Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I wanna be a baker: Queen's Revenge Cupcakes

I've been on this huge baking spree lately. I've got four or five different types of cupcakes coming out on the blog in the near future. I've been deciding what I want to do with my life, and honestly I am still incredibly unsure, but as of the moment, I think baking might be my calling (for now). I've been doing research into starting my own bakery catering business. Business cards, creating my own packaging and branding. I'm having a lot of fun beginning this, and I think I would love to pursue it, I'd definitely make more money than I am now, slaving away working for someone else. Today, I'm showing off my Queen's Revenge Cupcakes. They are red velvet with a melted white chocolate center and Cream Cheese Icing. When I was done with the batter, it was super thick! Usually when I make cupcakes it creates about 24 or 25. These came out with barely 15 cupcakes! When they were fully baked, they looked like big Mushroom tops!! It made me feel like I baking something straight out of wonderland.

Until Next time,

Friday, September 19, 2014

Alex's Birthday

We just got done celebrating Alex's 26th birthday!! Sans, one brother, the whole family and I went out to dinner at the local Outback, Delicious!! I took advantage of the endless shrimp deal, I got the outback special with broccoli, mashed potatoes and at least three refills of the grilled shrimp scampi! We were all so full by the time everyone was done with dinner, at least two of us had boxes of left overs. For his birthday, I got him a 3DSXL in blue, and a copy of Pokemon Y, because I had Pokemon X and as the adorable nerds we are, We just HAD to be able to trade Pokemon, that we weren't able to find in our own versions. After grabbing his birthday present, he went on to purchase Super Mario Brother's 2 and I finally purchased Epic Mickey!~ I chuckled all the way home, I asked him how it felt to be a gamer, but he just hmphed and didn't answer me. Me thinks I hit a nerve. Now we're a gaming couple. Ain't we cute?

Until Next Time,

P.S. The convo continues on Twitter, What are some of your favorite Games?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I wanna be a baker: Blue Moon Cupcakes

I have always loved baking. I haven't bought a "bakery cake" since I turned ten, I've been making them since then. My grandmothers taught me how to bake, and then my imagination kind of took off after that. I was constantly dreaming up amazing gourmet desserts that I would later sell in my bakery. Thirteen years later, that daydream, is still floating around in my head, so much that I had to do something about it, or I was going to explode. So what did I Do? I made Blue Moon Cupcakes, and a series as I brush up on my baking skills. I'm a little Rusty *Shhh, don't tell my grandmothers they'd kill me.* I'm not going to include the recipe, because it hasn't been perfected yet, and I might wanna use it in my shop later, but I'll show you the delicious outcome and some goofy photos Alex took of me, instead of working on his own food blog.
 If you are unaware, Blue Moon, is a Belgian Wheat Ale, and it is a beer. I do not drink, except for the most rarest occasions. I.E. I literally have no where to go and don't have to worry about getting tipsy and Alex is drinking as well. Once in like 27 blue moons (see what I did there?) My Blue Moon Cupcakes, are Orange Based cupcakes, with a generous helping of Blue Moon beer in the batter and the icing. They are cored with Orange Supremes and Orange Zest, and they are delicious if I do say so myself. There are about 10 left, so I'm taking them into work with me later, so get a general consensus on whether I should make them again. I gave them to my parents, but all they could tell me was that they were too sweet.

As always the conversation continues on Twitter, what have you been baking lately?

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hot Topic is about to be my neighbor

I have been a fan of Hot Topic since my unfortunate goth days back in middle school. Every so often, I stop in just to see what's there, and if there's anything cute to pick up. As you know I absolutely adore My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service, my favorite Studio Ghibli films of all time. @HotTopic has a collection out right now of T-shirts, badges and other goodies, got get them before they're gone! The ones featured below are currently on my wishlist, I can't wait to snag these! Right now, there's 20% off entire store except Clearance.

