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December 31, 2012

  Hello Lovely Readers!!! My sponsor Wall is starting to grow Cobwebs!!! Pretty soon the new year is on its way. What better way to get word out about your blog, vlog series or your indie shop, then to Handover one of your homemade html buttons?

Vulcan Sugar and Spice, has grown from a personal blog that nobody read in 2008 to a nerd niche blog that has over 1200 views per month. Lifetime views last vetted as: 18,770. Copius amounts of viewers and readers from all over the world, Top three countries being: United States, Russia and The United Kingdom.

Vulcan Sugar and Spice shares posts, photos and mini posts on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Your ads and publicity will be on more than one social media, We'll Chat you up so often you'll be a household name. (for Blogger's anyway.)

Needless to say Vulcan Sugar and Spice, is a medley blog of everything that is important to me. I'm happy that I can share these things, and that people all over the world, a huge portion I haven't even seen or heard from mind you, share the same sentiment. Please Don't hesitate to Sponsor Vulcan Sugar and Spice today. With three different size ads to choose from there's something for everyone.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
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P.S. If you would just like to swap buttons, please email me at emeraldarachnid@gmail.com.

10 Things Not to Do: at a Con

December 13, 2012

In Honor of Armageddicon in less than 10 days now...(I can barely hold in my excitement) I thought write up a post on how to NOT behave at a convention.

- Do NOT hesitate to leave your business card: Believe me!!! I am the first person to drop their tail between their legs and run away when it comes to talking to people that I don't know and telling them about my business. But You've GOT to suck it up. People Can't buy things from you if they don't know you exist. Talk to people, that is the whole point of the convention. Leave them around, hand them to people and RUN, Take one from A dealers table or an artist and replace the one you took with yours. Whatever you have to do but Get your name out there.

-Do NOT be shy: So this kind of leans on the first one. the best part about the convention is meeting new people. It's so easy, a con is a gathering of like-minded people. I do anime Conventions because its something I enjoy and like doing. So its a good bet, that 90% of the people there share that interest. And there you go! "Whats your favorite anime" is usually a good starting point and at the very least you've scored a con buddy. Con Buddy- A friend for the con, usually someone who you didn't know before the convention that joins your party on the quest for an amazing time.

-DO NOT BE SKEEVY: GUYS, This is just for the guys. I haven't seen any women do it, but if this sounds like you please please please take my ADVICE!! Cosplayers, have like a bajillion things to worry about. Their Costume falling apart, Tripping on their dress, Their heels breaking on the stairs, tripping on the stairs, losing important accessories, Their hairstyles falling apart, Their outfit revealing too much, their outfit revealing not enough, like I said a bajillion amount of things, they do not need you macking on them every 5 seconds. If the lady says NO, then leave it at that and move forward. This goes for all women at the convention. Including the gamer girl you keep trying to hit on in the arcade. When I tell you No, that should be the end of it, there should not be bets about who gets to take me home, if so and so wins this round. I am not a prize to be won, and definitely worth more than the likes of you.

-Do NOT litter: BE Nice! The hotel is Very Nice to Host us rowdy, loud congoers, once a year, and their also super nice for giving us a discounted rate, please respect the hotel. If you make a mess, either clean it up or find hotel staff to help you.

- Do NOT be Crazy Loud: Armageddicon has a party Floor for goodness sakes, the walls in the hotel are paper thin already so there is no reason to be crazy loud where you aren't supposed to. Lets pretend that we congoers aren't all crazy jumped up hormonal party animals ok? We have TWO raves, we have plenty of opportunities to get loud.

-Do NOT be Unprepared: Usually Con attenders are not Hometowners. Meaning that if you forget something its gonna be a hell of a long drive to pick whatever it was you needed up again. So Make sure you don't forget it the first time. I'll have a more in depth post on this a little later when I start packing for the convention but making a list usually helps me. I cut it down to categories and then I fill it in. So make broad categories: Food/UnderGarments/Clothing/Shoes/Makeup/Body Stuff. Anything That doesn't fit into those categories more than likely don't NEED to go with you.

-Do NOT Have a mental Breakdown: Most Anime Conventions have a Game Room. in Fact, that ones that I attend always have a 24 hour game room. Just because it is open all night and day doesn't mean you can come in anytime and wreak havoc. The last convention had a smash brothers tournament and a guy lost the game and His mind! He started Banging the controller against the table and yelling and kicking over chairs, and then the next thing you know he was lying in the middle of the floor in the fetal position, please guys Please don't be that guy ok?

