When you finally get your self together, and you realize you need a new yarn

August 31, 2011

  This place is collecting some serious dust! haha. I was kinda weening myself off because I assumed I'd be starting school soon, and would need to put everything on hold and focus on that. However, Since now, it's looking like I won't even be able to get my foot in the door for another 4 months I figure I can split my attention between a few things. Most people would be like JEEZ, 4 months? Thats a super long time. And there right it is a long time. However, I've been waiting to go back to school since December. That's half a year. 6 months! Whats another 4?
   So I plan on spending my 4 month reprieve doing the following. I really wanna work on expanding my brand. I know there are only 4 things in the shop at the moment. When I opened it, and started to fill it with things. I thought I would do something different. The only things in the shop are complete re-designs/new creations. I didn't want to just resort to my old ways. That included my photography, my branding, and how I promoted myself.
  I do have to admit it was a lot easier the year before last because I could hang posters around school (Dean if you are reading this, I NEVER did that.) and was able to get a few orders for custom scarves and hats for boyfriends, or hatcentric best friends. But I wasn't able to promote in the way I wanted. This year will be different. When I start school it will be 2012, and I will be ready for it. I have already re-designed my logo. I'm currently working on creating a design for my business cards, one that I like. The original Business Cards:
The new mascot + title:
 I'm thinking of having raised ink on my business cards now. The design on her face will be raised in pink. I'm really thinking this will be cute.  I decided to put the shop on vacation until my "shelves" are bursting with brand new designs! I'm thinking of deciding of creating a layout for Work in progresses. 
So these are my work in progresses for this week. The one to left is a wristlet, I will be adding a cute design to the front and a band for easy carrying.  The middle is Kristin's Birthday Scarf. I'm nearly Halfways done with it. and on the Right is the Heart Flutters scarflette. I need to add a button to complete the finished product.
So Be prepared for more layouts!!! Next week. There will be a lot of changes in the next coming week with the blog, the twitter and the facebook pages... 

Mistress Arachnide,

Do you believe in aliens or life on other planets?

August 28, 2011

Life on other planets yes, Aliens? No.

I'm an open book...So read me

I'm the Best: Minzy's Look

August 25, 2011

  Hey!  I haven't done anything makeup related in a really really long time.So I decided to show you guys what I  get up to. So, this tutorial was for my collaboration group the Sun Antoinettes. As our topic, was video killed the radio star and we were to show our favorite Music video looks. As a black jack myself  2ne1 is one of my favorite Kpop bands...EVER.
   So When this challenge came up, I knew EXACTLY where to go for some inspiration...So I sat back with some *duplex cookies and started to watch their single's chart. The thing about 2ne1 is their fashion is always crazy, but their makeup is usually very simple. So I was starting to give up when I began to watch their new videos!
  I am the best is the video I decided on. and this is how I interpreted Min-zi's look.

NEW SECTION!!! Inside the Mistress

August 22, 2011

 I just thought I should give you guys a little insight of my life and my business. Every now and again, I use Bloggers stats section for my blog. I love seeing the demographic of my readers. It makes me feel honored, when I see anyone reading let alone people from different countries... Which begs the question, When my readers from places say:

  • France
  • Belgium
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Latvia
Do they have to use a translator?? Like I surf in Google chrome even though I use a linux operating system and when I come to a blog in another language it will automatically switch it from whatever it is to English, So I can read it unless its in Japanese, Chinese, or other Asian languages, sometimes it can't translate all of the characters... Which really sucks when I wanna read 2NE1, Jan Kurotaki, or Junko Mizuno's personal blogs...

But the thing I really wanted to show you guys was this!

I found this on my audience page. As a type of operating system!! How cool is that?! Someone decided to checkout my humble blog on their beloved Nintendo Wii! 

Mistress Arachnide

I know I'm just failing all over the place.

 I know I haven't updated this or ANYTHING ELSE in like a really long time. BUT I AM VERY SICK. I've been busy/sick/lazy since last friday..I haven't had a cold in almost 6 years, but somehow I caught my mothers and it is really kicking my ass. I've got chills, hard to breathe, coughs, dizziness, hard to stand up for too long. I mean I am not my 100% self..
 Yesterday I opened at work, and I broke the sacred rule of waitressing. Never sit down. It had gotten to the point to where I had to sit down and take their orders, because my knees were shaking! I stuck it out tho. Not the kinda girl to leave my fellow man hanging. Once I feel better here is a list of things I will be completing!

  • An actual blog entry.
  • NYF entry.
  • 2 makeup tutorials for my personal channel (which is starting to collect dust)
  • The now 3 sun antoinette videos I'm behind on: Would you rather , 11 most reached for, and video killed the radio star...
  • Complete  a commission scarf
  • My fafsa (hopefully today, since classes have already started)
  • update the etsy
  • Complete overhaul of the blog
  • Clean my room

What in my bag?

