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June 7, 2013

 OMG GANG! I can't believe its JUNE ALREADY! It totally just snuck up on me, the month and the scorching summer weather that it brings. For some reason, the Batcave seems to have backwards wires when it comes to the air conditioner. Either the switch is in the on position and it blows out Heat or its in the off position and doesn't blow out anything. My room mate and I have been loosing weight because of how much we've been sweating!
  I still can't believe its June already! I just don't know where the months have gone, I guess that's what happens when you move out, and then decide to work two jobs and then Move apartments in the middle and live without internet for three months. Time tends to get away from you! so without further ado, here is my june Check list~

- Get Vulcan Sugar and Spice back to a reasonable blogging schedule.

- Finally Get Doux Intoxicatie back up and running .

- Blow the dust off of my section of Black Girl Nerds.

- Have an amazing Yard Sale.

- Get a costume together for the Man of Steel Premiere.

- Revive The HandHeld Mistress.

- Create networking for Vulcan Sugar and Spice.

- Create New Business Cards.

- Catch up on my Sorely Missed Tv Shows:
 - Doctor Who : Season 4
 - Criminal Minds; Season 8
 - Pretty Little Liars: Season 3
 - Gossip Girl : Season Unsure....
 - Bates Motel: Season 1

- Create the most amazing Father's Day gift my dad. He's Total Awesome Sauce.

- Finalize plans for my 22nd Birthday Party.

What are some of your plans for the month of June?!

Thanks for reading,

Mistress Out,


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