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March 28, 2016

Hey Gang!

Hey awesome readers, I have some new stuff to go over with you! At the beginning of March, I started a new job and the schedule for it has definitely thrown me off my blogging game. Unfortunately, my blogging schedule will be changing from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to Monday and Friday only posts. Vlogs will still be once a week, but I'm uncertain what days they will be updated.

 I just wanted to give you guys a heads up to some of the differences that will be coming up soon. Dont want you guys to think that I forgot about you of course! Here are some of the posts that I have coming up for you wonderful people.

- C2E2 Convention Roundup
-  Huge Shopping Haul (new job, means better money!)
- Kiki's Delivery Service (thoughts and review)
- Batman V.s. Superman (review)
- Flashpoint Paradox (Review)
- Whats in my bag (video)
- Open Letter: #appropriatingnerdculture
- Fangirling: Sakurako Koujo

See, I promise I haven't forgotten about ya, but sitting down to flesh out blog posts have been absolutely crazy for the past couple of weeks. However, Since I don't have to be sitting with a power outlet, or my laptop, in order to update social media please follow me on these platforms, they are being updated pretty regularly.

- Twitter: Spokhette
- Instagram: GoddessSpokh
- Snapchat: provacatrix

I will See you guys Friday. I hope your week is great and hopefully, my schedule will fill itself out, or get back up to speed soon. Thanks for being so patient with me gang!

Stay Nerdy!

Comics Roundup #23: Welcome back to the World of Comics.

March 21, 2016

Hey Gang!

 It's been a while since I've talked about comics on Nerdette At Large. I've talked about their cartoon, video game and movie counterparts, While comics had been put on a small hiatus. I started paying my student loans, and other bills and you know just general adulting. I didn't have time or money to spend on anything else, especially comics, they are such an expensive hobby...
  I went to surprise my friend Emily for her birthday with a few of my friends in Lexington. We stumbled upon the most amazing comic book shop, I have been in so far. It was so beautiful. Stuffed full of all the right things; lady-friendly comics and staff members, figurines, t-shirts, stuffed animals, anime, all of the amazingness that draws me to nerd culture.
 I haven't picked up comics in over three months, so I figured I would do my due diligence and see what I was missing. So I picked up Quite a few new issues. Here's what I got and what I'm most interested in starting first!! I took Silk#1 to #C2E2 so I could get it signed, but I wish I had known some of the artists for Mockingbird would have been at the Women of Marvel panel, I would have brought it to get signed.

 I'd been so interested in Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat since I saw the art on Brittney Williams' Twitter. I picked up issues 1-3 and then found out during the Women of Marvel panel that Jessica Jones will be making an appearance in issue 5 and beyond. So glad I got a nice jump on it before the story got too deep. 
 - New Silk 1-5
 - Mockingbird
 - MoonGirl and Devil Dinosaur 2+3
 - Batgirl 46-49
 - Faith #1
 - Another Castle #1
 - Clean Room #1

 I picked up all of these at a comic shop called The Comic Interlude, in Lexington. I was so impressed I took photos and video. Its kind of become a thing with us. Whenever the girls and I get together, we go check out a new comic book shop and we always get a group picture. I was so glad that Renee was able to join us for this one. 

Stay Tuned for my next couple of posts, which will be about C2E2 and other awesome things that I've been up to in the past couple of days that I haven't been writing. 

Have you guys been reading comics lately? What are some of your favorites? Lets talk about it on twitter. Follow me for the latest updates, I'm on twitter, every day, its easy to say I'm addicted. 

Until Next Time,
Stay Nerdy,


Fangirling: Angel Dynamite

March 18, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I'm so excited to be back! I super missed you all! I've been wanting to do another Fangirling post for a while now, and I decided that I should write one about Angel Dynamite. If you don't know who she is, (Where have you been?!) She is a DJ, martial artist, and all around bad ass character in Mystery Incorporated. I touched on (briefly) about my love of this show in this article .
 Mystery Incorporated is the latest reincarnation of the Scooby Doo animated series. The difference between this series and the others. It's the ONLY series with a continous story arc. It includes a wider range of characters of Color and I decided that I wanted to talk about Angel Dynamite. Here are 5 reasons, you should be fangirling.

