The Catastrophic Picnic

June 28, 2013

 I don't write about my personal/romantic life on here often, but every now and again, something utterly ridiculous happens and it just has to be shared with the rest of the world. About four or five days ago, I was hanging out with my roommate and a few of her friends and one of them was hanging near me, and talking to me about comic books. A guy who can hold a conversation about comic books with me?! He's already in like flynn, So after that entire day of hanging out, he passes me his number and we text through the night. I wound up falling asleep on him, but cut me some slack I work two jobs. So he invites me to a picnic. The first thing that pops in my head is, 'hey, is this a date?!' So being the honest up front person that I am. I ask him, 'Hey are you asking me out on a date?!' He said yes, replied that it would just be the two of us, so I said I would bring the drinks and he could bring the food, which he said it would. So then he told me that we would meet at Daily Park. And we went on about our week.
 Finally the day came, and I set out on my way to find Daily Park. Everything kind of went down hill after that. The park he was talking about isn't even Called DAILY PARK! When I finally arrived, which was like an hour and a half late, he is waiting there at a bench, not a picnic blanket (like I envisioned) and he had NO FOOD! Yes, readers, you saw it correctly, NO FOOD! He invited me to a picnic, but did not provide FOOD! So we sat there, and talked for a little bit and drank the Jug of Hawaiian Punch, I purchased before hand. Thank Goodness, I did. It was so hot, we had to drink super fast, because the heat was evaporating the beverage! It wasn't all completely ratchet! I got an OOTD out of it! I know its been a minute, so without further a do...
T-shirt: Hot Topic/ Patchwork skirt: Goodwill/ Zebra Sneakers: Debs

 Needless to say, I will not be on a second date, but I thought it was a good way of bringing back VSS, and letting people know that She is Back in business and the hiatus has been lifted!! Get ready to go back to regular scheduling and constant instagram and twitter updates! I update these the most, so if you want to know anything on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, please feel free to tweet or comment!!

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June 18, 2013

 Hello readers,

   I know I have been posting sporadically for the last couple of months, but thats because with all the other things going on in my life, it really just isn't making room for VVS. I love it to death and I dont want to put it out completely, but not only are the other things taking up all my time, but theire taking up all my creative energy as well. So, since it wouldn't be fair to just leave Vulcan Sugar and Spice the way it is, I am putting it on an indefinite hiatus, for the moment. I know I'll be back, I just don't know when I'll be back.

Thanks for the understanding, and I hope to write again soon.]
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Thanks for all the great times guys!

Music Fridays (Baddest Female)

June 14, 2013

 Welcome gang!
  Welcome to Music Fridays. Since VSS is on a M-W-F schedule I decided that I needed something cool and easy to keep updated on Fridays, Because it the most busiest days of my work week. So Music Fridays popped in my head. New Music I have found, compiled with music videos and my personal opinion seemed like a good sell.

Lee Chaerin: CL: Baddest Female

When 2ne1 Came out in 2009 I was ecstatic! An all Girl Korean group that wasn't dripping in Sugar and didn't make my ears bleed, I had to get more. To date, I have every 2ne1 Song ever produced, and My favorite has always been CL. 

When the group first came out they were heavily compared to Big Bang. I think its because they share the same record label. So they're gonna have super similar styles, However, I personally believe that 2ne1 has surprised Big bang in many ways, and have really come into their own. Almost all of them have solo tracks, and I had been waiting sooooo long for CL to have her own Solo song! About a week ago, I got my wish. CL came out with Baddest Female. She's done collabs and covers, and those are alright, I'm particularly fond of her verse on the Leaders with Teddy and G-Dragon. 
 But the Baddest Female is strictly nothing but CL at her best. The music video is enjoyable, I particularly enjoy her "unnie" Dance, and have been trying to learn it for the past week. I love the beat, I love her rhymes and its freaking addicting. Fair warning, once you hear it you won't want to put it down, its been in constant rotation and driving my roomie crazy!

 Looking forward to next Friday when we talk about The Great Gatsby Soundtrack!

Any Music You guys can put down? Leave it in the comments or on Twitter!

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Moving into the Batcave! ( Photo Heavy )

June 10, 2013

This Week I have finally moved into the new Batcave, with my roomie!! With all the excitement plus work I am totally worn out!! But my roomie is the best and has gotten my room organized to perfection, Except for my clothes that is, because I just have "TOOO MANY for her to manage."- She says. In celebration of the newest Life choice, I have decided to document it here on VSS!

 It's So comfortable and perfect, I didn't even know what to say> I think I'll pick Young Jeezy tickets as a thanks you. Not my taste, but she's loves him *shrug* To each their own I suppose.

Any recent remodels readers?!

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Welcome to June

June 7, 2013

 OMG GANG! I can't believe its JUNE ALREADY! It totally just snuck up on me, the month and the scorching summer weather that it brings. For some reason, the Batcave seems to have backwards wires when it comes to the air conditioner. Either the switch is in the on position and it blows out Heat or its in the off position and doesn't blow out anything. My room mate and I have been loosing weight because of how much we've been sweating!
  I still can't believe its June already! I just don't know where the months have gone, I guess that's what happens when you move out, and then decide to work two jobs and then Move apartments in the middle and live without internet for three months. Time tends to get away from you! so without further ado, here is my june Check list~

- Get Vulcan Sugar and Spice back to a reasonable blogging schedule.

- Finally Get Doux Intoxicatie back up and running .

- Blow the dust off of my section of Black Girl Nerds.

- Have an amazing Yard Sale.

- Get a costume together for the Man of Steel Premiere.

- Revive The HandHeld Mistress.

- Create networking for Vulcan Sugar and Spice.

- Create New Business Cards.

- Catch up on my Sorely Missed Tv Shows:
 - Doctor Who : Season 4
 - Criminal Minds; Season 8
 - Pretty Little Liars: Season 3
 - Gossip Girl : Season Unsure....
 - Bates Motel: Season 1

- Create the most amazing Father's Day gift my dad. He's Total Awesome Sauce.

- Finalize plans for my 22nd Birthday Party.

What are some of your plans for the month of June?!

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FOTD: A day out on the town with the roomie.

June 3, 2013

Hey Gang!
  I know its been sooo long! But you no longer have to worry! I have downloaded a few organizational apps to help me with my super ridiculously busy life! In fact its helped so much that I'm able to just go out and enjoy a day out on the town with my roomie! This Outfit of the day was inspired by my idea of summer, and the necessity of escaping the heat.

 Robyn: Lace Top: Rue 21/ White Shorts: Citi Trends/ Wedged Sandals: Citi Trends

 Moi: See thru Cut out: Rue 21/ Jean Shorts: D.I.Y./ Wedged Gym Shoes: Rue 21

Look forward to more (frequent) updates.

Thanks for Reading!

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