December Favorites

January 4, 2017

Hey Gang!

  So it's finally January, and I thought I would the start the year and the month off right, by doing monthly favorites before the middle. Getting a head start if I do say so myself. I want to be pretty good about having content pre-planned for Nerdette At Large this year. I usually had a post written about two days before it went live, but this year? I want to be at least a business week ahead! December being the last month of the year, this favorite is probably going to be much bigger than the usual ones, I crammed a lot more stuff in the little time that I had left.

 - I won an ebay auction for a Ipad Mini 4, gently used for less than $200. Unscratched, and I can't wait to implement the grand schemes for Nerdette At Large on the go in 2017.

- Becoming CoCurator of Heroes and Comics. A subsection of the Heroes and Coffee Podcast, it is a twitter page that curates Comic book, Film, Manga and Anime for the masses. They also have a twitter. Along with this new position, gives me my very own segment, on the podcast called Superhero 101 w/ Spokhette, where I spend a good 15 mins or so giving you all the educational details about the hero featured in that particular episode. I'm so so excited.

- After dating his brother for 3 years, Apollo, Jamie and I finally had a nice chat. We were all gathered around the living room eating leftovers, and talking about television, film and goals we had in life on Christmas Eve, it was a grand time.

- Going through with my 2nd tattoo, even though it was pretty spur of the moment. I even went all by myself, and it was a new place, so I was super nervous but I am so happy with the results, so I won't complain too much. I have an appointment in January for my 3rd one, and I literally can NOT wait.

- This trailer for CW's new show, Riverdale, it comes out the 26th I believe. At first, I was like, eh, Archie? But after reading the "new" comics, and falling in love with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and then seeing the trailer? Oh, I'm so hooked. I just can't resist a mystery man. I just can't.

- Having the opportunity to read Mockingbird as a comic series. I was so in love with her character, I talk about her a good deal, in my comic book favorites of the year. She's going to be a Fangirling post soon, and I really want to see her in something else pretty soon.

- Opening Instagram, one day and realizing that THE Ira Hobbs Jr, liked one of my photos. The Resident Blerd of the interwebs, liked some of my content? Oh it was a definitely a good day!

- The absolutely amazing ability of promotion and networking that twitter is, I want to thank @djolder. He pledged to retweet and help promote black women creators, and thanks to his help. Nerdette At Large was shared over 30 times in a single day. It was a huge push on my traffic,

What are a few things you enjoyed in December? Lets talk about it on Twitter. 

 Bloglovin | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Twitch Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~

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