Ugh, Why is payday always so far away?

Til Next time,

Friday, September 5, 2014

Stepping up my Blog Game

 Welcome to the Blog edition! Everyone knows that Vulcan Sugar and Spice is my pride and joy. Just because I don't update every day, or hell, even when I have a set schedule doesn't mean I'm not messing with my blog is another way. Bloglovin, twitter, pintrest, moving boxes, or writing blogs in advance. I'm constantly messing with VSS, and I enjoy every minute of it, but I want it to be more. Lets be honest, no one sets out to create a blog that two people read. The whole point, the whole urge of creating and updating a blog is to create a safe place for your voice to be heard. Lately, I've been reading the mess out of two blogs in particular BlogBranch and ZieDarling, and they are so rife with information, that I just had to share them with you guys!
 Blog Branch is like a collaborative blog that is literally bursting with how-to's and easy ways to step your blog game up. I'm literally about half way through her entire archive, bookmarking and writing ideas on post it notes, as I go. ZieDarling? I don't understand how she can keep up with her blog, and her four internships, while simultaneously showing us new blogging apps, and how to land an internship, but I'm so excited about her being able to share it. Every other blog or so she's always got a list of new apps that she's discovered to make life easier. Most of my blogging on the go is done from my mini. Which isn't a real issue except that sometimes it doesn't translate well to my blog which is on my windows laptop. Sometimes, it just doesn't mesh well, It's hard to find programs that I can used on both devices that will sync together and keep all my info in one spot.
Three of those apps are editors. I know every writer has different ideas and ways to create their posts. But ever since the first time I blogged, I have never written my posts in anything other than the post creator/editor of blogger, But I'm honestly ready to take Vulcan Sugar and Spice to the next level. In order to do that, I've started approaching the way I write posts differently. Doing even more networking, and just putting more effort into making my blog the best it can be. Now I'm on my way to starting the epic Halloween Countdown!!

See ya next time,

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Creation of a Monster...

So I like to read...a lot, and before I moved in with my boyfriend I literally lived up the street from a library. A library I've been going to at least once a week, since I was little girl. I still have really old librarians ask my parents about me, when they visit the library. Since moving in with my boyfriend, I have yet to find one in the new area, I can only come to the conclusion, that people in this area don't like the written word. So, in a way to make Alex less guilty about stealing me away to this "amish" country, the other night he showed me that I could download e books, onto my ipad mini, and I could take them wherever, I was so excited that I had something new to read on our mini-vacation camping trip for labor day.
 Unfortunately, the place we picked out, turned out to be a huge bust, it was at the very end of the trail, the bugs outthere were bigger than my size 2 gauged ears, and honestly it was terrifying. It definitely would have been the first time in my life that I had gone "primitive" camping. No electricity, no running water, ya know, real camping. I was so excited to experience something new, and spend time that I normally don't get with my boyfriend canoodling in the woods, well at the time of planning that was a total plus.
  Amazon has a HUGE selection of free ebooks available in all types of categories, everything from the Classics to Erotica! So I got a little book happy and downloaded about 40 new novels. I just got done reading Macaron Murder by Harper Lin. As far as murder mysteries go it was pretty tame. Lady gets whacked over the head in her apartment and hi-jinks and amatuer sleuth solving follows. It even came with macaron recipes, as an avid baker, I honestly can't wait to begin making them!! One thing I can't stand in a mystery I'm reading is being Nancy Drew-ed.
  If you aren't aware, Nancy Drew is an amatuer female detective, who had her own book series. Each novel held a different mystery, a different adventure for 10 to 16 year old girls that were tired of little house on the Prarie. Every novel that "Carolyn Keene" penned was 24 to 28 chapters, with a fatal flaw occuring in every one. Right when Nancy Drew was closing in on her man, just when she was about to solve the crime, she get's kidnapped. Every.Single.Time. I can't stand a detective, amatuer or professional without a sense of their surroundings. When they don't have them, the only one that suffers is the reader, we suffer what is called being Nancy Drew-ed, and if you've ever had the experience, you'd know the horrible horrible feeling it brings to the pit of your stomach. Thankfully, it hasn't happened enough to ruin reading for me. I don't know what in the world would have to happen to make me put away reading. I just couldn't imagine life without it!!! Now I've started the Kingdom series, by Marie Hall, and started watching Once upon a time, and honestly it's just filling my head with old fairy tales and re-tellings of some of my favorite characters of all time. Netflix is literally my arch enemy, eating up all of my free time, allowing me to knit as the only multi-tasking I can truly accomplish.
Until next time,
Stay Nerdy;

