Heroes and Coffee Podcast: Black Panther!

January 30, 2017

Hey Gang!

  I am so excited about this! Episode 53 of Heroes and Coffee Podcast is live, AND it is the first episode that has my segment Superheroes 101! This episode is all about Black Panther and I am so flipping excited to show you it! I wrote up a small speech on Black Panther that I'll include here so give it a read and then listen to the rest of the podcast.

  Appearing in 1966, Black Panther was Marvel's first black superhero and the protector of the magical land of Wakanda. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, he has worked with The Fantastic Four, Avengers, Defenders and the Ultimates. T'Challa is Kind of Wakanda, and as such is protected by the Dora Milaje' an all female bodyguard team, made up of women from every tribe in Wakanda. They are elite in hand to hand combat and after the war with Doom, some magical ability.
 In the distant past, a meteor of Vibranium crashed into Wakanda, and the Black Panther protects it. The Panther title is Royalty passed to those that complete the trials. Unlike the film Civil War, T'Chaka, his father is killed by Ulysses Klaw and is succeeded by his younger brother Syan until T'Challa is old enough to complete the trials. Around this time, he meets and falls in love with the street urchin and thief Ororo, who would later become Storm. They continue to have off and on relationships through various comic runs and creative teams.

 T'Challa defeats, disbands and exiles the Hatut Zeraze (Wakanda's Secret Police). He invited the Fantastic 4 to Wakanda, only to defeat them individually to test his strength. He even replaced DareDevil as protector of Hell's Kitchen for a short while. Black Panther married Storm after their encounter with Klaw and Deathlock armies in a coup to steal Vibranium from Wakandans. After that he defeats Killmonger with the help of Pulsar Monica Rambou. Later he is recruited by Prince Namor for the Cabal, a group of Super Villains. After he refuses he is attacked by Doom and during this battle, T'Challa is left comatose and Shuri his half sister takes up the Black Panther Mantle.

 T'Challa possesses various African martial Arts and acrobatic skill. He is considered one of the
8 smartest people on the planed. He is also a brilliant inventor. You can find Black Panther in the following Titles: The Ultimates 2 by Ewing and Foreman. Black Panther by Coates, Stelfreeze and Martin, Black Panther, World of Wakanda by Coates and Richardson and his own film slated for release in 2018 starring Chadwick Boseman.

 Are you a fan of Black Panther? Are you looking forward to the movie? Lets Chat on Twitter!

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Comics Round Up #28 Spoilers!

January 27, 2017

Hey Gang!

