Cinema #16: Zootopia Review (SPOILERS!)

March 16, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I  want to preface this by saying, I know that I was gone for almost an entire week. This new job, plus the old job plus my blogging schedule was equaling one extremely tired Gabby. However, now I've been at the job for more than two weeks and I've sort of got everything down. I can start maneuvering ways to work on Nerdette At Large. I just wanted to apologize for the neglect and let you know that the blogging schedule may be changing from 3 to 2 days for the next couple of weeks to accommodate my new schedule.  Now Lets Get Started!!!

 This past Sunday, I went to go see Zootopia, with Alex, my sister and My mother. It seems to be a reoccurring thing now. I've been excited to see Zootopia since the first teaser trailer. The Sloths man, they get me every time. SO, when it finally came out, I was going to see it first thing. However, We had to Surprise my friend Emily, so Zootopia had to wait. I'm currently putting together a vlog about all the awesome stuff we go into on our small road trip there, so make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel so you don't miss out.

 - All of the animals are so freaking adorable!
 - This movie should be played whenever someone tells you can't do something.
 - Shakira is Gazelle!
 - Zootopia reminds me of New York!
 - Clawhouser is so cute, hiding donuts in his fold.
 - She wants to be a real Police officer, not just a token Bunny. I know the feeling.
 - This movie attacks the powerful subject of prejudice and racism.
 - Not wanting to serve the Fox, simply because he is a fox is discrimination.
 - I love that Officer Hopps has a carrot pen.
 - She finally gets her break, when she begins her search for the missing otter.
 - 48 hours to find Emmett Otterton.
 - She goes to run a plate at the Department of Mammal Vehicles.
 - I love that the DMV is full of Sloths. That was one of my favorite parts!
 - I love that she follows Emmet to the Mystic Spring Oasis.
 - Where the animals are nudists. I was dying.
 - Why are animals going "savage"
 - I like that they use the word savage. It matches the times.
 - I was SO ANGRY that the fox was muzzled when he was younger.
 - Bunnies can go savage.
 - $15 for Ice Cream, scooped by an elephants trunk.....Highway Robbery.
 - Night Howlers are flowers.
 - There are Breaking Bad References.
 - I like that they showed the bias that Officer Hops had. Its just in their DNA. Bunnies can't go savage. I love that she was proven wrong later on.
 - Bunnies are super emotional (apparently)
 - She was so adorable in the Carrot Days Talent Show.
 - References the Godfather and I LOVE that Mr. Big is a super tiny mole.

  If at any moment you thought, "I'm not going to see this, its a kids movie about fluffy animals." You definitely need to go see this movie. It is so much more than that. It teaches Children about a much darker issue. Zootopia is Intersectional Feminism at its finest. The Minority (Predators) are being unfairly chosen, and "made to go savage." Which calls into question the Us. Vs. Them mentality. Since Prey are the majority, They have the "authority" to make the rules. This movie teaches children 4 things that are extremely important.
 One. It teaches that Authority should be respected, but NOT ALL AUTHORITY ARE GOOD. You can see the bias (When Hopps becomes the first bunny officer, and is sent to meter maid duty).

Two. That everyone has the capability to be cruel. (The cute adorable prey, Muzzling Jack when he was younger simply for being a fox.)
Three. That you can do whatever you want when you grow up. Doesn't matter what your gender is. Ladies can do the same things men can do, and its so important for children to know that.
Four. You must have all the pieces. Things aren't always easy to see as corrupt. You must keep a vigilant eye. As my father says, "Everything is Connected."
 Zootopia is a great movie to use for introducing Intersectional Feminism to your children. Intersectional feminisim is FOR EVERYONE, and is the epitome of Inclusivity. Teaching it to your children will ensure, that they have the foundation of these great policies of life living in the future. Let's all be honest here, We could definitely use a population with better inclusion skills.

This movie is incredible. I can't wait to get it on Blu-ray! I liked it more than Big Hero Six, and you guy know how much I loved that!

If you liked Big Hero Six, you should definitely go watch this film. If you already saw Zootopia LETS TALK ABOUT IT! #zootopia on Twitter so we can chat!

Until Next Time,
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