Shenanigans at the Watchtower

October 18, 2012

- Bought New Shoes. I needed them like crazy.

- Just got paid, and now three bills are out of the way!!
 -Cell Phone

-Went out to Brunch with fam. Lovin my sister time.

- Caught up on Pretty Little Liars/Elementary/Criminal Minds and working on Vampire Diaries.

- Wrote up a few queued posts for VSS. Since this new job is not really giving me any free time.

- Found the Perfect Bag and then lost it because it wasn't the right color.

- Almost Got passed up by the Bus, and thus would have missed my ride home, thank goodness, for running shoes.

- Working on The Spazz Black and Gray Scarf, difficult when you don't have a bag to hold everything, things are smushed and stitches get dropped. *sigh*

- Just two more weeks until the Halloween Party Extravaganza, and the watchtower, still looks like someone lives in it. *I just can't get motivated to clean.*

-Witness a double rainbow, but only caught one with the camera.

- Photographed, a beautiful sun after a morning shower, it was so bright, that it reflected off of the concrete and made it hard for other people to see, I personally thought it was amazing.

(Now I've got to get some sleep)
Mistress Out,


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