Cinema #27: A Crying Trip Down Memory Lane or Seeing Sailor Moon R in Theaters

January 23, 2017

Hey Gang!

 I've been talking about Sailor Moon R coming to theaters for what seems like months now. On the 19th, I finally got the chance to go experience the nostalgia. Viz Media, has put my little ticker through the ringer lately, Not telling us, where the movies were going to be held and only putting out half a list (For more info, watch this video). Then I started on planning to see it in Columbus, Ohio, because they were one of the only theaters hosting it, to buying tickets in advance. *Which I will NEVER do again*, only to find out that they will be showing it until Wednesday at the theater down the street from me! I called everywhere, and there were always two answers, either, they will not be showing it, or they aren't sure yet.

  The Showing included, an interview with the redub cast: Mamoru, Fiore and Usagi. Then an original Sailor Moon Short. '92 animation, and voices, and then the movie started. I'd seen the movie several times, but this one seemed different. I am unsure if it was edited, but I was surprised that they had redubbed the film. There were a lot of favorite lines, that were not present in this version which made me a little sad, such as All is Fair in Love and War Princess, my all time fave. It was really fun to share this experience with other nerds in my city, but also Alex, who had never seen the movie before, or really bothered to watch Sailor Moon. The art was the same but since the voices are different, it was still like a new experience. I started to tear up right about the halfway mark, and watched the rest of the film in silent tears, I'm not sure if anyone else in the theater cried, but the nostalgia got me good.

  At the end of the film, I went out into the lobby to look for the "promotional items/gifts" that were supposed to come with the ticket purchase. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but it took me quite a while to find it, I finally gave up and asked the attendant and she pointed to a table not more than a foot away from me, with a few posters and postcards on it. They were a little lackluster, but there were a few black envelopes that caught my eye, so I snatched up a couple and Alex and I headed out into the night.

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