5. She's the first reoccuring African-American female character in Scooby-Doo History. She is a mentor and confidant for the gang, as they are approached by Mister E, to solve mysteries all over their beloved Cabot Cove. She runs the radio Station there,where Fred works part time. It is a regular hang out spot. The show has a 60's/70's aesthetic although, their equipment and surroundings seem to be of this decade.

4. She isn't just a two-bit character. You see her character grow and flourish while she decides how to deal with her torn feelings. She is tossed back and forth, having to choose sides between Mister E, who she loves romantically and The gang, who she cares for and nurtures as their mentor.

3. Her Badass Kung Fu Skills. This series is a lot more violent than the others but not in a bad way. Just in a more realistic way. If you are discovering that someone is up to no good, and you confront them, they aren't just going to be like "welp, okay take me to jail", they're going to put up a fight. You saw bombs, explosions, and illusions of death in this series, I feel like it was the series for all the older fans of the show. It was our homage. Angel shows off her martial arts skills multiple times during the series, including fighting another Mister E protoge, a crazy robot, and some monkeys.

2. Her style is so dope! From Pantsuits, to adorable midriff tops and bell bottoms, Angel Dynamite is always styled to a T. I dream of her closet.

1. A lot of people think that she is a traitor, and almost a psuedo villain for the show. They're wrong.The amazing thing about Angel is that her story is about redemption and her ultimate sacrifice. She did a lot of wrong things with a lot of wrong people, but that doesn't mean that she herself was a bad person. She worked tirelessly almost every episode to make up for the mistakes of her youth. She is a beacon of hope for those who hope to turn a new leaf.

Have you seen Mystery Incorporated? Did you like Angel Dynamite? Tell me all about it! I absolutely love talking about Scooby Doo, Lets chat on Twitter!

P.S. I leave for C2E2 tonight after work. Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel so you don't miss out on my vlogs! If you are attending C2E2 and would like to collaborate please shoot me an email or hit me up on twitter!

Until Next Time,
Stay Nerdy,

Cinema #16: Zootopia Review (SPOILERS!)

March 16, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I  want to preface this by saying, I know that I was gone for almost an entire week. This new job, plus the old job plus my blogging schedule was equaling one extremely tired Gabby. However, now I've been at the job for more than two weeks and I've sort of got everything down. I can start maneuvering ways to work on Nerdette At Large. I just wanted to apologize for the neglect and let you know that the blogging schedule may be changing from 3 to 2 days for the next couple of weeks to accommodate my new schedule.  Now Lets Get Started!!!

 This past Sunday, I went to go see Zootopia, with Alex, my sister and My mother. It seems to be a reoccurring thing now. I've been excited to see Zootopia since the first teaser trailer. The Sloths man, they get me every time. SO, when it finally came out, I was going to see it first thing. However, We had to Surprise my friend Emily, so Zootopia had to wait. I'm currently putting together a vlog about all the awesome stuff we go into on our small road trip there, so make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel so you don't miss out.