-Do NOT unawares: Every Convention comes with a guide book. This guidebook is all you need to know. It has a map. It has a program guide for all of the panels, it shows you how long things are open and if you're lucky there are coupons in the back, so make sure you grab one, and read it thoroughly, because it also shows you the rules and guidelines for being able to stay at the con. So Make sure you learn them, it would suck to see you get kicked out.

-Do NOT Forget to Wash: So Cons are usually full of people. Meaning that in cramped spaces, like the ELEVATOR, people are going to get to know you intimately until you get off on your floor, please for ALL THAT IS HOLY, WASH YOURSELF!!!! THERE is NOTHING WORSE than being stuck in a nearly over capacity elevator, with stinky People! If you thought you had a chance with that cosplayer, for fraks sake go BATHE and then talk to her. Believe me, she'll be there when you come back and she's love you even more for it, I promise you! Do NOT forget Personal Hygiene, it is SO important.

- Finally, Do NOT forget to have fun: Its a convention. Its a time you get away from work and family and home and you get to enjoy yourself with like minded people who don't think your weird, enjoy it to the fullest. Take lots of pictures, goof off with people you've never met, go party. Just keep common sense in mind and you'll have a great time, and yes I did want that to rhyme. Score!

As Always thanks for reading!
Mistress Out,

Night Out

December 11, 2012

 My Friends and I went to Bdubs to blow off some steam, half of us Exam week the other half work. I had a total Blast, Robin came with us but she is taking the picture. :( I really have to wonder sometimes where I got such kick ass hilarious friends, I really must remember to thank them for being in my life, because I have to admit that they are quite literally legit. Plus you get to check me out in my new glasses! Lookin' like a hot teacher over in the corner. I even had a sip of a strawberry Daiquiri? Not quite sure how that's spelled. I only had a sip, I'm not a drinker by any stretch of the imagination. Robin drank the rest, it wasn't bad, but I could taste the alcolhol. So I didn't like it haha, usually its the other way around, but I think thats why I'm not a Fan of liquor because even when its mixed with stuff I can taste it, and it doesn't interest me so I don't like the taste of it.

From Lto R: Robin, Zach, Brandon, Izzy and Josh (I took this pic) because our waitress was LITERALLY useless, there are six people here, how in the world is 5 napkins going to be enough, we had to get our own refills, and half the time she was watching the game instead of watching her tables. Needless to say, her tip was not the best. It felt soo good just to get out of the apartment get out of work and chill out with my friends, I haven't worked with them in forever, and I hadn't seen them in even longer than that, so I was excited for the opportunity to get dressed in non work attire and just kick back and chill. Laughs were had by all, and they were loud laughs, I am certain that tables were looking at us like we were crazy and that When I laugh hard I cry, I was bawling by the time we'd left, I wouldn't be surprised if my makeup was sliding down my face, it was quite hilarious.

Thanks for Reading,
Mistress Out,

Tactical Tuesdays #10

New Music:

Just Friends OST - Theme Song in (French)

Safetysuit - Find a Way

Nicki Minaj Ft. Ciara - I'm Legit

New Blogs:

Stay Gold - A Photography Blog with an old timey Feel

Break My Style - A fashion Blog Ran by Lauren Uy.

The Sexy Knitter - Knitting costumes from the movies!!

Recent Hauls:

Vintange EyeGlasses on Ebay:


Brown + White

1960's Gold Pair (I am in love with these, but they are ACTUAL BIFOCALS, So Of course I can't see a damn thing in them, so I have to get the lens switched out! Grr)


Hope to blog again soon Guys!! As Always thanks for reading!

Mistress Out, 

Tinsel Town #1: Favorite Christmas Songs

December 6, 2012

 Hello Sugars!
  Welcome to my equivalent of getting into the holiday Season. Today I'm going to tell you about my favorite Christmas music. The funny thing is I listen to christmas music ALL YEAR AROUND. I just can't get enough, so I thought it would be cool if I shared some with you guys!

Tommy Heavenly6- I love Xmas

Christina Aguliera- This Christmas

Demi Lovato- Wonderful Time of the year

Mariah Carey- All I want for Christmas is you

Boys II Men- Let it Snow

Chris Brown - This Christmas

Cheetah Girls- Have a Cheetah-licious Christmas

Epik High- No more Christmas ( not really a christmas song but it has it in the title so there!)