 I am so excited right now. I have not done a post about Comics in a while. Between working two jobs and moving into a new house all of my thoughts have been on moving in and making our new house feel like a home. Thankfully, there is a Local Shop near by, so I am beyond stoked. If you follow my social media, Instagram and Twitter, you will have seen this already, but I'll post it up here, for those that only read my blog, or literally found me 5.4 seconds ago. Hullo! I'm going to go check out the Local shop more thoroughly after I get paid, and I'll do a whole post about it but for now the new comics I bought!
 I purchased Batgirl #50 and #52 To complete my Fletcher, Tarr and Stewart run Collection. I love them so much. Because of their awesomeness, I just had to pick up the new series that they are working on right now, Motor Crush #1 + #2, Bikes, Racing, and a black Female lead? Its an automatic add to my pull pile. Also in the pile is Vixen Rebirth #1, and Unstoppable Wasp #1. Since I took a small break on Comics *Can't quite remember the reason why* (Crying Man babies) I have put myself in a bit of a hole, in trying to find early issues of the series I was really interested in. Batgirl, Batgirl and The Birds of Prey, Kim and Kim, Nightwing, Silk and So forth.
 Can I just say I am so in love with the entire vibe they have created with Motor Crush? I literally couldn't wait to read more. The Live transmission "Catball" needs to be a plushie like yesterday.
 Domino must be pretty different to be able to take Crush as medicine when it belongs in vehicles only. At First I thought it was like Nox, from Fast and the Furious and too much could blow the bike, but looks like it can blow people too. Not a good look. Why did Lan steal her stash and go through the storeroom? What else are they hiding in there?
 What happened between Lola and Dom? I'm thinking they used to be a couple. I hope Lola come back as her mechanic, because they could obviously use the help. Now Dom is going to help pay all debts, but if she loses, she sacrifices herself, welp, it's a good thing Lola brought her a new bike. Yes, definitely NEED MORE MOTOR CRUSH!
 The Unstoppable Wasp was so so good! I haven't read any Ant-Man or Wasp comics before this. I know the general story, Woman Beater, Great Scientist, Domestic Abuse is overlooked. This however looks to be their daughter, and She's so upbeat and cheerful, I don't unsterstand how she isn't infectious. If you aren't smiling after this, there maybe something seriously wrong with you. You might want to go see someone about it, Seriously. I think Nadia's Nievitay is so refreshing, and her enthusiasm about new things is pretty cute. She was part of the Red Room, that same place that bred Black Widow, instead of becoming an assassin, she was a scientist and an engineer.
 I love that Mockingbird is in this, I really needed some more of her. I'm hoping that she'll stay on as like a mentor figure. Love that Ms. Marvel and Wasp both read Fanfiction. She's a happy Scientist? What better weapon to fight a mad one? I love her already! Who was Monica and why did she have a phaser belt? I love the homage they pay to Mockingbird, too many people just think she hits people with sticks and was married to Hawkeye, so many people look over the fact that she was a biologist, and almost recreated the Serum that created Capt. America AND MORE! YES YES YES, Thank you Marvel for another Feminist Agenda, I needed it! I want to be part of G.I.R.L., but Science definitely isn't my bag!
  Mari McCabe, Runway Model, Activist and now off to find a missing mother. Am I the only one hoping that this turnes out to be a kind of private eye gig? Spiderbite is just a wimp, hurting others to protect himself. There's no honor in that, you are not a man for that. He's kidnapping Mothers, because he lost custody of his child after he was released from jail for murder. I LOVE the backstory for Mari. She loses her mother, and her father, and rejects the totem, until she needs to go to bat for someone else. Until she needs to protect someone else from going through the same things she went through as a child. What else do you call a hero? I fell in love with this issue, but I'm so angry that the next time I will see her is in JLA Rebirth.Vixen Rebirth #1 is so good, I don't need everyone else, I just need Mari. She's a strong character, with a great story line, she can stand on her own. Stop using her as a foundation for your shaky white characters. ~end rant.~

  What are some of your thoughts on comics right now? Lets talk titles on Twitter!

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Nerdette Minute #38: 1st Catch up of 2017

January 26, 2017

Hey Gang!

 Riverdale premieres tonight! I've been so excited ever since I heard the rumors. I'm so in love with the darker side of Riverdale and its Archie Characters, that I went and purchased the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina trade back, I'm really hoping that Sabrina appears in the series. Even if she's just a cameo. Plus, it's supposed to be a mystery so how could I not be interested? This vlog is a little bit of everything because its been so long, since I've been in front of the camera that I missed it so much. It also includes a haul from Hot Topic, and thoughts on future posts and ideas for Nerdette at Large, So make sure you give it a watch!

 Are you excited about Riverdale? Lets Chat about it on Twitter

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Whose Your Favorite Sailor Scout?!

January 25, 2017

Hey Gang!

 Fresh off seeing Sailor Moon R in Theaters, I thought I would drop my thoughts about Sailor Moon and my favorite scout. A Lot of you readers, are Sailor Moon Fans, please leave who your favorite scout is in the comments below. I love interacting and communicating with you guys, especially on my favorite topics!

Sailor Moon was one of the first anime my father introduced me to. I've written about the show several times over the years, but I don't think I ever narrowed down my favorite character! Which seems pretty silly to me considering all the love I have for this series. I think that my favorite characters have changed as I've gotten older and have learned a little bit more about myself.
 When I first started watching the series, Ami was my favorite character. Smart, sweet and caring. I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. Sailor Mercury was something that I wanted to embody, even going so far as to try to get over my irrational fear of drowning, it didn't work though. Amy was shy and very withdrawn before she met Serena and the other scouts, just like I was when I was younger. I didn't necessarily have issues making friends, but I did have trouble fitting in. So I found quite a kinship to Amy.

