Halloween #5

October 24, 2012

 Hello Readers! Today we're going to discuss Harley Quinn. Harley is one of the most well recognized D.C. Characters ever! Created in '92 for the batman animated series, and was tied into the comics in 1993. She has a distinct Brooklyn accent, and was originally The Joker's psychiatrist: Harleen Quinzel and has now become his girlfriend and Partner in crime along with Poison Ivy, who gave her an immunity to poisons and toxins. She is #45 in IGN's Top Comic villians of all time  and 16th on the list of 100 comics sexiest women. 

There are plenty of alterations to Harley's costume but the Same pieces apply.

-Clown makeup (White)

-Harlequinn/Jester Costume(Black and Red)

-Gloves (Black and Red)

- Wig (Blonde)

- Jester's Hat (Black and Red)

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