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (DS)
- Yu-gi-oh! Nightmare Troubador (DS)
- Splatterhouse (Ps3)
- Pokemon: White (DS)
- Pokemon: Diamond (DS)
- Professor Layton and the Last Spector (DS)
- Final Fantasy XII: Reverant Wings (DS)
- Need For Speed: Undercover (Ps3)
- Kingdom Hearts: 385.2 Days (DS)
- Trauma Center: Under The Knife (DS)
- Pokemon: Puzzle Challenge (GBC)
- Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the Osbourne House (DS)
- The World Ends with you (DS)
- Alice: Madness Returns (Ps3)
- No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise (Ps3)
- Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Eternal Duelist Soul (GBA)
- Arkham City: Game of the Year (Ps3)
- Yu-Gi-Oh!: Reshef of Destruction (GBA)
- Tomb Raider: Underworld (Ps3)
- Chrono Trigger (DS)
- King of Fighters XIII (Ps3)
- L.A. Noire (Ps3)
- Catherine (Ps3) 
- Harvest Moon (DS)
- Pokemon: White 2 (DS)

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P.S. If you Feel like you're missing out, Visit my Jux. It's Pretty Much my Website, Any New Updates from ANYWHERE on the web that I be, will be found there.

D.I.Y.: Mint Vanilla Chocolate Chip Tutorial

January 10, 2013

 New Year, New style. I'm hoping to keep a lot more D.I.Y.'s on the board for the VSS. Nail Tutorials are by far the easiest for me, so you'll probably see a lot of those. So Here goes Nothing.

Step One: Paint Nails White. Two Coats

Step Two: Paint Tips Mint Green. Two Coats

Step Three: ( The Fun Part) With black paint/pen create dots all over the place.

Step Four: Paint over with Clear Gloss.

Step Five: ENJOY!

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I've got something important to share...

 Hey Guys!
  So sometime last july, I talked about being accepted as Comics Contributor for Girl Geek Culture magazine. I had an amazing time writing for that publication. I really got to put my blogging skills to use. I had So much fun. But Alas, Everything must come to an end. And with every end there is a new beginning. So on Monday, I was accepted to be a contributor Black Girl Nerds. I am so exstatic to take up my new post.
 Hope you guys show me just as much love over there as you do here.
Thanks for sitting there and reading my rambles for the last couple of years. And hopefully, here's to a few more.


Handheld Mistress #14: Christmas/New Years Game Haul

January 9, 2013

  I Think I did pretty well this time. I finally FINALLY bought my PS3. Oh it's sooo pretty! I must admit I did go a little game buying crazy. So without Further ado Lets Get Started.

Wish List

- Professor Layton and the Last Spector

- Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney

- Phoenix Wright V.S. Professor Layton 


- L.A. Noire

- Epic Mickey Two

- Borderlands 2

- Tekken Tag 2

- Street Fighter V.S. Tekken

- Portal 2

- Lollipop Chainsaw

- Dead or Alive 5

- Injustice

- Persona 4 Arena

- Arkham City : Game of the Year edition

Actually Bought:


- Princess Peach 

- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

- Professor Layton and The Last Spector


- Arkham City: Game of the Year Edition

- Tomb Raider: Underworld

- No More Heroes

- L.A. Noire

- Need For Speed: Undercover

As always, thanks for reading,
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Series #3: Top Ten Power Women in Film

January 7, 2013

 When we watch television, there are more than a million choices. I love to watch shows where I can learn something new. I am absolutely addicted to dramas of any kind. Criminal Minds, Gossip Girl, Veronica Mars, and countless others. Now everyone's opinion of entertainment is bound to be completely different, and if my father had anything to say about it, he would adamantly complain to you about how everything that I watch is crap, and or how all of the "well kempt" men are gay doctors. *Long Story* So here are my top ten Choices for T.V. Power Women Characters.

1.) Cashmere Mafia: Juliette
     Juliette is the C.O.O. of a real estate firm, who buys small hotels and bed and breakfasts and expands them into a whole line of money makers. I admire her charm, I admire her drive and I admire how she tries to keep her business afloat, handle a whiny Sullen Teenager, and a cheating, no good, can't count husband. The Reason, She's number ten is I just can't handle the amount of effort she puts into trying to save her marriage. Why work so hard, for someone who obviously doesn't love you?

