Halloween #10: Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2012

 Hello Readers! Alas, we have reached our destination. It is now halloween and time, for you guys to take what you've learned and strut out into the night dressed to the nines! Today we will be talking about FOUR superheroines. Because I feel they don't get enough shine, so we'll be discussing: Rouge, Mystique, Miss Martian, and Batgirl.

 This southern Belle, is a firecracker. With just a touch she can absorb Mutants powers and memories, and nearly Sap humans dry of their life force. This is her classic Uniform But there are a few alterations that are a little easier to pull off.
- thigh high boots (Yellow)
- Belt (Brown)
- Wig (Brown/ Dye the front bangs white)
- Jumpsuit (Yellow and Green)
- Leather Jacket (Brown)
- Wig (Brown/Dye the Front Bangs White)
- Boots (Black) 
- Tanktop (Black)
- Leggings/tights (Black)
- Mini Skirt (Black)
- See through Bell sleeved top (Green)
- Gloves (Black)
*X2: X-men United*
- Wig (Brown/Dye the Front Bangs White)
- Jumpsuit (Black)
- Gloves (Black)
- Boots (Black)

*Miss Martian*

- Skin (Green Paint)
- Miniskirt (Blue)
- Short Sleeved T-shirt ( White With a Red X)
- Cape (Blue)
- Gloves (Blue)
- Belt (Red with Gold Buckle)
- Wig (Red)


- Skin (Blue)
- Wig (Red)
- Jeans (Red)
- Sports Bra (Red)
- 2 Pistols


- Boots ( Yellow)
- Jumpsuit (Black)
- Cape ( Black on the outside/Yellow on the inside)
- Belt ( Yellow with Bat Buckle) 
- Wig (Brown/Red)
- Gloves (Yellow)
- Cowl 

I hope you guys enjoy Samhain! Be safe, and Have Fun!

Mistress Out,

Tactical Tuesdays #9

October 30, 2012

New Music:

Cher Lloyd: Superhero

Celeste Buckingham: Run Run Run

Pink: Blow me 

New Blogs:

Can You dig It?: the exploits of Cherokee, a writer who has her head on straight slicing through Many things: Like whitewashing, and plus she's my newest follower. I highly recommend reading her. 

Grimmricksen: another Feminist writer blogging about her life, and she has the coolest badge known to man and I can't wait to put it on VSS.

The Poppie: Personal Style Blog 

Things that I want:

- My OWN PS3. Its only 200 and I will buy it for christmas, They're also selling a xbox 360, for even less than that...I've never really been a fan of xbox, but I kind of want to get it, because I have a windows phone and they connect and everything, but the phone will probably only last two years, if that with my track record, I just don't think it would be a good investment. 

Green and Cream Satchel

- A '95 Lebaron.

- My first sale~!

Mistress out,

Halloween #9

 Hello Readers!!! We're coming around the home stretch now! Halloween is tomorrow and I hope this little serious has helped you decide on a costume.  Today We'll talk about Black Canary. Ms. Dinah Lauren Lance (technically Black Canary 2) is infatuated and eventually married Green Arrow. She is number 26th on the 100 Sexiest Women in Comics. 

*Black Canary 2*

- Wig (Blonde)

- Fishnet tights

- Leotard (Strapless or Sleeveless)

- Boots ( Flat + Black)

- Leather jacket (Blue or black)

Mistress Out,

Halloween #8

October 29, 2012


 Hello Readers!! Today we're talking about Poison Ivy. Pamela Isley, is one of the worlds most dangerous eco-terrorist. Her origin story created by Neil Gaiman Portrays her as a human/plant hybrid, She is number 21 out of 100 comics sexiest women. She is one of my favorite characters. My sister is dressing up as her for Halloween. 

*Poison Ivy*

- Strapless Bathing suit Cover in leaves (Green)

- Mid Gloves covered in Leaves (Green)

-Vines for the legs.

-Barefeet/ or green heels.

