Learn About Me: Movie Title Cards

April 19, 2013

  Unless you guys have not been paying attention, you know that I LOVE MOVIES!! My father, the king of deals, discovered that the Blockbuster in our neighborhood is closing down, and where there's a business closing there's a building full of deals. I didn't really get any movies because they didn't have any that interested me. But What I found fascinating, is that they had these cardboard cards with movie covers on them, and they had shelves and shelves of them. So, I plopped down in front of them and started looking for ones that interested me. I found quite a few, so here's the collection I've amassed, I know I'm weird, but that's one of the things you love about me. 

Do you guys collect things, that other people might find weird? Tell me about it on Twitter or down in the comments!

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Upcoming D.I.Y.: Hi-lo Lace skirts

April 18, 2013

 Now we all know that I am not the best seamstress in the world but I try. And I feel that if I can make it myself then I should. Lately there has been a trend in fashion. These Hi Lo skirts with a lace overlay, I think they are absolutely adorable and absolutely WAY too expensive to buy outright, and since hancock was having a sale, I decided to pick up some fabrics that would be perfect for this project.

 I'm almost finished threading my new sewing machine!!! Once I get done, I'll get started on this project, The D.I.Y. Should be up the week after next, Don't forget to join me! Keep an eye out for more D.I.Y Projects soon guys, summer is around the corner and I am back in action!!!

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Spokhette Goes Outside: Brunch and Shopping with Bridget. (Picture Heavy)

April 17, 2013

 So I was out and about the other day, after getting my car fixed. I am so excited that miss Miyagi is back where she belongs. I was so worried about her!!! I have only been driving by myself and legally for about two months, but to go back to not having it is incomprehensible to me. It gives me the ability to be free, and I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything in the world. Being independent really is something that everyone, should strive for.
  My old school friend Bridget and I decided to go to Brunch and catch up. Since I hadn't talked to or seen her in what seems like more than a year. I decided it was definitely time to give her a call. So we decided on Brotherton's which is a family owned restaurant, down the street from the high school we both attended. The Food was really really good! We both had their stuffed Hamburgers, Mine with provolone and her's with pepperjack. I had their homefries, they are to die for, a touch on the burnt side but good none the less.
  We talked about new friends we'd made, the jobs we work and what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives, ya know adult conversation, and then we gushed over how cute her baby boy Jax is, I mean He's ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!

 After lunch we continued across the street, to an antique mall that's been there for 20 years. 20 years in our neighborhood and We hadn't even gone in once. So We traipsed across the street to see what they had going on. I took pictures.

I really wanted to purchase the sewing machine, but the lady on duty couldn't tell me if it worked or not, and I was not about to spend 50 bucks on something that might not even work, I don't care how vintage it is. I really wanted those multi colored bottles, but they were too dirty to be of any real use to me. *le sigh* the issues with thrifting.

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P.S. I've got some outtings and events set up so hopefully, I'll be updating much more often.. I'm  actually really glad that I went out with Bridget, I was seriously considering putting VSS on hiatus, at least until I got the motivation to write again, it hopped the red eye just in case.

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What I'm reading

April 12, 2013

I went to the library today to get new books. The one I stopped at happened to be on the way home, but the place was so small, I think it was even smaller than the one by my parents and that one was like the size of a closet. It's at the corner of the street and you can't really see around it until you hit the parking lot, which was full, So I wound up going around full circle like twice before I found a parking space! Jeez louise! 
 Without further ado, Here are the books I got.

Tender Murderers: Women Who Kill by Trina Robbins

Vintage Modern Knits by Courtney Kelly + Kate Gagnon Osborn

Step it up Knits by Vickie Howell

The Red Market by Scott Carney

The Poisoner's Handbook by Deborah Blum

Stitch N Bitch Superstar Knitting by Debbie Stoller.

 I've been on a bit of a serial killer kick lately, Ever since I started watching Criminal Minds all those years ago, I think it might literally be something I want to do. NOT THE SERIAL KILLING, but investigating them, stopping them from killing any more. Detective work and the like. 

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OOTD: A day in the park

April 5, 2013

 So like I promised ages ago, personal style posts are back in action. Thanks to my best Robyn, I have plenty of outfit posts stacked up for you guys. She is always on me, about making sure I have packed my camera, and she loves taking photos, which is evident by my facebook photo albums. So the other day we went to the park with her neice and nephew and While they conquered the mastadon and sabre tooth tiger, she and I took photos by the water and boat. The weather was so warm, It felt so much like summer I didn't know what to do with myself. Without further a do, here are the photos we took.

What I'm Wearing: A halter bustie Wet Seal, Patchwork skirt Goodwill, MultiPocket from Covington, and shoes from Debs. W

    What Robin's wearing: Black Tanktop, Jeans, Pink and black jordans, jean jacket.

Looking forward to another outfit post soon!
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Dress Shopping: Brianna's Prom

April 1, 2013

 So my Oldest cousin Brianna, will be attending prom soon, so like a week ago, I kidnapped her and my sister from school and we went to the nearest mall to look at prom dresses. The biggest thing about Brianna is that she is so OPEN minded about everything she has an incredibly difficult time narrowing things down. So We wound up going to THREE different stores, all before I had to head to work. I forgot how EXPENSIVE dresses have gotten! I mean, my prom dress was only $60. Ahh, those were the days. She tried on a dress, with a $670 PRICE TAG!!! I almost had a heart attack!

  I had way too much fun, I can't wait til we go again, we are still on the Dress SEARCH!

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P.S. VSS will be updated every MWF!! Check back on those days for new posts!


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