Glee Cast- Baby, its Cold Outside

JYP Nation- This Christmas

Nsync- Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Paul McCartney- Wonderful Christmas Time

Eartha Kitt- Santa Baby

Sixpence none the richer- You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch

VersaEmerge- Santa Baby

Hopefully, You guys have found new music to put on your players, cds and traditions. If you have any favorites leave in the comment box below, I'd love some new christmas music suggestions.

Mistress Out,

Welcome to December

December 2, 2012

I know it snuck up on me too! I have some pretty Big things planned for December and since you are a loyal reader and or some lucky chap that happened upon my pensieve I'll let you in on a few of the super crazy awesome schtuff that's about to go down here at VSS.

   It is now December the beginning of Con Season for me (anyways) and I thought I would include you guys in a way I've never done before. Now that I have my own Con/nerd oriented blog and job position, I feel like its my job to report the goings on. I will be uploading new
blog posts to GGC as Comics contributor, and NerdettesUnite. But you can find everything in one spot here. That includes the videos that I plan on shooting the interviews I plan on having *fingers Crossed* I wonder if I can get a press pass *hmm* Yeah so thats a thing. Keep up with my twitter as well gang. 

- Confessions Of A Girl Gamer
   I will be inviting other female bloggers who game to guest post about their experiences in the gaming community. I've sent out quite a lot of emails, so far NovaDee and Misfit Librarian have signed to the cause. I can't wait for that to start. There will be a lot more posts coming soon guys, I've finally got my mojo back.

- Armageddicon
  An Anime convention in Columbus, 20 days away. My first Live Con. My second time attending, its going to be a BLAST! Run by Anime Punch, I can Legit say that I've never experienced another con quite like it.

- Buying a car.
  I'm making a very tentative agenda to buy a car this December, I have the money to afford one, but I don't want to rush into buying a car, like I rushed into buying a moped. I need something that is going to get me from point a to b without killing me or anyone else in the process also I need it to have a horn and be an automatic, having a bit of an issue with that.

 What are some of you plans for December? Let me know in a comment down below or on twitter!

Black Friday Shopping Haul!!

December 1, 2012

  So I know I haven't really been updating, but theres an easy explanation. I've been working my but off!! So Surprisingly I had the end of Black Friday off, and I decided to go shopping. So here are the things I picked up.
Super Princess Peach/Professor Layton and the Last Spector/Pheonix Wright:Ace Attorney

Star Trek/Avengers/Legion of superheroes Vol 1-2 
The Amazing Spiderman

Green Sleeves $8.16
Body Central

Strapless Preplum $25
Charlotte Russe

Blue and White Stripe Sweater $16
Body Central

Mint and Grey Jeggings $15
Charlotte Rouse

Glittery Strapless Crop top $10
Charlotte Russe

White Tanktop $20
Charlotte Russe

Mint Suede Pumps $15
Charlotte Russe

 Plus I am back on Youtube Gang!! My Youtube channel: Brielbunny is back in action. All of my gaming videos, tutorials and haul videos will be back and held here. My personal Vlogs and Little Blurbs will be held on my Vimeo. Ya know, if you're interested in all my weird video Schtuff.

Mistress Out,

Series #2: Top 10 Shows

November 28, 2012

It's that time again folks!! You get to learn all about moi!! Here is a list for 10 of my favorite television programs.

BBC Sherlock

Doctor Who

Veronica Mars


Vampire Diaries

Mr. Hedgehog and Ms. Panda



Criminal Minds


Mistress Out,

Please go support my shop!

-GUYS! I make stuff!
-Hats/Scarves/bags/bows/ hair accessories
-Crocheted and Knitted
-Unique Birthday Gifts or personal Presents
-Please take time to go check it out.
-A lot of hard work goes into these products, and because of my ridiculous nervous habit no one knows about it.



Meanwhile at the Watchtower...

November 20, 2012

 I know I know I know, my blogging habits are down right deplorable. So since, I'm so busy with work that I just Honestly don't have anything to write about, i guess I'll just catch you up on some pretty recent goings on at the watchtower.

- I finally got that big purse I'd been wanting. (Isn't it flippin adorable? Only set me back $20)

- Ordered some new movies
 * The Amazing Spider-man* (Still waiting on it to arrive)
 * The Avengers*
 * Star Trek*

- Bought Some super Cute tights that were on sale.

- So far this month I've Seen Skyfall, and Looper, which was good but again I didn't like the ending. and tomorrow, I'm going to see Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 with my little sister and Mother, before our hair appointment! I've been a movie seeing fiend. 

-I'm soo excited about getting my hair done, this time I'm going to have some color.