Monday, September 1, 2014

I'm a real girl?

I've been on a real "girl" kick lately. All I've been doing lately is curling up with my boyfriend watching Pokemon Movies, Knitting, and compiling makeup. It's really weird, I've been playing Pokemon a lot, but I haven't touched BioShock, and I don't miss it. I'm not sure if I am actually tired of the game, or just like most things, I need to take a break?  I have even started knitting again! Finally working on my sister's Watermelon pillow, which she asked for as soon as I learned how, about 7 or 8 years ago. I will admit that I am not one to create on a timeline. I've definitely been working really hard on fixing that by trying to update VSS at least three times a week. I was doing pretty well for a while, but then the well just kinda ran dry. So I've been spending most of my free time, reading, trying to actually finish all the products I've started, and then I'll start posting them. My head is always practically bursting with new ideas, my issue is organizing my ideas and bringing them into fruition. So, while I work on that enjoy a nice little write up on the goodies I got from Sephora! I've been frequenting Sephora pretty often lately, I've picked up a few things, but I seem to be spending my money better, or I have a more keen sale sense, because I've been there two times recently, and have spent less than all of the other times I've been there combined. I got three things, and only spent like $30! If you've ever shopped at Sephora you already know that's pretty amazing.I picked up Fairy Tale (Sephora Lipstick), Bewitch me ( Sephora Creme Liner) and Coven (Kat Von D. lipstick) If you remember, Coven was the super light lavender lipstick that I was practically drooling over last makeup post. If you hadn't noticed I have resurrected the youtube, It will honestly probably just be a re-incarnation of the catch-all I had before. As if you guys couldn't get enough of my ramblings already! After Sephora we stopped into Coldstone, it was my first time, I was always a huge Graeters fan. I decided to get a smoothie since we were walking around instead of my usual cup of three scoops. I was so excited they had watermelon Sorbet, who does that? Watermelon Sorbet I say!!! and then I mixed it with blueberry, it was so freaking refreshing and delicious! I was literally jumping around with excitement, and it was so good, I had to get it in a love it, size! I have even started knitting again! Finally working on my sister's Watermelon pillow, which she asked for as soon as I learned how, about 7 or 8 years ago. I will admit that I am not one to create on a timeline. I've definitely been working really hard on fixing that by trying to update VSS at least three times a week. I was doing pretty well for a while, but then the well just kinda ran dry. So I've been spending most of my free time, reading, trying to actually finish all the products I've started, and then I'll start posting them.

Stay Nerdy,

Friday, August 29, 2014

With all this time....

 As a proud nerdette, comic books has weasled itself into my fandom.  I've been reading comics on and off since I was a little girl. At the time, Manga and Novels just seemed to hold more of my attention. Don't get me wrong, I totally grew up watching any DC/Marvel animated movie I could get my hands on. I didn't jump into the comics craze until last year with my ex. We spent every Wednesday scouring the local comic shop, and I enjoyed every minute of it, I honestly thank whoever's on top everyday, that when we broke up that she didn't ruin my love of comics. Since Alex and I are going on a camping trip this labor day weekend, and like a real camping trip, away from all types of civilization, he keeps telling me to watch out for bears. So since, we're going to be very far from electricity, I decided to revisit my comic collection (I'm 6 months behind buying + at least a year actually reading them) and pull out the ones that I need to catch up on so I can read them while I'm away. Enjoy a small dive into my Comic habit. Hopefully, by the end of this trip I will be able to start back to collecting and just start automatically reading them! Who cares if I was literally a year late in picking up my favorite titles? I read faster than the average bear ya know.