2.) Gossip Girl: Elanor Waldorf
     Elanor, Blair's mother, is a Top Designer, I love her sense of style. I love that she is demanding and she knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it. I love the way she is in control of Everything! She flies all over the world and doesn't forget a single thing. Except her daughter.

3.) The Devil Wears Prada: Miranda Priestly
    Yes, She was bitchy. But she's Miranda Priestly, She's Top of the top of the TOP! She needs to be on her game, I love that she's So cut throat. No I don't at all and in any shape or form condone what she  did with Emily, but you can definitely enjoy and respect her work ethic.

4.) The Devil Wears Prada: Andy Sachs
   I loved Andy, and I love the relationship between her and Adrien Grenier. Anne Hathaway has always been a favorite actress of mine, and I love how any character she plays always has such great charm and finesse. I love how she has the balls to stand up to Miranda a multitude of times during the entire movie.

5.) The Women's Murder Club: Claire
  Forensic Science and the Coroner Claire. is a Vital and in charge character, She is on top of her job, her cases, and her family and only has one breakdown. Plus she is a woman of color, makes her alright by me.

6.) The Avengers: Pepper Potts
   Tony Starks "girlfriend". Holds her own against Natasha, and I just personally love her. She stands up to Tony, when he's on his pissy fits, and helped/Created the energy effecient Stark Tower.

7.) Love and Other Disasters: Jacks
   She's a fashion editor for VOGUE! She stands up to the pissy french Photographer guy and then controls the shoot and it makes the magazine front page! She doesn't let her feelings control her, and she's comfortable with gay people. She's A-ok in my book.

8.) Doctor Who: Donna
  The only Doctor Who Companion who still doesn't know who the doctor is by the end. I love how aloof she is about everything. She's Just like what? Santa's Shooting up the store? Eh, as long as I don't get shot, she barely bats two eyelashes, when she finds out that her boyfriend/fiance, is in love with a half woman Half Spider hybrid. She's Pretty Freaking Cool.

9.) Black Books: Fran
 She gets turned down by stupid guys all the time, but she's in charge of her own store, selling ridiculous trinkets, and having to listen to the absolute lunacy that is Berneard and is still partially sane, She makes me feel like if she can deal with that and survive, that I should have no worries.

10.) Cashmere Mafia: Mia Mason
  Mia, played by Lucy Liu, is by Far (in my opinion) the strongest woman in the Cashmere mafia group. She has to compete for her position ( Publisher for a magazine group) with her fiance, she gets the position and her fiance bails. She has to deal with her over bearing mother constantly trying to set her up with some random stranger in hopes she'll get married, She has to worry about Clive going postal every 5 minutes, and the ex-fiance goes and gets a whole new girlfriend, (which was a serious downgrade in my opinion) and then the girlfriend does a whole bunch of jealous stupid stuff that she has to deal with on top of that.

As always, Thanks for Reading,
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My Baby!!!

January 4, 2013

Hey gang!
  For a while I was talking about upgrading my camera. Although my little sony Point and shoot has gotten me good throughout the years, I felt it was time to move on to bigger and better things. So I would like to introduce you to my New Baby.

Canon EOS D Rebel T3. 12.2 mp and it does video in 780 PI!!! Witness the Glory of this bad boy!!!

Isn't She beautiful???
Thanks for Reading!
Mistress Out,

P.S. What kind of cameras do you guys use?

Clothing Haul 12.28-01.03

January 3, 2013

 I know I haven't really done any style and fashion posts in a while but I am here to tell you I am back. I  did a little clothing and accessory shopping and I am so excited to show you guys what I got. 

 High Heeled Green Gym-boots $36 from Bakers

 Lace back and Pocket T-Shirt 2.50 Vanity

 Polka Dotted 3/4 Sleeve Mini Cardigan $14 - Body Central

   Overlay of the Land Dress $25 Modcloth

 Season of Mist Dress $25 Mod Cloth

 Ruffle + Lace T-shirt $.42 Vanity

 Spaghetti Strap Bodice $16 Body Central 

Lace Back Vest $12- Body Central  

 Grasshopper, skip and jump bag $12 Modcloth

 This is the Box the ModCloth Products came in, I love their Packaging!!!

As Always thanks for reading, 
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