August 16, 2011

A video I made for the Collab channel that I'm part of and this is one of the tags. But this is the most recent depiction of what I carry around with me every day! So ENJOY!

The Handheld Mistress: When you meet Professor Layton by a dead end Brick wall and its not to make out.

 I know its been a really long timesince I've updated this blog, butI promise I haven't forgotten about it. It seems like every time I am writing an entry for this thing, it seems to start with that sentence...I honestly don't mean it to be the heading for every entry.  But I guess I can finally get to the topic at hand.
 I haven't played Diabolical Box since I wrote the last entry so, I didn't accidentally miss anything the next time I updated. But While waiting to be put back on my regular Working schedule I've been knitting like crazy and playing my ds. I decided to re-try some of the games I had originally decided to sell.
 I got a little further in Trauma Center, so I assume the wrapping of tape was a glitch.  So I'm now going back and forth between playing and selling it.  But Mostly I've been switching between playing Professor Layton and the Curious village and The world ends with you, which I just found out the one of my best friends and partner in Crime, Claire owns one as well. So We will definitely be co-oping when I get back into school *Keeping your fingers crossed of course. that I actually am able to go..
  But I have finally uncovered all 8 of the mini mysteries... and Solved two of them.  Chemley and the key. ANd I was acutally on the way to the tower when I  realized I didn't have enough puzzles to go through. I needed to have solved 75. I was 15 short... COMPLETE BUMMER. So I am currently stuck at the puzzle shack working through ones that I either didn't get to or skipped... I also got the Alice game that I showed sneak peak pictures of a long time ago for my 20th birthday, and my AMAZING boyfriend is currently purchasing Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 with expansion pack for me... Because he's the fucking best... So Once I get into the tower, I will more than likely  be updating again, or if I get frustrate and stuck I'll be switching to Diabolical box.

Mistress Out!


August 12, 2011

Depression Fueled Hiatus.....
  Will hopefully be back on Tuesday with some good news....Till then So long blogosphere...

Mistress Arachnide

7 Things

August 11, 2011

d I saw this post on Meredith's blog. I love little prompts like this. I have never had any issues with opening up or even blogging about it. But these prompts make it easier for me to write when I  am relaxing (a.k.a. when I don't really have anything to write about.) Tomorrow, I will be going to an antiques mall with my mother and sister. I am very excited about this!! I don't know which one, but its just fun to go look at retro/vintage clothing, and cool stuff of years gone by. Saturday, I'm going to a hookah bar, with a few good friends, which will be very relaxing after a 7 hour shift. Sunday, I work again. I decided to paint my nails, and since I haven't put up any photos of me in a while, here's my nails haha!

 So here goes nothing...

7 places I would like to visit...

1. Tokyo, Japan
2. London, Great Britain
3. Paris, France
4. Rome, Italy
5.Seoul,South Korea
6.Honolulu, Hawaii
7.Venice, Italy

7 things I would like to make...

1.indeflatable Creme Brulee
2. Four layer  German Chocolate, White Chocolate marble cake
3. Knit an off the shoulder sweater
4. Design and create a lingerie set.
5. Homemade Duplex cookies.
6. Homemade Strawberrie Wafers
7. Seafood Stew.

7 people I'd like to meet (dead or Alive)

1.Janelle Monae
2. Nicki Minaj
3. Barack Obama
4.Zoe Saldana
5.Marilyn Monroe
6. Josephine Baker
7. Maisumi Max

7 things I would like to Own...

1. A car...
2. A book laptop/computer *a la Inspector Gadget Penny*
3. An I phone
4. A brick and mortar Shop to sell my designs
6.The bright orange headphones from Tube.
7. Immortality...

7 things that annoy me...

1. Family guy
2. Racist people
3. Fake people and their fake compliments
4. Travis Porter
5. Rap songs that call every woman a bitch (we can't ALLbe the same)
6. My hair acting up even after its been permed
7. Cute shoes that don't fit.

7 films I love....

1. Star Trek (2009)
2. When in Rome
3. Titanic
4. Center Stage
5.Drive me Crazy
6.X- Men: First Class
7. Who framed Roger Rabbit

7 funny words...

1. Fishyswas
2. Mulberry Bush
3. Keel moose
4. Live and let die
5. Bum
6. Neematoad ( My sister scared me with one of these things when I was younger)
7. You mo grey gwa fi de sow ( Uncle in Jackie Chan)

Mistress Arachnide

Elegy plug

August 1, 2011

Hey Everyone! visit her blog! Her bags are adorable, her writings are hilarious and she deserves a few good followers! Make sure you check out her etsy too!http://www.etsy.com/shop/chubigorawr
She’s awesome! Follow her!!!!!!!