-Wig (Red)

Mistress Out,

Halloween #7

October 26, 2012

Hello Readers!!!! We've only got a couple days left and even more costumes to go through, I hope you guys aren't slaves to procrastination as I... Today we're talking about Emma Frost. She is a mutant telepath armed to the teeth with Dry wit and diamond hard skin.She went from being one of the most dangerous and powerful on the bad guys side and now is one of the headmasters. She is number five on 100 sexiest women in comics. 

*Emma Frost*
- Wig (Blonde)
- Straightlegged Jeans (White)
- Off the Shoulder Midriff top (White)
- Attach the Cape to the top (White)
- Gloves (White)
- Choker (White)

Halloween #6

October 25, 2012

 Hello Readers! Today, we'll be discussing Zatanna. D.C.'s resident Witch and magician. The daughter of the over-protective and amazingly gifted master Magician Zatarra. Known for her childhood connection to batman, her involvement with the justice league, her re-imagenment for young justice.  She holds the number 4 spot in 100 sexiest women in comics. Personally, I love her relationship with Robin....(I'm just sayin')


- Tights (Black)
- Jacket w/ Coattails (Black)
- V-Neck Blazer Vest (White)
- Hooked Cane (Bamboo)
- Top Hat (Black)
- Leotard (Black)
- Wig (Black)
- Gloves (White)
- Bowtie (White)

Halloween #5

October 24, 2012

 Hello Readers! Today we're going to discuss Harley Quinn. Harley is one of the most well recognized D.C. Characters ever! Created in '92 for the batman animated series, and was tied into the comics in 1993. She has a distinct Brooklyn accent, and was originally The Joker's psychiatrist: Harleen Quinzel and has now become his girlfriend and Partner in crime along with Poison Ivy, who gave her an immunity to poisons and toxins. She is #45 in IGN's Top Comic villians of all time  and 16th on the list of 100 comics sexiest women. 

There are plenty of alterations to Harley's costume but the Same pieces apply.

-Clown makeup (White)

-Harlequinn/Jester Costume(Black and Red)

-Gloves (Black and Red)

- Wig (Blonde)

- Jester's Hat (Black and Red)

Mistress Out,

Sponsor Vulcan Sugar and Spice for the Month of November

Hello my lovely readers!! I know I have neglected the blog a touch this month, but I now have my two ...Hopefully three jobs soon under control and now I can keep everything to a schedule.  But even with a slight drop in blog posts the blog still gets a steady 200 and up daily viewing. In doing so, I am celebrating the upcoming end of this awesome month of October to let everyone know that Vulcan Sugar and Spice is open for sponsorship for November. Join Boux Who and advertise your blog or small business with me!

For more information, please refer to my sponsorship page. 

- 3 Ad Types: Small, medium,Large

- Each Ad lasts 30 days from the date Posted (Not purchased)

- The Middle of the month All ads except Large are rotated for Maximum Exposure.

remember, I only profit, when and if you do. So help us both out and sponsor!

Mistress Out,

Halloween #4

October 23, 2012

Hello Readers! Today, we'll discuss Power Girl. Power girl is the Earth-Two counterpart of Supergirl and the first cousin of Kal-L. Superman of the Pre-Crisis Earth-Two. The infant Power Girl's parents enabled her to escape the destruction of Krypton. Although she left the planet at the same time as superman, it took much longer for her ship to reach earth. She possesses all standard kryptonian powers, Belongs to the Justice Society of America and is the Team's first chairwoman. She is Ranked 9th in the 100 sexiest women in Comics.

- Pirate boots with Heels (Blue) 

- Cape (Red)

- Long Sleeved Turtleneck leotard with Peephole (White)

- Long Gloves ( Blue)

Mistress Out,

Tactical Tuesdays #8

I know I know I missed last week but look at it this way! You get double bang for your buck!