Stay Nerdy,

Monday, August 18, 2014

Honest to Blog: Police Shootings

 This title is special. Honest to Blog only occurs when something else occurs at the same time that makes me absolutely furious. This blog will cover two main topics. Blatant Racism + its deathly outcomes (Baseless Police shootings). These events make me ashamed to be an american. No, today america DOES NOT deserve to be capitalized. Disclaimer: I don't hate white people. I honestly don't. I enjoy them just like any culture should be able to enjoy another. They learn, they observe, and as long as you aren't being disrespectful, you participate. I have never been a fan of gun ownership. I've never been a fan of guns in general. I've always thought they were quite cowardly, Being able to take someone out from a distance, and if they didn't want you to know, you never would. Whatever happened to the days of handling violent differences with a sword battle? I wasn't alive, but I feel like I would have preferred this type of dueling. I'm not saying that guns should be taken away. I'm simply saying that they are weapons. If you need a class to conceal and carry, then you need a psych evaluation. I wonder how many people/police officers have had one of those before claiming their badge or new gun? I'm a firm believer in "it's the user" because it really is. Guns are just weapons. They need a human counterpart to pull the trigger. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. My issue is, if people are randomly running around killing other people, for nothing at all. Turning away, wearing a hood, not following ludicrous demands, then why are we STILL GIVING THEM GUNS?
 The stuff going on in Ferguson is literally causing me to see red, and it irks me that we are only now being given the "police officers" name that shot him, and another thing, he shot a man, in cold blood, point blank range multiple times and then LEFT his body in the street for several hours! Why is he on paid administrative leave?!?! The ancient Greeks + Romans used to do that; leave bodies in the street or drag them around the town square when they wanted to embarrass and bring shame upon the family of whom the remains belonged too. Is that what Officer Wilson was going for? One of the really big things people are "going" for now, is that we (black community) deserve this as punishment for black on Black crime...Even if that was the case, how DOES THIS APPLY? This is not black on Black crime, this is a white police officer shooting a black man at point blank range for no reason at all. Just because as a community, as a people were "aren't together as one" does not give white police officers the right to around shooting dead unarmed innocent civilians. It does not make it O.K. to eradicate us. They have no issue with white on white crime, I see no police officers shooting white civilians down and leaving them in the street for hours, We are not the only group of people that do bad things. However, we ARE the only group of people being shot dead in the street like animals, or being left for dead on the side of the road, and that my friends is BLATANT RACISM.
 Even if that police officer felt that he was in the right and that he didn't do anything wrong, Why is there so much cover up and turmoil in Ferguson? Why are reporters and Alderman's being arrested for nothing (unlawful assembly my ass!) Why is tear gas being used on innocent civilians, and just being strewn carelessly down streets and alleys? If he felt he hadn't done wrong, and that he was in the clear, why was he in hiding? Why was the Ferguson Police Department, keeping him a secret, away on PAID administrative leave?? People who say Racism is dead, really need to wake up and smell the fucking coffee. It's not dead, it never left, it just crept into our books, our television, our news. It just got smarter, sneakier, shadier, hiding in our job applications, our housing applications, our school textbooks. CNN, Which used to host actual news, has just become a better paid Fox. Had the audacity to hold a debate over which word was worse: The N-word or "Cracker"? HOW ABOUT THE ONE YOU CAN"T FUCKING POST ON THE AIR?!?!?!?!?! Why is that even news, why did someone spend time putting it on the air? Because again it just shows that news, is just a racist podium.
 I'm unsure what to do about this situation. I'm so excited that I've found my soulmate, and it makes me feel even better that he's not a racist hick. You should see the way people look at us when we're out. Like I'm a dog that he's walking, it makes me so sick. It really destroys my faith in humanity, it's definitely why I've been a homebody lately, I just meet so many people who feel like they can just talk to me and others any kind of way and they can't! I was taught to treat evil with kindness, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. People don't really work like that anymore. Honestly, I'm not too sure how to handle it. So I write about it, and I bring awareness, and I move on, because that's all a person can really do. If enough of us do it, we can bring about change.

