Dress Shopping: Brianna's Prom

April 1, 2013

 So my Oldest cousin Brianna, will be attending prom soon, so like a week ago, I kidnapped her and my sister from school and we went to the nearest mall to look at prom dresses. The biggest thing about Brianna is that she is so OPEN minded about everything she has an incredibly difficult time narrowing things down. So We wound up going to THREE different stores, all before I had to head to work. I forgot how EXPENSIVE dresses have gotten! I mean, my prom dress was only $60. Ahh, those were the days. She tried on a dress, with a $670 PRICE TAG!!! I almost had a heart attack!

  I had way too much fun, I can't wait til we go again, we are still on the Dress SEARCH!

Thanks for reading!
Mistress Out,

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