Tactical Tuesdays #8

October 23, 2012

I know I know I missed last week but look at it this way! You get double bang for your buck!

New Music:

-Cher Lloyd: Oath

-Watsky Ft. Wax: Kick Monday (in the nutsack)

-Tablo: Thankful Breath

- G-Dragon Ft. Tablo : Light it up

New Blogs:

Kawaii D.I.Y.: Kaila shows you how to make the most darlingist things I've ever seen. I'm itching to get started on her mini tophat tutorial.

Jenny Bevlin: Jenny Shows you adorable d.i.y's like her polka dotted jeans.

Style.che: Style Blog

Things I want:

-A CAR!!! I'm looking into a mazda, but honestly? I'm REALLY REALLY ready to start driving.

-One of those super adorable briefcase backpacks, that seem to be standard, in high school student centered anime.

- My first online sale. 

Mistress Out,


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