Now that that's off my chest,
I will get back to regular programming.
Stay Nerdy + Positive,

Friday, August 15, 2014

Youtube is ALIVE! IT's ALIVE!!!

 For Fridays post,
  I decided to include a link to a now functioning YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!! It's been exactly one year since my last upload, and I just have to say it feels really good to be back! I'm trying to do one video a week, which will probably be uploaded on Fridays. Right now, there is a new intro vid, because the other one was a year old, and the video of me getting my first tattoo!

Vulcan Sugar and Spice's Youtube channel

See ya Monday Gang,

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August's Wishlist

I'm moving back into the direction of personal style posts, and I'm so excited, but until I actually have daylight to take photos of myself in actual clothes, I've been prowling the interwebs reading various fashion blogs, that I hadn't even heard of before! Which in turn drew me to a whole bunch of online shops with super cute stuff that I hadn't found yet, which created this wishlist. To make a long story short (*too late*) I've put together a couple of outfit pieces that my wardrobe is missing terribly. All items are from Storenvy, Rose Wholesale and Dresslilly, all website I drool over constantly. I'm becoming really partial to satchels, so the two on the side *both from storenvy* Are at the top of my to buy list. 

New Fashion blogs I've been reading:
-In the frow
-Architect's Wardrobe (originally word Addict)

Until Next Time!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Makeup haul: You still do that?

Hey lovelies,
 So it turns out I'm a real girl after all! I went out with my doll Layla, the other day, and after delicious breakfast at Ihop, we headed to the nearest mall and walked around for bit. We stopped into Sephora, and magic was made. My birthday passed recently, I've been so busy that I didn't really do too much about it and I haven't even gotten a chance to blog about it, life just keeps moving on without me. Since I've been a member of Sephora rewards since Freshman year in college, every year for my birthday they give me a small gift. Lay and I walked around that store for a good half an hour at least! It had been so long since I'd even looked at makeup, that I went a little swatch crazy. I wish I had taken a picture of my hand before I washed it, I looked like a kid that had gotten into her mothers makeup drawer.
  I don't know if it is the oncoming weather change, but this particular time, I was so partial to purples!! Seriously, I wanted to pick up two purple lipsticks, a purple mascara, it was starting to get ridiculous. Unfortunately they were out of Coven, from Kat Von D. I was so partial to this color, that when they told me they were out, for five seconds, I contemplated buying the tester. But then I thought, ew, that's gross. But the color was so pretty, I seriously contemplated the thought... That's scary. So Instead, I picked up a darker purple lipstick from Sephora's Line, and Barcelona from Buxom. I'm a huge fan of Buxom's products. Like they are always the greatest quality for the best price, and for the longest time, I was a snob, and didn't wear anyone's mascara but Buxoms, it was that freaking amazing. I'm also just a sucker for really great packaging, if the box it comes in is eye pleasing, I might pick it up, even if another product is better, or it's not something I need, you can see how this gets me in trouble later.
 I'll be posted a youtube video later showing you swatches and all that great jazz. Yeah, I said Youtube, I've brushes off the cobwebs, gotten my hair done, and now that I've FINALLY got a replacement camera, it's on like Donkey Kong. You're going to be hearing from me so often, you'll actually start to ignore me because you need a break. (Don't ignore me, I love your attention lovelies!)

