Friday, May 22, 2015

Whose Nominated? This GAL!

Hi Gang!
 I'm so excited you guys! Gladys over at Usagi In Wonderland nominated me for a Liebster award! I am too hype! Normally, I only post twice a week, but I couldn't let this simmer over the four day weekend, I had to get my thoughts and excitement out NOW! My Answers, My Nominations and My Questions!

1. If you got the chance to hang out with one character (movie, book, tv show, comic, etc) who would it be and why?

 - This question is so freaking hard for me, I spend so much time pretending that I am hanging out with a fictional character, that choosing one is freaking difficult! I can only choose one and that would be Frankie Charles
from Tarr/Stewart Batgirl. First Character of Color I've seen in D.C. Comics in a while, that isn't just a toss away, and she seems hella chill, we could chill on the couch watching movies and laughing at things we've read on twitter. 

2. Favorite amusement park snack?

- French Fries! Potatoes are my go to food. Period, Amusement park or no amusement park, If I want a snack, it is potatoes of some kind. 

3. What book are you currently reading/just finished and should I read it?

- I finished The Profiler by Chris Taylor, was the last book I read, it's a mystery/thriller it was pretty decent. 

4. Besides Jurassic World and Star Wars, what movie are you excited for this year?

- I'm actually excited for neither. I'm really over reboots/remakes/rehashes. I'm looking forward to Dope, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy, Mr. Holmes, Paper Towns, and Victor Frankenstein.

5. What is your favorite quote?

- To Each their Own Kero, One must live their lives as they have no regrets- Tomoyo from Cardcaptors

6. What would be the opening song for the soundtrack of your life?

7. What 3 wishes would you ask for if you found the lamp?

- That I could fix any piece of technology with ease. I'm so tired of breaking/repelling technology. 

- That my Family and friends also live comfortably, so we can spend the time we would have been working together. 

- That I could live forever, and Only age once every twenty-five years. 

8. If you watch them, what's your favorite horror film?

- It's a tie between Halloween (original), Friday the 13th (original) and Fright Night (original).

9. Which is the most used app on your phone?

- Would have to be Twitter, I eat breathe and live it, I've had it longer than any other S.M.* and I am on it every day. My morning Newspaper, my News outlet and where awesome nerdy gals reside. It's perfect. 

10. Non Marvel/DC comic that you are currently reading?

- Capture Creatures, published by Kaboom Comics (Bravest Warriors/Adventure TIme/Bee and Puppycat) Has characters of color that aren't male and the comedy is up to par. Close to pokemon, but no battling as of yet (Only on issue #3)

11. What's something fun that is coming up for you?

- Looking forward to the responses to these kick ass questions, I just spent two and a half hours creating!

I nominated the following Kick Ass Ladies:

Jamila from Girl Gone Geek

Mia from XOMia

Stewie from Darling Stewie

Glady from Usagi In Wonderland

Heather from The Nerdy Fox

Here are my eleven questions (This post is becoming really long):

1. If you could take the helm of any hero (same powers, same universe) Who would you choose and why?

2. What is one video game, you have no issues playing over and over again?

3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose and why?

4. If you could only eat one food what would it be and why?

5. If you were going to have a Girl Gang, who would be your fictional backup?

6. Who would be your fictional Villain? (Can Cross Universes ex. Marvel + DC)

7. If you could meet any creator (Artist, poet, writer, producer etc) alive or dead, who would you choose and what would you say?

8. Choose one character you love D.C./Marvel/Image/Dark Horse, who doesn't get enough love.

9. If you were stuck living in a fictional universe, which would you want and why?

10. If money was of no consequence, what would be a cosplay, that you would just HAVE to do?

11. If you could have a fictional characters closet/wardrobe who would you choose?

  I honestly can't wait to read the responses ladies, so get on it! If you are reading and aren't one of these lovely ladies, I'd still like to hear your responses, leave 'em in the comments or on the twitter!

Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel,

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

April Favorites

Hi Gang!
 I know that this post is super late, but I was having trouble figuring out cool things that I discovered in April, and not just the beginning of May. Once, I compartmentalized the two, the rest came very easily! Both Shows can be found on Netflix, if you'd be interested in watching them as well.

- Pokemon Shuffle: A downloadable game for Nintendo DS's, I'm so addicted, it's been all over my Snapchat and Instagram. I have an alarm that goes off when I have another heart. It's the closest thing I have to the original Puzzle Challenge, which is one of my favorite games of all time, I haven't gotten rid of my GBA just so I can keep playing that game.

- The Crazy Ones: A short-lived comedy. It has Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar in it, it's pretty funny, I laugh at something every episode so its definitely doing a good job in the comedy department.

- Feral Creature: I have been devouring Eugenie's Blog posts! I just love her looks and styling. I have so much wonderlust because of her and ClothesEncounters!

- Pink Samurai's Al Lewis: An Art blog that I just came across, put up a cat doodle of Al Lewis ( The Grandfather in The Munsters, one of my favorite black and white TV shows, I just had to share!

- A Different World: A spin off of the Cosby show, it follows Denise through her years at the prestigious Hillman College. The characters are hilarious, and there are lessons taught that still have value. Plus, Dwayne is hilarious, the poor guy only wants one date. Cut him some slack.

What are some of the cool things you liked this month? Keep the conversation flowing on Twitter!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nerdette Lately....

Hi Gang!
 I'm getting a late start to this week, but I have been so busy you guys! I interviewed two gamer ladies, and am in the middle of putting together a third interview with another lovely Nerdy Shop owner. I discovered this thrift shop w/ furniture and I swear its my favorite place to be now! I bought a leaf table, it comes with two so it can sit up to 12 PEOPLE! Then, I got the most adorable antique chairs with a harp on the back of them, and a small antique yellow night stand, to go next to our brand new bed, the Watchtower, is under massive upheaval/ re-organization.
 I sold my Ms. Marvel #1 from the shop over the weekend! So geeked, I'm going to start putting up more and more stuff, so make sure you go and visit so you don't miss out! Over the weekend, I bought Jet Set Radio, The Sly Collection, Hercules, Crash Bandicoot and Sonic Adventure from the Playstation Store. I am so stoked about having these oldies but goodies on my PS3's hard drive! I spent the entire weekend finishing Sly Cooper #1, I had it for the Playstation 2, but never got further than a level or two in Mz. Ruby's Lair. I was very proud of myself. I finished it, with
minimum raging, and absolutely no research! I got about as far as the introduction of Cube and Combo in Jet Set Radio before Ragequitting, I haven't picked it up since, I'll probably do some more during this week when I'm off, or this weekend,
since I have a 4 Day WEEKEND!
 I scored a complete Mame Emulator, and Thousands of Roms for it, so I'll start doing some retro gaming and writing about that too. Technically, I am a retro gamer, since it's very rare for me to buy a game as soon as it comes out, ya know my wallet just won't let me, that's besides the point. There's a version of Magical Drop on there, that I'm literally itching to play, I'm being an adult though, and making sure all of my blogwork is done before hand (see what I did there?)

What have you guys been up too?! I want to interact more with you guys, so comment, or hit me up on twitter!

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nerd Out: From Zombies With Love

Hi Gang!
 I wasn't completely slacking that week I was sick. I was able to secure an interview with the genius designer of From Zombies With Love, an adorable indie shop, that makes the world's most squishiest Plushies. Without Further ado, I let Sasha introduce herself!

- Tell us a little bit about yourself and your shop.
My name is Sasha, a 25 year old living in Orange County, California. I am the creator and owner of From Zombies With Love, the outlet for all my creative energy-- I make all sorts of items ranging from plushies to pins to accessories. I've only recently rededicated myself to managing an online shop, which is something incredibly rewarding and challenging, working a full-time job and managing to have some semblance of a social life!

