10 Things Not to do: Chaperoning a high school dance

October 22, 2012

Hello Readers! This past weekend I chaperoned my Sister's first Homecoming dance. *tear* They grow up so fast. So here are ten things NOT TO DO:

-Do Not wear uncomfortable shoes: Teenagers are fast. They are even faster when they are up to no good, depending on how well behaved your school is this may not be an issue, My sister's school on the other hand, just has no common sense.

-Do NOT forget that they are Teenagers!: This means you cannot put your hands on them, you can not grab their snarky selves by the collar and hulk them around like their puny gods. Remember, you can toss them around all you want in your head, but physically hurting them in a HUGE NO-NO.

-Do not hesitate to get loud: There is loud music playing, plus loud rowdy children. Even if you come to them and talk to them respectfully, they won't hear you. Don't feel bad, if you have to put a little bass in your voice.

-If you see a kid carrying a chair, Do NOT hesitate to take it from them.: It's a dance, what in the world would you need with a chair? It's not a strip joint, you aren't getting a lap dance, there is no reason why you would need a chair at a high school Homecoming.

- Do NOT hesitate to grab onto the police, if you feel the situation calls for it.: You are a chaperone, it is NOT your job to break up fights, that is why the school employs two police officers. So if you need one do not hesitate to pull them away. Because if they aren't already at the scene of the fight, its because they're already doing nothing. So go make them be USEFUL.

- Do not Crowd the Speakers!: Believe me, Being too close to the speakers are NOT okay for your ears!!! Once the music stops, the silence will be ridiculous and your ears will be popping non stop for the rest of the night, I am telling from experience Trust me!

- Do Not hesitate to break up dancers, if they're getting too...intimate: Its a high school dance not a hotel room. If the dancers/teens are getting a little to into the music, don't hesitate to walk over and remind them of exactly where they are.

-Do Not forget that you are in charge. : What you say goes, so don't let them get away with murder. If you see them doing something wrong, Call them on their bullshit, I bet you twenty bucks they won't do it a second time around.

- Do not forget to enjoy yourself: if you don't see any immediate problems, feel free to bust a groove in your spot. Don't hesitate to shake a tailfeather. Remember You're a cool adult, you can dance if you want to, just don't let it get in the way of chaperoning.

-Do not Go if you are sick. : I wish I'd listened to this bit of advice, but my sister was so excited about this bloody dance, and I had spent soo much time and effort, making sure I had off from both jobs, that I couldn't let a little thing like a cold stop me.

  So there you have it. 10 things not to do the next time you're chaperoning a dance.
Go Shake a tail feather.

Mistress Out,


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