Halloween #3

October 22, 2012

 Hello Readers! It's time to kick it into overdrive. There are only 10 days until Halloween. If you guys are horrible horrible procrastinators like me, these last 10 days will be helpful for you guys! Today we are discussing Artemis. Artemis, is an arrow weilding sidekick, who kicks butt and takes no name. When she as first introduced in the comic books she was called arrowette, and when they decided to revive her in young justice they decided to switch the name and give her outfit a complete makeover.


 *Classic Arrowette*

-Half Face Mask (Red)

-Sports Bra (Red)

-Pleated Skirt (White w/Gold trim)

-Fingerless Armbands (Red w/silver clips)

-Knee Highs (red)

-Quiver (red)

-Wig ( Blonde)


-Half Face Mask (Green)

-Sleeveless Half Shirt (Green)

-Leggings (Green)

-Shoulder and Armbands (Green)

-Combat boots (Black)

-Quiver (Green)

Mistress Out,


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