 Around high school, I'd decided that life was too short to be concerned about what other people thought of me. It was about this time that I decided that Makoto, Sailor Jupiter was a better fit for me. She was very comfortable with herself and she was such a bad ass! Full of fire and determination, even though people were scared of her, she never tried to be anyone but herself. Plus, she could bake, and I had some kind of illusion that I wanted to be a patisserie. I wasn't as boy crazy, but I have to admit I was pretty close.
 Now that I'm an "adult". I'm old enough to be, and I take care of my own bills, but there are quite a few days when I don't feel like an adult at all. I feel like my favorite Sailor Scout is undoubtedly Uranus. Now, Haruka I feel is a culmination of my past favorites. Bad Ass, Super Capable, Loving, Smart, and completely comfortable with herself and her relationship with Michiru. When I was a college student, I discovered my sexual orientation, and as a Black Bi Woman in the United States, I am proud of what I am, and what I have accomplished. I feel like Sailor Uranus, is a catalyst that helps me stay focused. That's why she is my favorite scout. She'll even be a tattoo soon!

 Who is your favorite Sailor Scout? Lets talk about that #Moonielife on Twitter!

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Cinema #27: A Crying Trip Down Memory Lane or Seeing Sailor Moon R in Theaters

January 23, 2017

Hey Gang!

 I've been talking about Sailor Moon R coming to theaters for what seems like months now. On the 19th, I finally got the chance to go experience the nostalgia. Viz Media, has put my little ticker through the ringer lately, Not telling us, where the movies were going to be held and only putting out half a list (For more info, watch this video). Then I started on planning to see it in Columbus, Ohio, because they were one of the only theaters hosting it, to buying tickets in advance. *Which I will NEVER do again*, only to find out that they will be showing it until Wednesday at the theater down the street from me! I called everywhere, and there were always two answers, either, they will not be showing it, or they aren't sure yet.

  The Showing included, an interview with the redub cast: Mamoru, Fiore and Usagi. Then an original Sailor Moon Short. '92 animation, and voices, and then the movie started. I'd seen the movie several times, but this one seemed different. I am unsure if it was edited, but I was surprised that they had redubbed the film. There were a lot of favorite lines, that were not present in this version which made me a little sad, such as All is Fair in Love and War Princess, my all time fave. It was really fun to share this experience with other nerds in my city, but also Alex, who had never seen the movie before, or really bothered to watch Sailor Moon. The art was the same but since the voices are different, it was still like a new experience. I started to tear up right about the halfway mark, and watched the rest of the film in silent tears, I'm not sure if anyone else in the theater cried, but the nostalgia got me good.

  At the end of the film, I went out into the lobby to look for the "promotional items/gifts" that were supposed to come with the ticket purchase. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but it took me quite a while to find it, I finally gave up and asked the attendant and she pointed to a table not more than a foot away from me, with a few posters and postcards on it. They were a little lackluster, but there were a few black envelopes that caught my eye, so I snatched up a couple and Alex and I headed out into the night.

Did You See Sailor Moon R in it's Limited Engagement? Lets Fangirl about it on Twitter!!

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Hot Topic Takes a Formal Trip to Gotham and Swims with A Princess.

January 20, 2017

Hey Gang!

 If you've been following me for a while, You'll know that I absolutely love Batman Comics and Hot Topic. I spend a good portion of my paycheck there, every other month or so. I used to go shopping every time I got paid, but Alex has since put a stop to that, for which my wallet thanks him for, but my wardrobe? Not so much.
 One thing I want to do more often here at Nerdette At Large is incorporate my personal style into frequent posts. I generally only do outfit posts for special events that I attend, but I want to bring more personal style and fashion to my blog, because it is still something that interests me, and I want to share my interests and passions with you my readers!
 Hot Topic has released a preview of sorts for their two latest collections. A collection of formal wear based on Batman Characters. I'm sure there will be more to this one, but right now the only thing that is jumping out at me, is the dress based on Poison Ivy. They have plus Size, and its only available online. It will be available on the 24th of January.

  They are also putting out bathing suits in their Dive In Disney Collection! These swimsuits are already available online, and right now they are 20% off!  They offer Belle, Snow White, Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat, Jack Skellington, and Sally.  My favorite swimsuit of course is the Alice.
So you should definitely go check it out!

What are your favorites? Lets Fangirl on Twitter about it!

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Nerdette Minute #37: Differences in Sun + Games of yore.

January 19, 2017

Hey Gang!

 Welcome to 2017. I honestly can't believe that it is here, and that I made it. The year personally wasn't rough for me, but I know that there will be personnel changers that will make it a lot more difficult coming soon. I thought I would perk up some of us, by writing about the cool things I've discovered in the latest Pokemon Adventure. Are you playing Pokemon Sun or Moon? Lets be gaming friends!
 I've been playing Pokemon since Red and Blue, on the original gameboy, and I have talked about my love of this game and franchise, many times. Even going so far as to hold a debate about which franchise is better, Pokemon or Digimon. Here are a few things I noticed that are different from the ones before it.