New Music:

-Cher Lloyd: Oath

-Watsky Ft. Wax: Kick Monday (in the nutsack)

-Tablo: Thankful Breath

- G-Dragon Ft. Tablo : Light it up

New Blogs:

Kawaii D.I.Y.: Kaila shows you how to make the most darlingist things I've ever seen. I'm itching to get started on her mini tophat tutorial.

Jenny Bevlin: Jenny Shows you adorable d.i.y's like her polka dotted jeans.

Style.che: Style Blog

Things I want:

-A CAR!!! I'm looking into a mazda, but honestly? I'm REALLY REALLY ready to start driving.

-One of those super adorable briefcase backpacks, that seem to be standard, in high school student centered anime.

- My first online sale. 

Mistress Out,

Halloween #3

October 22, 2012

 Hello Readers! It's time to kick it into overdrive. There are only 10 days until Halloween. If you guys are horrible horrible procrastinators like me, these last 10 days will be helpful for you guys! Today we are discussing Artemis. Artemis, is an arrow weilding sidekick, who kicks butt and takes no name. When she as first introduced in the comic books she was called arrowette, and when they decided to revive her in young justice they decided to switch the name and give her outfit a complete makeover.


 *Classic Arrowette*

-Half Face Mask (Red)

-Sports Bra (Red)

-Pleated Skirt (White w/Gold trim)

-Fingerless Armbands (Red w/silver clips)

-Knee Highs (red)

-Quiver (red)

-Wig ( Blonde)


-Half Face Mask (Green)

-Sleeveless Half Shirt (Green)

-Leggings (Green)

-Shoulder and Armbands (Green)

-Combat boots (Black)

-Quiver (Green)

Mistress Out,

10 Things Not to do: Chaperoning a high school dance

Hello Readers! This past weekend I chaperoned my Sister's first Homecoming dance. *tear* They grow up so fast. So here are ten things NOT TO DO:

-Do Not wear uncomfortable shoes: Teenagers are fast. They are even faster when they are up to no good, depending on how well behaved your school is this may not be an issue, My sister's school on the other hand, just has no common sense.

-Do NOT forget that they are Teenagers!: This means you cannot put your hands on them, you can not grab their snarky selves by the collar and hulk them around like their puny gods. Remember, you can toss them around all you want in your head, but physically hurting them in a HUGE NO-NO.

-Do not hesitate to get loud: There is loud music playing, plus loud rowdy children. Even if you come to them and talk to them respectfully, they won't hear you. Don't feel bad, if you have to put a little bass in your voice.

-If you see a kid carrying a chair, Do NOT hesitate to take it from them.: It's a dance, what in the world would you need with a chair? It's not a strip joint, you aren't getting a lap dance, there is no reason why you would need a chair at a high school Homecoming.

- Do NOT hesitate to grab onto the police, if you feel the situation calls for it.: You are a chaperone, it is NOT your job to break up fights, that is why the school employs two police officers. So if you need one do not hesitate to pull them away. Because if they aren't already at the scene of the fight, its because they're already doing nothing. So go make them be USEFUL.

- Do not Crowd the Speakers!: Believe me, Being too close to the speakers are NOT okay for your ears!!! Once the music stops, the silence will be ridiculous and your ears will be popping non stop for the rest of the night, I am telling from experience Trust me!

- Do Not hesitate to break up dancers, if they're getting too...intimate: Its a high school dance not a hotel room. If the dancers/teens are getting a little to into the music, don't hesitate to walk over and remind them of exactly where they are.

-Do Not forget that you are in charge. : What you say goes, so don't let them get away with murder. If you see them doing something wrong, Call them on their bullshit, I bet you twenty bucks they won't do it a second time around.

- Do not forget to enjoy yourself: if you don't see any immediate problems, feel free to bust a groove in your spot. Don't hesitate to shake a tailfeather. Remember You're a cool adult, you can dance if you want to, just don't let it get in the way of chaperoning.

-Do not Go if you are sick. : I wish I'd listened to this bit of advice, but my sister was so excited about this bloody dance, and I had spent soo much time and effort, making sure I had off from both jobs, that I couldn't let a little thing like a cold stop me.

