I know I'm just failing all over the place.

August 22, 2011

 I know I haven't updated this or ANYTHING ELSE in like a really long time. BUT I AM VERY SICK. I've been busy/sick/lazy since last friday..I haven't had a cold in almost 6 years, but somehow I caught my mothers and it is really kicking my ass. I've got chills, hard to breathe, coughs, dizziness, hard to stand up for too long. I mean I am not my 100% self..
 Yesterday I opened at work, and I broke the sacred rule of waitressing. Never sit down. It had gotten to the point to where I had to sit down and take their orders, because my knees were shaking! I stuck it out tho. Not the kinda girl to leave my fellow man hanging. Once I feel better here is a list of things I will be completing!

  • An actual blog entry.
  • NYF entry.
  • 2 makeup tutorials for my personal channel (which is starting to collect dust)
  • The now 3 sun antoinette videos I'm behind on: Would you rather , 11 most reached for, and video killed the radio star...
  • Complete  a commission scarf
  • My fafsa (hopefully today, since classes have already started)
  • update the etsy
  • Complete overhaul of the blog
  • Clean my room


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