- Still Working on my commissions, but One hat is done! YAY! 
Mistress Out,

Handheld Mistress #13: Wish List

November 18, 2012

  Hello Readers!! I have been playing White 2 lately, It took me some serious time, but I finally beat the first gym leader. Thank god I saved right after that, because it died on me, and it was like 4 am, and everywhere was dark, and I couldn't find my charger, so I thought I would just give up and try again tomorrow. I am thoroughly enjoying my off day gang, like seriously, I honestly should not be allowed to have this much fun. Pokemon is pretty slow going so I can't really write about that, so instead, I shall tell you guys what I want for Christmas, Game wise anyway, Welcome to my Wishlist.


- Professor Layton and the Last Spector

- Professor Layton V.S. Pheonix Wright
Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright.png

- Pheonix Wright
Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney Coverart.png


- L.A. Noire

- Epic Mickey One + Two

- Tekken X Street Fighter

- Tekken Tag 2

- Borderlands 2

-Portal 2

- Lollipop Chainsaw
- Dead or Alive 5
-Persona 4 Arena

Batman: Arkham City: Game of the Year Edition
Batman Arkham City Game Cover.jpg

 I can't wait, December is right around the corner GANG~!

Mistress Out,

Shop Update: New Products for Fall.

November 14, 2012

 I know there hasn't really been Blog news about the shop, but believe me, that doesn't mean that I haven't been hard at work with plenty of things to show you. So lets get started. The last time I wrote about anything shoppe related was... the eleventh of October... Well I have plenty in store for you!!

1.) First things First. HOLIDAYS!
  The holidays are coming up and with the approach of holidays comes the non too subtle reminders of   sales as well. Doux Intoxicatie will be available for Black Friday AND Cyber Monday! With Special Coupon Codes for each! UP to 40% off!! So keep a look out for those.

2.) Commissions
  Doux Intoxicatie is open for Commissions for the holiday Season.  In order to request a commission
- Email me at emeraldarachnid@gmail.com, with all of the information and a sketch if possible
- I will respond with yes or no and a price.
- From the Date of the Price agreement email, til completion of project should be no longer than two weeks. So get your requests in SOON!

3. ) New Products!
  The New Mini Berets and the Newly designed Cowls/Neckwarmers. It took me a while, but I finally created a design that worked for me. I recently finished a commission for one. and Now I'll be making a few for the shop so get them before their gone.

Work In Progresses:

- Blue/Pink Cowl
- Black/Pink Super Thick Scarf
- Pink/Green/Black Hat + Scarf set.
- Black/Grey Scarf Embroidered in Orange
- 2  Green/yellow/red/black Hats and Scarf Sets. 

Guess I better Get to Work.

Mistress Out,

OOTD: Skyfall

November 10, 2012

 Hey Sugars!
   (Readers, was just too generalized for the amazing amount of people who read + Subscribe.)

 So, I did actually make the Skyfall Premiere, which surprised me, because we were almost late, I was worried that the tickets might be sold out, but there wasn't as much of a turn out as I expected. The ticket Clerk said in order for them to be sold out, a party of 457 people would have to arrive and buy the rest of the tickets. So no close shave there.
  Now, Don't Worry, I'm not going to give away any spoilers, I hate it when people do that, because it LEGIT ruins the movie for the rest of us. Best believe, there is going to be that one person that you KNOW, that's going to tell you what they read, and then voila movie ruint! But I will say this, those 457 people MISSED OUT! The movie was utterly fantastic, except for one part, this movie makes my top 5 easy! And I  absolutely love the New MONEYPENNY! 

  Don't blame me for the quality of these photos. I DID NOT TAKE THEM. I foolishly thought that my friend had gotten better at taking photos, over the last two years, but alas that is just simply not the case. This is what I wore, to Skyfall.

Dress: Body Central/ Sweater: Venezula/ Tights: Talk about Town/ Wedges: Gabriel Brothers

 And Here's my Face!

Upper lid: Golden Yellow: Claires/ Lower Lid: Silver + White: Ulta

Lipstick: Ulta #236

Mistress Out,

I voted, Did you?

November 8, 2012

 Ever Since I was little, my parents have instilled in me how important it was to know the facts about your candidates. To Research thoroughly before I stepped into the polls to vote, for that levy, that amendment change or that Presidential Candidate. So this week, I got to Vote in my first presidential election. AND, this is what I wore lol.

This is one of my cutest/comfortable outfits I OWN.

OOTD: Rue 21 Lace Tanktop/ Gabriel Brothers Flowy Racerback and Gap Flare jeans

My Cardigan: Venezula

My Voting Trophy


Mistress Out,


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