  So there you have it. 10 things not to do the next time you're chaperoning a dance.
Go Shake a tail feather.

Mistress Out,

Face Friday: Egyptian Ink

October 19, 2012

 Hello Readers!! Happy Friday! I have a makeup tutorial for you!!! *Gasp* I KNOW! I haven't done one in forever, and what's even better? I made a video and its up on my YOUTUBE! I finally dusted it off, and now its back in running order!

This Gold, Pink and Green tutorial is Super Ridiculously easy! So It's great if you're in a rush, Like I was when I created the look, my best ideas seem to come when I'm thinking fast on my feet...

- Apply The Gold Color all over lids
-Apply the Orange color on Eyeliner crease and blend to the middle crease of eyelid
-Apply pink to inner corners and blend into Orange
-Cut Green Through the outer corners into the middle crease, blend with pink!! 

Super Simple!
Hope you guys enjoy! 
Happy Face Friday!
Mistress Out,

Shenanigans at the Watchtower

October 18, 2012

- Bought New Shoes. I needed them like crazy.

- Just got paid, and now three bills are out of the way!!
 -Cell Phone

-Went out to Brunch with fam. Lovin my sister time.

- Caught up on Pretty Little Liars/Elementary/Criminal Minds and working on Vampire Diaries.

- Wrote up a few queued posts for VSS. Since this new job is not really giving me any free time.

- Found the Perfect Bag and then lost it because it wasn't the right color.

- Almost Got passed up by the Bus, and thus would have missed my ride home, thank goodness, for running shoes.

- Working on The Spazz Black and Gray Scarf, difficult when you don't have a bag to hold everything, things are smushed and stitches get dropped. *sigh*

- Just two more weeks until the Halloween Party Extravaganza, and the watchtower, still looks like someone lives in it. *I just can't get motivated to clean.*

-Witness a double rainbow, but only caught one with the camera.

- Photographed, a beautiful sun after a morning shower, it was so bright, that it reflected off of the concrete and made it hard for other people to see, I personally thought it was amazing.

(Now I've got to get some sleep)
Mistress Out,

Fashion Inspiration: Cher Lloyd

October 17, 2012

 When I first found out about Cher Lloyd, I didn't really like her. It seemed like there was just another british Pop singer came to the states and everyone fell in love with her. Plus, She had that Half Shaved Hairstyle that I despise. But with her new Cd: Sticks and Stones. She's really changed my perspective about her, I guess what they say is true, you can't really judge a book by its cover. What has really won me over is her Fashion sense, at least in her music videos.

Mistress Out,

Stock Update: Fall Products

October 11, 2012

 Hello Readers!!!
   I know I haven't done one of these in a while, but it is definitely time. I have huge things planned and I just can't keep them hidden any longer. I have a whole new line of Hats. Called the Mini Beret. They're out for fall. and you just pin them to your hair, they come in a wider array of colors and sizes and designs.

Commissions List:

Aqua Green/Pink/Black Hat + Scarf
Black and Gray  "Spazz" Scarf.

Don't forget to shop!!
Mistress Out,

F.ace O.f T.he D.ay: Weekly Review

October 9, 2012

 Hello Readers!!! This week has been soooo crazily hectic. I started my new job, and then I've been working the job I already have. I counted up the hours from each job and then added them together for the week. It equals 95 hours. JUST THIS WEEK. So you can see why I haven't been blogging, there's not much time for anything else other than sleeping, and I'm barely getting any of that. So the time has come the walrus said to talk of many things: Makeup. Here are the looks that I wore through out the week, since I literally decided to make my self so busy that I didn't get to write them up for you during this entire week.