Until next Time!

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Handheld Mistress: What I've been playing

 So, I've finally gotten a chance to set up the PS3, and I've been playing Bioshock 2 pretty frequently. You all know how I feel about first person shooters, but Bioshock, is like everything I like wrapped into one. It doesn't even give me a headache. I do wish that the hacking mechanism was a little more difficult, a little more like solving a puzzle. Other than that it's perfect! I've even started to learn how to move around smoothly without running into things, and my aim is getting better!
 What is up with those little girls? They are so adorable , and so terrible scary at the same time. Why do they carry around a huge syringe draining corpses of their Adam? When I was that age, I couldn't even look at a dead body, and here she is dragging me all over "utopia" sucking corpses dry. What was I doing with my life back then? I could have been a video game character. I feel like I am too "soft" to be playing video games like this. They gave me the option to harvest or save the girl. I actually attempted to harvest the girl once, and she screamed and cried, and I had to look away, and then I went on a little further and the game froze!      That was enough to let me know never to do that again!
  I've really been enjoying this game, I play it every time I've got a free segment! It really surprises me how much I am actually enjoying a first person shooter?! It was always just in that list of genre's I wouldn't have been interested in or games that I just instantly skipped over. The past year really has opened me up to things, I wouldn't have necessarily tried before. It's showed me that I should be more open to the video games that are out now, but I'm sorry, Sport's games, that I don't get to interact with  I.E. (Jumping around like an idiot swinging my controller in the air like it's a tennis racket.) Then I won't be interested.  It's been challenging trying to learn how to play, but the most difficult thing that I've come across so far is the battle between Delta (me) and Big Sister (The knocked out character to the side.) She was jumping around all over the place, like freaking spider-man. It was really irking me, so I set her ass ablaze and then she was a lot easier to take down, thankfully, even though I saved the girl, she still gave me enough Adam, to be able to buy the ability to use incinerate (The ability to set bitches ablaze.) Another thing I really like about the game is the aesthetics and the background music, it sounds amazing, Like I'm literally rolling around an underwater Chicago, in a flapper's dress enjoying the roaring 20's.

Stay Nerdy!
Until Next Time,

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

HHM: New Games on the Horizon

I'm back bitches! Buying Video Games, Playing them and Blogging about them! I stopped by Gamestop while traipsing around the mall with my gal Lay, and they were having this HUGE, when I say huge, I really do mean HUGE Summer SALE! I couldn't help myself, honestly I couldn't the prices were so amazing! I only picked up four, so you guys know that my self control was seriously tested that day. I picked up Dragon Age, Bioshock 2, Brink and Arkham Asylum *GOTY* (Because I'm so tired of my sister asking if I finished it yet, so I just went and bought my own copy.)
 I was a little disenheartened that I still couldn't find a copy of Bioshock, the original. I've been looking for it for ages, on the cheap, so I could see if I would like it. I'm trying to expand my range of video games. We all know that first person shooters definitely don't fall in my gaming category. However, I spent all morning playing Bioshock 2 and I'm addicted, like I am seriously enjoying this game. Not enough to go get tatted or anything, but the game is pretty up there. I tried Brink and Dragon Age, but they were hella slow moving, I'll give em a couple more days of play before I make my final decision, but they might be going back. Vulcan Sugar and Spice will be getting a complete makeover soon, and with that comes changes to HHM. All you guys need to know is that this means that HHM is going to be bigger and better than ever! I've been playing some more games for my 3DSXL, I'll write about them later.

Stay Nerdy,

Monday, August 4, 2014

Villains That never quite got their comeuppance. (Spoilers!!!)

You guys all know by now that movies are kind of my thing. You know that I watch all kinds of movies, and you know that I am always up for seeing a new one (An old one I haven't seen) or even going back and watching old favorites! However, there is one big thing about movies that really really irks me. It's when the villain seems to get off super easy. That drives me crazy!! I'm going to highlight a few that still eat at me.