 - All of the animals are so freaking adorable!
 - This movie should be played whenever someone tells you can't do something.
 - Shakira is Gazelle!
 - Zootopia reminds me of New York!
 - Clawhouser is so cute, hiding donuts in his fold.
 - She wants to be a real Police officer, not just a token Bunny. I know the feeling.
 - This movie attacks the powerful subject of prejudice and racism.
 - Not wanting to serve the Fox, simply because he is a fox is discrimination.
 - I love that Officer Hopps has a carrot pen.
 - She finally gets her break, when she begins her search for the missing otter.
 - 48 hours to find Emmett Otterton.
 - She goes to run a plate at the Department of Mammal Vehicles.
 - I love that the DMV is full of Sloths. That was one of my favorite parts!
 - I love that she follows Emmet to the Mystic Spring Oasis.
 - Where the animals are nudists. I was dying.
 - Why are animals going "savage"
 - I like that they use the word savage. It matches the times.
 - I was SO ANGRY that the fox was muzzled when he was younger.
 - Bunnies can go savage.
 - $15 for Ice Cream, scooped by an elephants trunk.....Highway Robbery.
 - Night Howlers are flowers.
 - There are Breaking Bad References.
 - I like that they showed the bias that Officer Hops had. Its just in their DNA. Bunnies can't go savage. I love that she was proven wrong later on.
 - Bunnies are super emotional (apparently)
 - She was so adorable in the Carrot Days Talent Show.
 - References the Godfather and I LOVE that Mr. Big is a super tiny mole.

  If at any moment you thought, "I'm not going to see this, its a kids movie about fluffy animals." You definitely need to go see this movie. It is so much more than that. It teaches Children about a much darker issue. Zootopia is Intersectional Feminism at its finest. The Minority (Predators) are being unfairly chosen, and "made to go savage." Which calls into question the Us. Vs. Them mentality. Since Prey are the majority, They have the "authority" to make the rules. This movie teaches children 4 things that are extremely important.
 One. It teaches that Authority should be respected, but NOT ALL AUTHORITY ARE GOOD. You can see the bias (When Hopps becomes the first bunny officer, and is sent to meter maid duty).

Two. That everyone has the capability to be cruel. (The cute adorable prey, Muzzling Jack when he was younger simply for being a fox.)
Three. That you can do whatever you want when you grow up. Doesn't matter what your gender is. Ladies can do the same things men can do, and its so important for children to know that.
Four. You must have all the pieces. Things aren't always easy to see as corrupt. You must keep a vigilant eye. As my father says, "Everything is Connected."
 Zootopia is a great movie to use for introducing Intersectional Feminism to your children. Intersectional feminisim is FOR EVERYONE, and is the epitome of Inclusivity. Teaching it to your children will ensure, that they have the foundation of these great policies of life living in the future. Let's all be honest here, We could definitely use a population with better inclusion skills.

This movie is incredible. I can't wait to get it on Blu-ray! I liked it more than Big Hero Six, and you guy know how much I loved that!

If you liked Big Hero Six, you should definitely go watch this film. If you already saw Zootopia LETS TALK ABOUT IT! #zootopia on Twitter so we can chat!

Until Next Time,
Stay Nerdy,

My C2E2 Schedule!

March 14, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I'm so incredibly excited to be able to go to C2E2 for the second year in a row!! I will only be there on Saturday, but I will be in Chicago ALL WEEKEND, and I have got some super fun blog collaborations in the works for you guys. Can't wait to show you guys what I have planned. I finally got a pseudo schedule set up for my Saturday. If you are attending C2E2 and want to network, please email me, comment below OR hit me up on Twitter. I would love to meet you!

I plan on attending the following Panels:

- Bombshells of DC 11:15-12:15 P.M. @s403
- Women of Marvel 1:30-2:30 P.M. @ s401
- Diversity in Geek Media (hosted by Jessica Green Interviewed here) 4:15-5:15 P.M. @ S405a
- Creator aftercon Network 7-10 P.M. @ Brando's

I plan on visiting these creators:

- Amy Chu ( Poison Ivy)
- Annie Wu (Black Canary)
- David F. Walker (Cyborg)
- Marguerite Sauvage (DC Bombshells)
- Marguerite Bennett ( A-Force)
- Stacey Lee ( Silk)
- David Peterson ( Mouse Guard)
- Gail Simone 2nd time
- Khary Rudolph ( We R Robin)
- Marcus To (Hacktivist)
- Ming Doyle 2nd time

I plan on getting these Comics Signed:

- A-Force
- Silk
- Birds of Prey
- Bombshells
- Swords of Sorrow
- Clean Room
- Huntress (6 part)
- We R Robin
- Secret Six
- Poison Ivy
- Cyborg
- Black Canary

I'm so looking forward to C2E2 and just exploring Chicago in general. I will also be vlogging about my adventures, so make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you don't miss out! Are you looking forward to C2E2? What are you guys most interested in seeing? Tell me in the comments below or on Twitter!!!