-Urban Decay: Purple Haze
-Ulta: Sapphire Blue Eyeliner
-Sephora: Jumbo eyeliner Emerald
-Urban Decay: Electric 

(Was totally channeling the Joker)
-Urban Decay: Narcotic
-Urban Decay: Purple Haze
Ulta: Sapphire Blue Eyeliner

Claire's: Golden Yellow
Urban Decay: Gash

Claire's: Golden Yellow
Claire's: Hot Pink
Claire's: Forest Green

Urban Decay: Golden City
Urban Decay: Electric
Urban Decay: Purple Haze. 

Mistress Out,

Tactical Tuesdays #7

October 2, 2012

New Music: 

Mos Def: Cream Of the Planet

Future: Turn on the lights

Lupe Fiasco: Around my way [Freedom Ain't Free]

Justin Bieber: Die in your arms

New Blogs:


The Beauty Department: Tutorials: Hair Makeup and more

The Geeky Peacock: Fashion and Nerdy-ness in a perfect mix. 

Cool Things Happening this week:

-Unveiling the New products for fall.

-Orientation for my new job.

-New Blogging Schedule (Closed Saturday and Sunday)

-Don't Forget about the Giveaway guys!

Mistress Out,

Welcome to October!

October 1, 2012

Hello Lovely Readers!! Welcome to OCTOBER! I can't believe the month is finally here. I can not wait for all of the cool things that will happen this month. I've got big visions for my humble blog and I hope you guys join me on this awesome adventure. Here is a list of some of the things I would like to accomplish:

- Have a Successful Blogger Meetup.

-Make my first sale since moving to Storenvy.

-Get At least halfway through my free-form Cardigan.

-Buy Moped/Car.

-Halloween/Moviethon Party.

-Start my NEW job.

-Get Driver's License ( At least now I only have to take the manueverability part.)

-Start Sending out the extra stock for other bloggers to review.

-Start Getting more press!

-Gain at least 10 followers

I hope you guys all enjoy October as much as I do!!

Mistress Out,

Overlooking a junkyard and Getting Fiberge'd.

Hello Readers!!!

  Today was a fun day spent with my mom and sister, running around doing some fun errands. One cool thing about me is that I love thrifting. Out of my family, I am THE ONLY ONE that does. No one else seems to have the patience to thrift properly. This has been proven once before. But today, my mother decided to have a girls day at .... a junkyard.
  I'm totally cool with spending my day at a junkyard. One mans trash is another mans treasure. So I was incredibly excited to go to one for  the very first time. Unfortunately, it did not turn out the way I wanted it to. So we arrive at the U-pull & U-pay to find that there is a $2 fee per person to enter the junkyard. I see no problem with this. They are a large lot full of broken down cars, full of options for people who are having trouble with their mode of transportation. It is only $2 and even if you get the wrong part, you can bring it back within 31 days for a store credit. Of course my mother was hearing none of this and we took our business else where.
  Elsewhere being A goodwill. This goodwill makes me laugh sooooo hard. When you shop at goodwill its to get a quality product at a cheap price, or something that people no longer wanted that could be used by you. Now that the definition is out of the way. It makes me chuckle, because when we walked in, it was the size of a closet. This was the most expensive goodwill I'd ever seen. This is Goodwill. Why in the WORLD is there a bag for $38?! I could have just BOUGHT THE BAG! I kind of felt like going up to the manager, and ask them if they were aware of the fact that they were a GOODWILL! Cool Fact tho: Old Time painted Vigilante.
( How cool is that?)
 We went to Graeter's and I got three scoops of my favorite flavor of ice cream where my mother and sister got coffee chillers. 
Then I discovered. Fibrege'. Which if you aren't in the know is this COOOLEST yarn shop I've ever experienced. 

It had the coolest atmosphere I'd ever experienced. When I walked in, It was calm, there was a circle of women knitting in the middle and discussing a pattern. It was like heaven. They had an entire room full of yarn ON SALE!!! I literally had to use every fiber of my being (see what I did there?) to leave there and have only spent $20. The yarns I did get, Are super Fall-y, and I plan on using them for a free-form cardigan of my design. 

Mistress Out,


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