Dear Readers,

July 22, 2013

 Hey Guys!
  I know that I haven't been updating according to my schedule, but I apologize, between two jobs and getting ready to move, offline life has been crazy stressful, and when I'm stressed like that I can't write. I can't blog I can't do anything but try and take care of what I need to. However, today is My birthday, and I'm 22 for the inquiring minds that want to know. Today is Monday and usually that is a blog post day but alas, I have chosen to enjoy my birthday instead to its fullest, since last year, I spent it all day at work. So I'm going to hop off here soon, but I wanted to tell you guys thank you for sticking with me, all the way back in 2008 when I first started this blog, until now, My 22nd birthday! You guys have gotten me through some really tough times, and I hope you'll be there in the future when I'm done and can now enjoy the good times. So I will leave you with a semi post about my semi birthday bash with the fam and links to my mobile stuff. In case, this just wasn't enough Gabby for you. 

  My Aunts' cooked an amazing feast for me and the fam. We had ribs, pork chops, Chicken, hot dogs, potato salad, and their famous green beans. We had normal family time, played cards, and took huge family snapshots. I got a new Trunk, and a laptop for my birthday!

OOTD Details: Tanktop: Rainbow/ Vest:Body Central/ Bow: Doux Intoxicatie

AND ITS A TOUCH SCREEN!!!! I can't wait!

Thank you guys for sticking with me and showing me the coolest part about having a blog can be. I hope you guys continue to stick with me in the future, because I have absolutely no intentions of slowing down! Blog for ya soon!

Truly Yours,


Comics Roundup #2

July 17, 2013

On my off day, I was able to make it up to the comic shop!

 I hadn't been in a while, and I had quite a few comics to catch up on.

- Catwoman : 20, 21 and the Annual. So Now I am completely caught up!
- Harley Quinn: #1
- X-Men #1
- Batman LIttle Gotham: #1, 2 3 ( Now I have two copies of #1!)
- Deadpool Kills Deadpool #1
- Batman Private Casebook (Paul Dini)
-New dividers for my box, and more bags for my comics. 

Tune in next time! 

Thanks for reading!
Mistress Out,

New Hobbies: Exploring Cemetaries

July 15, 2013

Sorry, I haven't written guys, I had serious issues, with the internet at the batcave. But alas, now it is fixed and I can continue to update the Blog with my IRL activities. So lately, I have been really into graveyards and cemetaries, not only like just visiting them or walking through them, but Photographing them as well. So Far, I've visited three so far. Here are some of my favorite shots from them.

 My sister and I were just driving down the street one day and then suddenly came across Smiley Cemetary, which was basically built right into someone's backyard! I wonder what it would be like to live next to a graveyard... I wonder if that family hears noises and stuff at night, just like living in a house that's haunted, something else I want to experience. Every day I drive around I keep an eye out for graveyards, my family thinks I'm weird, but its just something I enjoy.  I dont know why...

Til Next time!

Mistress Out,

Massive Shopping Haul

July 3, 2013

 The past two weeks, I have worked straight through without an off day, so when I finally got one, I decided to go shopping. I got a bunch of summer clothes and I can't wait to show them off to you. So without further a do.

For more updates, don't forget to Check out the instagram or Twitter, These can be updated from my phone so they happen on the blogs off days as well! Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
See Ya Wednesday!

Mistress Out,

Welcome to July!

July 1, 2013

 The Months are going by so FAST! I can't believe it's already my birthday month! I have so many things planned for this month, here are a few of them!

- Throw a Gatsby Themed Birthday Bash. I'll be 22 so I think the elegant theme is a win.

- Finalize the plans for the new townhouse with the

- Have the Brand New Doux Intoxicatie Pattern Shop
 up and running.

- Get a Desk Job.

- Catch up on Doctor Who.

- Have completed the photoshoots that I have planned for some of the up and comers in my city.

- Pay off My interest before going back to school in the fall.

- Finish STNA Course.

- Buy More Photography Equipment, Get Vulcan Sugar Photography Rolling.

- Make new Business Cards

- Survive the heat!

What are some of you guys' plans for July?

Mistress Out,

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