Halloween #10: Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2012

 Hello Readers! Alas, we have reached our destination. It is now halloween and time, for you guys to take what you've learned and strut out into the night dressed to the nines! Today we will be talking about FOUR superheroines. Because I feel they don't get enough shine, so we'll be discussing: Rouge, Mystique, Miss Martian, and Batgirl.

 This southern Belle, is a firecracker. With just a touch she can absorb Mutants powers and memories, and nearly Sap humans dry of their life force. This is her classic Uniform But there are a few alterations that are a little easier to pull off.
- thigh high boots (Yellow)
- Belt (Brown)
- Wig (Brown/ Dye the front bangs white)
- Jumpsuit (Yellow and Green)
- Leather Jacket (Brown)
- Wig (Brown/Dye the Front Bangs White)
- Boots (Black) 
- Tanktop (Black)
- Leggings/tights (Black)
- Mini Skirt (Black)
- See through Bell sleeved top (Green)
- Gloves (Black)
*X2: X-men United*
- Wig (Brown/Dye the Front Bangs White)
- Jumpsuit (Black)
- Gloves (Black)
- Boots (Black)

*Miss Martian*

- Skin (Green Paint)
- Miniskirt (Blue)
- Short Sleeved T-shirt ( White With a Red X)
- Cape (Blue)
- Gloves (Blue)
- Belt (Red with Gold Buckle)
- Wig (Red)


- Skin (Blue)
- Wig (Red)
- Jeans (Red)
- Sports Bra (Red)
- 2 Pistols


- Boots ( Yellow)
- Jumpsuit (Black)
- Cape ( Black on the outside/Yellow on the inside)
- Belt ( Yellow with Bat Buckle) 
- Wig (Brown/Red)
- Gloves (Yellow)
- Cowl 

I hope you guys enjoy Samhain! Be safe, and Have Fun!

Mistress Out,


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