-Veronica Mars The Movie: Even if you haven't seen the television series, they put this character in the movie. I'm of course talking about Madison Sinclair, THE Queen of Bitchiness. The fact that she survived all three seasons of Veronica Mars, to actually show up in the movie, ticks me off, But I took a deep breath and dived into the movie because I knew she was gonna get it! Then when she showed that tape! and then came back at V with a snarky Comment, Oh I was ready for her comeuppance, and then what?! She just gets punched out? No! We made it through 3 seasons of her bitchiness, and we waited 9 years for this movie, only for her to get just punched out?! I don't know about anyone else, but I was expecting her to be knocked up with like 8 children and a no good husband, and struggling to make ends meet. I expected her to have contracted Herpes, and been stuck pining after Lamb for the rest of her pitiful existence. Punching her lights out was not enough... Gia got SHOT! And she was the nice one!

-The Mummy: I think I'll make this a two parter. First Part, Benny. Benny Benny Benny, have you no shame? He leaves O'Connell unprotected in the heat of war. He is leading "those damn yanks" into danger that he knows is there, just for cash. (Honestly, there really is more to the world than money. I promise.) Then he joins forces with Imhotep as well! He's a total betrayer, I wouldn't trust him to breathe the same oxygen I do! He might set it on fire or sell it to the highest bidder! Yes, he gets trapped inside a tomb full of treasure, eventually to die by being eaten alive by scarabs. But O'Connell tried to save him! There is only so much compassion I can muster and share. He should have been eaten by the scarabs before he got to the tomb, he shouldn't have even been allowed the pleasure of seeing all of the bounty.

-The Mummy: Part Two. Imhotep, Imhotep,Imhotep. He lasted through the ages didn't he? Two movies, and a cartoon series. Technically, the definition of a mummy, is a dried out corpse, wrapped in bandages, that does not arise from the dead and go on a killing spree. They generally stay in their sarcophagi and go on about their after life business. Why couldn't he do that? I mean the girl that he kept "trying" to bring back was dead, why wouldn't he just die and join her in the afterlife? (Yes, the movie would have only been like a half of a hour if that happened but still. He didn't get what was coming to him either. I am a firm believer of putting out into the universe what you want to get back...BUT sometimes, KARMA TAKES TOO LONG!

-Pokemon: Indigo League: Damian: I don't know if you guys have seen this particular Pokemon episode. This is the one where they discover Charmander chilling out on the rock waiting for his trainer to come back for him. I feel like Damian's attitude is incomprehensible. The whole point of Pokemon, are that there creatures that share the same world as you do, and if you love them and treat them with respect then maybe just maybe they will return that love and respect, and become your incredibly adorable friend, that could potentially kill you if they become too excited. NOT to abuse them until they are FORCED to create a thicker skin in order to win battles. This pathetic excuse of a "trainer" just left his POOR Charmander sitting on a rock, in the RAIN! If the flame on their tail goes out it's lights out and what does Damian do? He LAUGHS. HE FUCKING LAUGHS. Brock should have punched his fucking lights out. I don't give a flipping fuck if Pokemon isn't real and it was just something some guy created, they are living beings, and there is absolutely no room in my reality for their abuse!!! NONE! And yeah, he got set on fire and electrocuted, but in my humble opinion he still hasn't gotten what he deserved, they should have carried his ashes in a bag and set them in the corner of a jail cell for him to rot for the rest of his non-existent life.
(Pokemon, Animal, Human, ABUSE IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE *Topic for a later tangent*)

 *I'm sorry if you guys think I'm crazy or psychotic or whatever, but these characters here, really pissed me off, like to a whole nother planet. They created way too much pain, not to experience it for themselves. Plus this is my opinion (on my blog, sorry not sorry.) *

Until next time!
Stay Nerdy,
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