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August 11, 2011

d I saw this post on Meredith's blog. I love little prompts like this. I have never had any issues with opening up or even blogging about it. But these prompts make it easier for me to write when I  am relaxing (a.k.a. when I don't really have anything to write about.) Tomorrow, I will be going to an antiques mall with my mother and sister. I am very excited about this!! I don't know which one, but its just fun to go look at retro/vintage clothing, and cool stuff of years gone by. Saturday, I'm going to a hookah bar, with a few good friends, which will be very relaxing after a 7 hour shift. Sunday, I work again. I decided to paint my nails, and since I haven't put up any photos of me in a while, here's my nails haha!

 So here goes nothing...

7 places I would like to visit...

1. Tokyo, Japan
2. London, Great Britain
3. Paris, France
4. Rome, Italy
5.Seoul,South Korea
6.Honolulu, Hawaii
7.Venice, Italy

7 things I would like to make...

1.indeflatable Creme Brulee
2. Four layer  German Chocolate, White Chocolate marble cake
3. Knit an off the shoulder sweater
4. Design and create a lingerie set.
5. Homemade Duplex cookies.
6. Homemade Strawberrie Wafers
7. Seafood Stew.

7 people I'd like to meet (dead or Alive)

1.Janelle Monae
2. Nicki Minaj
3. Barack Obama
4.Zoe Saldana
5.Marilyn Monroe
6. Josephine Baker
7. Maisumi Max

7 things I would like to Own...

1. A car...
2. A book laptop/computer *a la Inspector Gadget Penny*
3. An I phone
4. A brick and mortar Shop to sell my designs
6.The bright orange headphones from Tube.
7. Immortality...

7 things that annoy me...

1. Family guy
2. Racist people
3. Fake people and their fake compliments
4. Travis Porter
5. Rap songs that call every woman a bitch (we can't ALLbe the same)
6. My hair acting up even after its been permed
7. Cute shoes that don't fit.

7 films I love....

1. Star Trek (2009)
2. When in Rome
3. Titanic
4. Center Stage
5.Drive me Crazy
6.X- Men: First Class
7. Who framed Roger Rabbit

7 funny words...

1. Fishyswas
2. Mulberry Bush
3. Keel moose
4. Live and let die
5. Bum
6. Neematoad ( My sister scared me with one of these things when I was younger)
7. You mo grey gwa fi de sow ( Uncle in Jackie Chan)

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