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January 2, 2017

Hey Gang!

 I finally got all of my Christmas presents, and moved into the new house, so I figured I would photograph them all for you and tell you what I got! I hope your Christmas was great guys!! I am so ready for 2017 you guys! I have so many ideas and I'm going to put them all into action in the new year. From Alex's family, I got two sets of stickers for my New 3DSXL, the stickers have holes so all the buttons can be used, and they fit so well! The gave me a clear case, to protect the stickers, if I change from my Pikachu case, and two super warm Pokemon Beanies. 

Claire gave me a hand knitted ear warmer and a matching scarf! It is so adorable and warm, with a cable design! She actually taught me how to knit when we were in College, and she's opening her own shop, ClairdeCat Designs! My aunt got me a wicked Laptop Sleeve from Society 6. When I saw the design, I knew it was for me. My friends and family know me so well. Alex bought me copious amounts of film for my instax camera! each box has 20 sheets in them, so I have 60 to work with, that should last me a while! I'm so excited to photograph all the things. My parents, made me a 3d model of Wonder Woman's belt buckle, and a Crockpot. Alex made stew in it yesterday, and it was delicious!

 Hosting Christmas in the new house was super stressful, but it ended up being a success. We put together a desk and the dining table to fit everyone, in all I had about 11 guests! We had delicious food, including a fried turkey, and exchanged gifts by glow of the Christmas tree, because the living room is the only room without a ceiling light. I bought "fairy" lights from Amazon, and wrapped them around two of the four wall, but it only helped a little. I was just so excited to not only be surrounded by family but to actually be hosting an event in the new house! Now that Christmas and New Years, is over, I will be spending the next couple of weeks, actually unpacking and making the new house a home.

 Did you have a good Christmas? Lets talk about it on Twitter!! What was on your wish list? 

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