Who is your new favorite Pokemon from the Sun and Moon Series? Lets Fangirl on twitter!

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The Very First Superhero I saw and Favorite Superhero Show

January 18, 2017

Hey Gang!

 I saw this on Twitter today, and thought it would be fun to do!! Especially since I'm just getting back into comics, I was hoping this challenge will get me back into the swing of things. Tomorrow, I'm going to see Sailor Moon R in theaters, up in Columbus, and I am so excited that I just can't stand it. I've been waking up off and on all night, just thinking about what I'm going to wear, how I'm going to do my hair, if I will meet any other rad Ohio Bloggers up there. Le Sigh...

 Day 1: The Very First Superhero I saw. 

 I can remember seeing Comics, and Manga every since I was a little girl. My dad introduced me to comics, anime and manga, and fostered my interest in all of them. We still occasionally watch anime together (I'm 25 now) although our tastes have changed. The First Superhero I ever saw, was Storm. In my first podcast with Heroes and Coffee, I talk about why Storm is one of my most influential heroes, but I'll expand a little here. She literally was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

 A character that sort of looked like me, who was shunned by society (like me) and didn't let it faze her. She was like this bad ass bombshell that didn't care what was in her way, she was going to have what she wanted, and she was sweet and gentle and concerned about others. She was both sides of the coin. That's amazing to me. A lot of people like to forget that she ran the X-Men in several renditions of the story. What more of a badass could I look up to? 20 years later, Storm is still top of my favorite superheroines list, and for good reason. 

Day 2: Favorite Superhero Show

 I have to say, I've watched quite a few of  Superhero shows in my day. Especially now, with channels like Me-Tv, and streaming on Hulu, showing the older shows that came way before my time! But I have to say that my favorite show has to be a tie between Batman '66 and Batman: Brave and the Bold. They both play to Batman's Campier side, which I LOVE!

 Brave and the Bold, introduced quite a few DC characters that weren't really getting any love in anything else animated, or otherwise. It was definitely a team up creation, which was also pretty awesome because who doesn't love team ups? I love that Brave and the Bold played more on the detective beginnings of Batman, where as they've kind of gotten away from, and made him more....Father of hero groups instead? I don't really know how to explain it. Even though I own all of Batman 66 (watching but not finished) and I completely watched Brave and the Bold twice. Aquaman was probably the best part, isn't he OUTRAGEOUS?! I have to say Brave and the Bold get the top spot. 

Who was your first hero? What is your favorite show? Lets chat about it on twitter!

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Adventures With Spokhette #7: Thanksgiving Wildlife

January 16, 2017

Hey Gang!

 I've been exploring more and more of my fair city lately, which is why the blog is afloat with all of these photos of the outside. Who knew it could be so awesome? As a child, I was only allowed to ride my bike to the 2nd tree on the street, so roughly about four houses down and then back again. We didn't really live in a rough neighborhood, but my parents were just super worry warts, I'd go out on my bike for maybe 15 minutes and then I'd come back inside and play video games or read. I wasn't really one for being outside the home. Now that I'm an adult *haha* I've made it my mission that I want to explore at least once a week, so this year there will be lots of going outside posts, sorry, if it's not really your jam.
 On Thanksgiving, Alex and I went to go spend the first half of the day with his family at his parent's house. They live in a culd-a-sac surrounded by woods. When we arrived, they quickly mentioned that they had seen a small pig running around the neighborhood, and that it was hanging out with the dog across the street, Alex and I both being animal lovers, of course we had to go see for ourselves. While over there, we met a very large but super friendly cat that looked like a mixture of our fluffy gray cat Kahn and Orange like our cat Geronimo, Of course I instantly wanted to take him home, but Alex said no, as usual.

Have you met any super friendly animals on your adventures? Lets chat about it on Twitter!

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1st Podcast of The Year: Influential Heroes

January 13, 2017

Hey Gang!

 One of the new things happening on Nerdette At Large for 2017, is that I am participating in a Podcast, I got a small taste in this episode, and I knew I just had to have some more. So, I contacted Da Nerdette on Twitter, looking to see if I could guest on any future shows of her super popular show Heroes and Coffee. Instead of a simple guest spot, I wound up with a Co-Contributor position for the shows twitter, Heroes and Comics, AND my own Segment on the podcast called Superheroes 101.

