The Handheld Mistress: When you meet Professor Layton by a dead end Brick wall and its not to make out.

August 16, 2011

 I know its been a really long timesince I've updated this blog, butI promise I haven't forgotten about it. It seems like every time I am writing an entry for this thing, it seems to start with that sentence...I honestly don't mean it to be the heading for every entry.  But I guess I can finally get to the topic at hand.
 I haven't played Diabolical Box since I wrote the last entry so, I didn't accidentally miss anything the next time I updated. But While waiting to be put back on my regular Working schedule I've been knitting like crazy and playing my ds. I decided to re-try some of the games I had originally decided to sell.
 I got a little further in Trauma Center, so I assume the wrapping of tape was a glitch.  So I'm now going back and forth between playing and selling it.  But Mostly I've been switching between playing Professor Layton and the Curious village and The world ends with you, which I just found out the one of my best friends and partner in Crime, Claire owns one as well. So We will definitely be co-oping when I get back into school *Keeping your fingers crossed of course. that I actually am able to go..
  But I have finally uncovered all 8 of the mini mysteries... and Solved two of them.  Chemley and the key. ANd I was acutally on the way to the tower when I  realized I didn't have enough puzzles to go through. I needed to have solved 75. I was 15 short... COMPLETE BUMMER. So I am currently stuck at the puzzle shack working through ones that I either didn't get to or skipped... I also got the Alice game that I showed sneak peak pictures of a long time ago for my 20th birthday, and my AMAZING boyfriend is currently purchasing Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 with expansion pack for me... Because he's the fucking best... So Once I get into the tower, I will more than likely  be updating again, or if I get frustrate and stuck I'll be switching to Diabolical box.

Mistress Out!



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