Face Friday: Egyptian Ink

October 19, 2012

 Hello Readers!! Happy Friday! I have a makeup tutorial for you!!! *Gasp* I KNOW! I haven't done one in forever, and what's even better? I made a video and its up on my YOUTUBE! I finally dusted it off, and now its back in running order!

This Gold, Pink and Green tutorial is Super Ridiculously easy! So It's great if you're in a rush, Like I was when I created the look, my best ideas seem to come when I'm thinking fast on my feet...

- Apply The Gold Color all over lids
-Apply the Orange color on Eyeliner crease and blend to the middle crease of eyelid
-Apply pink to inner corners and blend into Orange
-Cut Green Through the outer corners into the middle crease, blend with pink!! 

Super Simple!
Hope you guys enjoy! 
Happy Face Friday!
Mistress Out,


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