 In Superheroes 101, I will be condensing Comic Book Character history, and dropping some knowledge upon the unaware. I am absolutely floored with this amazing opportunity, and I can NOT wait for you guys to hear my new segment. We recorded the first podcast of the year, on Saturday, and it's already up and ready to listen to~!

 In This episode, Da Nerdette, MarvelZombie and I talk about Superheroes who are influential to us. Coincidentally we all chose Marvel characters, To listen, simply click the photo below to hear who we chose, and the rest of our awesome podcast.

Who are some the superheroes that Inspire you? Lets chat all weekend on Twitter about It!

Until Next Time Gang, ~Spokhette~

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Nerdette Minute #36: Ranting on Sailor Moon Theater Choices

January 12, 2017

Hey Gang!

  Welcome to the first Nerdette Minute Video of the New Year. Moving Nerdette Minute into 2017 was a little difficult, but I am so excited to be able to do it. I have so many ideas and so many new places into my house to film, so I will be showing you a little bit of the new house every video! Until its clean and unpacked and then there will be a home tour...or at least a room tour. Lets not forget about how lazy I can be.

 Today's video is a little snarky, so I apologize in advance. I'm talking about Sailor Moon R Theater choices, for little ole us in Ohio... I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to Subscribe and Like my Videos.

 Is there anything you wish would come to your city? Let's Chat about it on Twitter. 

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Adventures With Spokhette #6: Mt. Echo Park

January 11, 2017

Hey Gang!

 With a new year comes a new house. With our new house, comes new area to explore! We live near a really big cemetery and the most adorable park, so I had decided that I wanted to start exploring the area after Christmas. Moving plus hosting Christmas for my family was extremely stressful for me, so I wasn't thinking of anything other than getting all the boxes into the basement and getting everything ready so that people could come over and I could entertain.
 With Christmas and New Years out of the way, I don't have to worry about entertaining for a little way, and I can start unpacking the new house, one room at the time. I'm halfway through my office right now, I have all the important things set up. The desk, my computer, and the area where I'll be creating the content for Nerdette At Large, Nerdette Minute, Her Story Arc and Heroes and Coffee. 2017 will be a super busy year for me and I'm so very excited to get started on it!
 This park is pretty close to me, and it has an INSANE view of the Ohio River and Part of Kentucky. It was one of the things I wanted to show to Alex, and you guys! It was so so pretty. It was the day before it snowed, so it was pretty foggy, but we didn't let that stop us. We explored all of the walking area, without leaves in the trees it was pretty lack luster, and there was a person in a van blasting mariachi music. I had checked the park out once before at night, and the little stage? area was all lit up with super pretty lights, but I was pretty sure the park was closed because it was so late, so I didn't take any pictures and high-tailed it out of there. It was kind of sub par in the morning, plus there were other people in the park, so of course that was a downer as well.

 The park has some beautiful architecture and tiny quirks that I just had to capture for you! There were rams and dragons carved on the stones! I figured that it would be a good time to get outfit photos as well, since I haven't done on outfit of the day on here in so long that I can't remember. There were rounded benches, so you could watch the river view, and what I thought was a staircase to the bottom of the hill, but it only went a couple steps below the bench.

Outfit Details: Hoodie: Pokemon Champion from Hot Topic// Collared Top from Walmart// Alice in Wonderland Dress from Hot Topic (a Favorite)// Knee-Hi Socks from Hot Topic// Teal Converse from Burlington Coat Factory. 

Have you explored any neato places lately? Let me know on twitter! I love checking out new blogs!

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Adventures With Spokhette #5: St. Joseph Cemetery

January 9, 2017

Hey Gang!

 On the drive home from one of the schools I was photographing, I just happened to have my camera, in the car, which never happens when I was passing a cemetery. I really enjoy walking, or driving through if its really really cold, and photographing them. I thoroughly enjoy exploring them, they are so peaceful.

 This is one of the oldest Catholic Cemetaries in The Campbell County area. There were monuments so faded that I couldn't read what they said. Quite a few of them were cracked, and broken in half. Not sure from wear and tear or some douchebag. They were so unique compared to the other cemeteries that I've been in.

