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January 1, 2017

Hey Gang!

 The music post pushed me all the way into the weekend!! GRR. This is why I don't try anything new. Just kidding. Today I thought I would push out all old content, by rounding up my favorite books and then we can start hella fresh for 2017! πŸŒΈ I also just learned how to use emojis, so expect to see lots of them in the upcoming year. Without further ado, lets get down to some book knowledge πŸ“š.

- Nimona: Noelle Stevenson has just become one of my favorite Comic book personalities of 2016. I enjoy her work so thoroughly, and can relate to almost every character she creates. Nimona really hit me in the feels though, compared to LumberJanes, I wrote a decent overview (feeling dump) last month, you can read it here.

- Silver Codex: You may notice that this is the only novel in my favorites list, and you would be correct. 2016 was SO busy that I only was able to complete 5 novels, and none of them struck me as OMG, I have to add them to my shelf favorites. You may know that the author of Silver Codex, Emily Kirby, is a friend of mine, we go way back. Do not kid yourself and think that this novel is only here because we are friends. Silver Codex holds its own weight in a number of categories without our friendship even being considered. 2016 was a year where people wanted representation, they wanted inclusivity and a diverse cast. You have that in this novel, you have fantasy and imagination, what else could you need? I have a overview (feeling dump) here. 

- Mockingbird: I am honestly incredibly surprised that I never wrote about this comic. Now out of commission because of whiny boys who don't know intersectional feminism if it came up and bit them in the ass, but I digress. Mockingbird follows Bobbi Morse, who as a scientist is injected with something similar to the Super Soldier serum, and becomes a worthy sparring partner, and immune to poisons. It is also Marvel's first attempt at a Polyamorous character, which I thought was a very interesting take. I love how accepting of her sexuality and her needs she was in her series. Her needs came first, fuck what anyone else thought. I needed that in 2016. She will be making an appearance in my fangirling series on Her Story Arc in 2017.

 - LumberJanes: I don't want to flaunt my girl crush on Stevenson too much. I wrote an entire post detailing what I loved about Lumberjanes a couple of months ago. You can read it here.

- Nightwing Rebirth:  One of the last comics picked up for 2016, I was pleasantly surprised. I completed Nightwing 52, and it left much to be desired, and I was a little upset with Grayson, so I didn't really delve to deeply into that series, So this definitely refreshed my love for Dick Grayson. I don't need to go into depth here. I feel like his story is finally getting back on track, and I can't wait to see what comes up for him in 2017.

- The Sirens: I absolutely loved Deleon's take on the deliquent girl Gang. I've always been pretty grrl Power, but 2016 really brought it into the forefront! I wrote an entire review, and unboxing when the comic pre-order box arrived. I've been following her art since then, and I am craving her art book Aqueous so badly!

What were some of your favorite titles of 2016?! Lets chat about them on twitter!

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