Until Next Time
Stay Nerdy,

February Favorites!

March 7, 2016

Hey Gang!

 You guys! I honestly can't believe it is already March! Where is the time going? Seriously, I kind of need it to slow down a bit, So many things are happening I feel like I am not savoring them properly. February had an extra day, and that allowed quite a few things to go on for me. I'm gonna tell you about my favorite stuff!!

- Seeing Deadpool opening weekend with Alex, My sister and my mother. Vlog review here.

- Completing Love Stage. It was my first Boy's Love Anime. It was...Different....

- Falling in love with Crunchyroll Premium. Did you guys know it includes Manga as well? :D

- Discovering Files of Young Kindaichi Returns, and Sherlock Hound (Hayao Mizaki!)


- Falling in Love with High School Girl Detectives on Netflix.

- Kicking butt in Street Fighter 5

- Discovering the Group: Black Girl Gamers!

- Having the Desire to join Sugar Gamers

- Having Pokemon Moon and Sun Confirmed, Wonder if it will be team: solar flare + Lunar Eclipse?

 Lots of things happened in real life as well like:

- Starting a new Job

- Surprising one of my friends on her birthday

- Discovering my PS4 doesn't play cds. SERIOUSLY?!!

Pokeweek is over now, but the videos can still be viewed on my Youtube Channel if you missed out.
Celebi is the Legendary for the Month of March so make sure you get your code!!!

Until Next Time,

Stay Nerdy!

~ Spokhette!~

Series #19: Stitchers Season One Review

March 4, 2016

Hey Gang!

 After I finished Jessica Jones, I needed to sink my teeth into another show and boy Stitchers did NOT disappoint. I'm so glad that Freeform ( The new name for Abc Family) renewed it for a second season, because I absolutely can't wait for it. I had hear about the show briefly before it came out and in the back of my head I always thought it was pretty interesting.

  Once I realized I could watch it on Hulu along with my precious Pretty Little Liars, I realized I didn't have to wait any longer. So I plopped down to watch episode one, and the rest, as they say, was history, I got so enthralled in the show that I was almost late for work! So the story goes, that the main character Kirsten suffers from Temperal Displasia. I am uncertain whether this is a real disease, but it causes her to have no sense of tie LITERALLY. She can't decipher the difference between 5 minutes and 5 hours! So she uses Logic and Math to figure out how long she has been somewhere.

 This Sci-fi T.V. Show is crazy decent you guys! I am addicted. I finished the first season Saturday and I was just sitting on my bed, like what? What season only has 11 episodes?! Why is that a thing? At Least I don't have to wait too long for the next season, its supposed to air in March. I'm just not used to binge watching a show, it's going to be a pain to wait once a week like regular people do. Its such a hassle. Here's a few reasons why it's my new favorite show and why I think you'll like it as well.

 Reason One: Camille - Camille, Kirsten's roommate played by Alison Scagliotti ( Claudia from Warehouse 13) and she is just one of those actresses that play those super great bad ass female roles. Camille is no exception, while the Stitchers program is a sub department of the NSA, and there fore should have a serious amount of protection and firepower at their disposal, it is generally the quick wittedness of the main crew; Cameron, Linus, Kirsten and Camille that save themselves and others from any violence that may befall them.