In other news, Mew: the mutated fish is completed! Final photos will be uploaded soon. We will be adding three new scarves to the etsy inventory. Also please visit collegiatefashion.tumblr.com, for our promotion piece and advertisement! Also check her out, she has affordable ways to keep your closet and wardrobe looking fly. She’s the best! I finally finished the manual on the button maker! So please keep a look out for our 2 1/4” pinback buttons. Also, Emily has found her calling in t-shirt design, so also keep your eyes peeled for her designs, her first one was pagan friendly! I approve! >0<
Spinarakly yours,

    Working on finishing a light, dark and white blue neckwarmer! Almost complete! You can thank Claire the great for creating this beautiful piece of iconography.
    Thanks CLAIRE!

    Introducing!!!!!! Our Customization Application!!

    Here is an example!~~
    Name: Gabriella
    Mailing Address: 5098 Delki John Avenue, Los Angeles, California 40982
    Type of Item: Satchel
    Size:15” by 5”
    Please attach a sketch of your piece, even if you have to use stick figures, it is much easier to go off of something rather than nothing! 
    Spinarakly yours,

    Sea new stuff. Buy new stuff. Wear new stuff.

     So I am back, fresh off my First European Civ exam! I did great! I got a B+! So We are now uploading two new pieces! Both of them are of the sea variety.  We have an applique quilt of an under the sea scene. Complete with 3-D seaweed and peek-a-boo octopus!
    And introducing Mew! The mutated fish plushie. Totally soft and adorable and squeezable! all are on etsy! buy buy buy!!!!
    all designs by CLAIRE THE GREAT!
    spinarakly yours,

    Since when did I become “Claire the Great”? O_o

    Ze quote of ze post (aka I saw/said it, so it’s going up):
    “The average woman wishes for looks over brains because the average man sees more than he thinks.”
    Anyway, Claire here. I picked up some supplies over the weekend, some finished quilts, and more transformer figures (I am a hopeless fan XD). Most of the quilts will be for display purposes (a what-can-she-do sort of affair), but at least one will go on sale as soon as we’re able to get it up. Here’s a hint- fish. Lots of them. :D
    Once I get the time, I’ll also be finishing up a plushie.  What I work on next will all depend on you, fellow reader. Will it be a cuddly little animal? Will it be a creepy looking pillow? Will it be another ridiculously long scarf?
    We’re waiting on you.
    Mr. Spinner says hi,


     Hi! Gabriella Here to tell you the daily thread news today. We haven’t been able to add much to the site, because of four reasons. A. I have dance camp that takes up most of the day. B. Claire goes home on the weekends, so we’re not together to brainstorm, resulting in pictures or new designs. C. I’m working on a neckwarmer, but what with the ten hour dance camp, massive amounts of homework, boyfriend troubles and blogging for my school, I just haven’t had the time, to work on anything new and exciting. 4. Probably a bad thing to be, when your occupation is small business owner, but I’m slightly lazy too. 
      Never Fear Fair Customer! For Claire the Great, has some ravishing scarf designs ready for display, now if we could only get our non compliant model to cooperate with us, then we could show you… Now where did I put that red hot poker??? Anywho, I’ll just find it later, but we are definitely ready to open up shop, the basic photos of our products will be uploaded Monday on Etsy, along with prices and information, right after Claire gets off work and I’m done with band. Being a college student is no joke!
       Pretty soon though, we will start posting the photos of the model actually wearing our designs. Which is actually out promotion campaign! (which, I came up with! See, those business classes were worth it! LOL) Which will basically look like color polaroids, with the name of our business and our contact info on it, We will upload them, after we get hard copies for our campus!
       If you actually do have a tumblr, make sure you follow us, for coupons, and deals! We’re aware that in this economy, the money needs to stretch from month to month and even day to day, and we’re hoping to be able to help you with that goal. Also, We will have a newsletter, written by EMILY ^.^ , our English major about every month or so, which will have special coupons in it! So make sure that if you want to subscribe then you can just leave your email in the ask box, located in the profile of the page! See because I’m really into subscribing I have an email specifically for that.
       However, if you’re not as wierd as me, and don’t feel comfortable giving out your email address, to whomever may be reading the ask posts, you can just email us directly at alicehatter1891@gmail.com, and we will make sure to add you to the list. Also, coming up very soon, will be a commissions sheet. Basic information about your custom order piece that will be copied and answered by you in an email to us, or a question on this page, and when you email it to us, don’t hesitate to give us a call to explain it further or even attach a rough sketch to show us exactly what you mean. The sketches will be handled by our interactive design major CLAIRE *…* , She’s a tad stressed at the moment.
       All right, I think I’ve written enough for the day, don’t you think so?
    spinarakly yours,


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