Welcome to July!

July 1, 2013

 The Months are going by so FAST! I can't believe it's already my birthday month! I have so many things planned for this month, here are a few of them!

- Throw a Gatsby Themed Birthday Bash. I'll be 22 so I think the elegant theme is a win.

- Finalize the plans for the new townhouse with the

- Have the Brand New Doux Intoxicatie Pattern Shop
 up and running.

- Get a Desk Job.

- Catch up on Doctor Who.

- Have completed the photoshoots that I have planned for some of the up and comers in my city.

- Pay off My interest before going back to school in the fall.

- Finish STNA Course.

- Buy More Photography Equipment, Get Vulcan Sugar Photography Rolling.

- Make new Business Cards

- Survive the heat!

What are some of you guys' plans for July?

Mistress Out,

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