 Not only is she wicked smart and capable in a fight, she is shown with sass, sharp wit, sarcasm and a healthy dose of emotion. There are times when you see her cry and times when you see her rise to her challenge. Plus her love of Halloween knows no bounds just like me! Camille is a rare find in a "teen" show about science. Very rarely are the women capable in shows like this. but in Stitchers they pretty much run the show.

 Reason Two: The actual science behind it. Stitchers sew in a living conscience to a dead sample in order to go through the sample's memories in order to gather information about their death. Yeah you read that right, they hack dead people's brains to read their memories and use that info to solve the mystery. So knowing me at all, its NOT hard to see why I would love this series so dearly. I absolutely can't wait for Season two. Plus, Cameron, and Linus and all the paybacks to scifi television programs that came before them? Its epic and super flattering, just how television should be; respecting its elders. So far, I have caught: 66' Batman, Star Trek TOS, Lord of the Rings, Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and X-files to name a few.

 I thoroughly enjoyed season one, even though I feel like it didn't really end, I'm ok with that, knowing that we're getting a second season. I'm hoping for much more info and back story about the other characters, mainly Camille, Maggie and Cameron. In the second to last episode they mention that Cameron and Kirsten have met before the stitchers program, I would love to know how they fit together.

Have you seen Stitchers yet? If not definitely go check it out! It can be found on Hulu. Lets talk about it on twitter!!

Until Next Time,
Stay Nerdy!

Comics Roundup #22: Favorite Friendships in Media.

March 2, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I know there was a decent amount of changes made within the last two weeks. I think I'm finally happy with the way my site and blog have been designed and now I can get back to creating even more awesome content or you guys! If somehow, you missed my Pokemon Week Series, you can find it all right here. Today, I thought I would continue on sort of the same feel. Not cuddly creatures, but awesome friendships. Here's my thoughts about my five Favorite Friendships in Media. When I think Media I think about whatever is around us telling stories or information. So Comic books, Video Games, Anime, Television, Film and People fall into that category for me.

 Barbara and Frankie: If you have been following me for a while, you already know that I am absolutely in love with Tarr, Stewart and Fletcher's Batgirl series. One of the biggest reasons in the inclusivity of its cast and the friendship between Barb and Frankie. I love that we begin the comic with them, and that she eventually transforms from a friend into an ally. I don't want to give away too much just in case you haven't read the series (You really SHould!)

 Spencer and Aria: Pretty Little Liars is about a group of five friends who harbor a secret and attmept to solve a murder. Just because you are friends with a group of people doesn't mean that you can't be closer friends with another person inside the group. That's Spencer and Aria. They've been through so much together and they have made it so far. I love Spencer's sharp wit and how Aria's optimistic views balance their friendship out nicely. They have their own duo adventures throughout the 6 seasons that they'e been together.

Veronica and Mac: Not going to wax on poetically about this duo. I know my blog has seen quite a bit of Veronica Mars. Needless to say, I am quite the fangirl. However, Veronica and Mac have been together since season 1, and they have held each other down since then. Mac with her computer skills was an absolute asset to Veronica during her "assistant sleuth" days and now helps her and her father in the Mars Private Investigation business. I love that Mac mellows out Veronica's sarcastic attitude and she always brings a fresh perspective to the table.

Flamcis and Vlora: Two fashion bloggers who found each other and have been a perfect fit sense. They travel, blog and Snapchat together and they seem like they have a really close bond. Definitely go check out their blogs if you haven't and add them on Snapchat, their adventures are awesome.

Dick and Wally: I have been re-watching Young Justice because its on Netflix, and ya'll know how much I love Dick (Grayson) already, but the relationship he has with Wally (Kid Flash) in that show is top notch. They literally go through everything together, from finding out that they're best friend is a clone, and responsible for Vandal Savage's destruction of Justice League's outer space reputation, they've been through a lot, and even super deep cover and the death of a loved one. They always have and always will, have each others back.

Who are some of your favorite friendships? Lets talk about it on #twitter 

See ya Next Time,

Stay Nerdy,



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