 This particular monument had a lot of small features attached to it. It looks like the family comes and visits often, The angel in the middle was face down in the grass when I passed it, so I picked it up and put it back, a couple of the ornate waves at the bottom were chipped, but I placed all the pieces next to it, in hopes someone will fix it. It's such a beautiful monument.

 I only know of one other blogger that likes to explore graveyards, The Dainty Squid. If you know of anymore will you leave them in the comments below? I LOVE reading new blogs!! Do you stop into a graveyard if you pass one? What are some of your favorites?

Lets talk about Graveyards and other spooky stuff on Twitter. 

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Goals for the New Year

January 6, 2017

Hey Gang!

 I hope your new year was rung in with friends, family and some bubbly. I worked, but that's okay, I got to spend the rest of the weekend with my family and Alex. So no complaints here. I don't know about anyone else, but I am so absolutely ready for 2017. I am determined to make this a good year! I have so many ideas for Nerdette At Large, and I am definitely going to try my absolute hardest to actually see them come to fruition 🍓. I actually did complete a few of the things on 2016's list, like surpassing my twitter follower count, and streaming game footage. I only went to one convention instead of two, only got one tattoo instead of two, and definitely failed to save $5,000 (it was a bit steep).

  For 2017 here are a few things that I want to accomplish:

- 100 followers for Nerdette At Large on Bloglovin. I'm only 40 away. 

- 80 followers for Nerdette Minute on Youtube. I'm only 57 away. 

- 700 followers for Twitter. I'm only 168 away. 

- 450 followers for Instagram. I'm only 78 away. 

- Get 2 tattoos. I already have an appointment scheduled for one, so one down and one to go. 

- Go to 2 Conventions. I am already planning C2E2, but I have to find another one. 

- Make 3 Costumes. I made 2 in 2016.  Eevee and Lady Layton

- Publish 3 Youtube Videos a month. 

- Stream once a week. I utterly failed at this in 2016, I plan on doing a lot better in 2017. 

What are some of your goals for 2017, and did you succeed last year? Lets get it together on twitter!

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December Favorites

January 4, 2017

Hey Gang!

  So it's finally January, and I thought I would the start the year and the month off right, by doing monthly favorites before the middle. Getting a head start if I do say so myself. I want to be pretty good about having content pre-planned for Nerdette At Large this year. I usually had a post written about two days before it went live, but this year? I want to be at least a business week ahead! December being the last month of the year, this favorite is probably going to be much bigger than the usual ones, I crammed a lot more stuff in the little time that I had left.

 - I won an ebay auction for a Ipad Mini 4, gently used for less than $200. Unscratched, and I can't wait to implement the grand schemes for Nerdette At Large on the go in 2017.

- Becoming CoCurator of Heroes and Comics. A subsection of the Heroes and Coffee Podcast, it is a twitter page that curates Comic book, Film, Manga and Anime for the masses. They also have a twitter. Along with this new position, gives me my very own segment, on the podcast called Superhero 101 w/ Spokhette, where I spend a good 15 mins or so giving you all the educational details about the hero featured in that particular episode. I'm so so excited.

- After dating his brother for 3 years, Apollo, Jamie and I finally had a nice chat. We were all gathered around the living room eating leftovers, and talking about television, film and goals we had in life on Christmas Eve, it was a grand time.

- Going through with my 2nd tattoo, even though it was pretty spur of the moment. I even went all by myself, and it was a new place, so I was super nervous but I am so happy with the results, so I won't complain too much. I have an appointment in January for my 3rd one, and I literally can NOT wait.

- This trailer for CW's new show, Riverdale, it comes out the 26th I believe. At first, I was like, eh, Archie? But after reading the "new" comics, and falling in love with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and then seeing the trailer? Oh, I'm so hooked. I just can't resist a mystery man. I just can't.

- Having the opportunity to read Mockingbird as a comic series. I was so in love with her character, I talk about her a good deal, in my comic book favorites of the year. She's going to be a Fangirling post soon, and I really want to see her in something else pretty soon.

- Opening Instagram, one day and realizing that THE Ira Hobbs Jr, liked one of my photos. The Resident Blerd of the interwebs, liked some of my content? Oh it was a definitely a good day!

- The absolutely amazing ability of promotion and networking that twitter is, I want to thank @djolder. He pledged to retweet and help promote black women creators, and thanks to his help. Nerdette At Large was shared over 30 times in a single day. It was a huge push on my traffic,

What are a few things you enjoyed in December? Lets talk about it on Twitter. 

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