- Where do you get the inspiration for your creatures?
Truthfully, inspiration comes from everywhere, and at random. My brain is always on, even in dreams, which is where the idea for my batties came from. More recently, the ideas for my Klawnarok creatures came to me when I was bored and doodling on post-its at work. I'm also pretty big into the idea and art of mixing things deemed 'creepy' or 'odd' with cutesy/kawaiiness. I've been very inspired by the art of Junko Mizuno, my favorite artist. 

- Are you a self-taught seamstress/Plushmaker?
Absolutely! I didn't have the good fortune to know someone who could sew, so I taught myself when I was about 17 or so, because I really wanted to try cosplaying. From there, I began trying to figure out how to make plushies, mainly to use as props for my costumes. I eyeballed things a lot, and just did things the way I thought they should be done, occasionally turning to tutorials or youtube for help. Even up until now, I rely a lot on trial and error, which I honestly think is a good way to learn.

- For future plush makers, what would you tell them?
For all my future plush making peers, the best piece of advice I can give is to always push yourself and not give up, as cliche as that may sound. Creating alone, let alone plushies, is no easy task. There will be just as much frustration as there will be feelings of accomplishment. Don't say something can't be done, but instead ask yourself HOW is can be done. 

- If you could create a plushie of any character, without consequence, who/what would it be and why?
Oh man, I would make so many if I had enough time/energy/material. I really love Pokemon (and always will!), and I would love to make a giant Gyarados just because of the sheer size and detail of it. I'd also love to make all of the Minutemen from Watchmen, as that's my favorite graphic novel.

- What is your design process for your plushies?
The design process is a fairly basic one-- once I have the idea set, I'll draw out a pattern for all the major pieces. From there, I'll cut and sew them all out and play around with the detailing, such as expression (or in the case of my voodoo dolls, the stitching, rips, and tears). If I'm unhappy with a certain aspect, such as its limbs, I'll scrap them and start again. 

- If there was one thing you would like your customers/followers to know about you and your business what would it be and why?
From Zombies With Love is my pride and joy-- it's definitely been of roller coaster of ups and downs over the years, and there was a point where I honestly thought I'd never make anything again, but I am super appreciative of the support and love that I've received for my works and on a personal level. My greatest joy is seeing that someone is happy with what I've made. I believe that my purpose in this life is to bring joy to others, and my way of doing it is with what I am able to make.

- What are some of the things you Nerd Out about? 
I nerd out about so many things, it's borderline ridiculous! Just to name a few, comic books (particularly Marvel, Dark Horse, and Image), anything zombie related, video games, Pop! vinyl figures, plushies, and of course, any handmade goodies! I always love to look at my Instagram feed and check out the amazing hand crafted items and art my peers make.

 Isn't she just darling?! Make sure you guys check out her Instagram + her Shop!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Free Comic Book Day Haul!

Hi Gang!
 It feels so good to be back you guys!! That cold put me out of commission for an entire week, but I refuse for it to get another one out of me! I'm finally getting around to writing about Free Comic Book Day, I got a pretty decent haul out of it, so I thought I'd explore it on the blog.
 I visited Queen City Comics and was able to get two of the free comics offered. The All-New, Different Avengers and Pokemon. Since it was the first time, I'd been in a comic shop for the past half a year or so, I decided that I would seize the opportunity to grab up some comics I had been hearing so much about.
 I picked up Gotham Academy 4,5,6 and the Annual. Batgirl #35-39 (I picked up 40 at C2E2). Storm #1. Spider-Gwen 1-3, Capture Creatures 3 and Scooby-doo Team up 2. So far, I've read all of Batgirl, I hate that I have to wait until June for #41, but I guess it isn't so bad, since I can pick up #1 of Black Canary at the same time.
 I realized I wasn't as big a fan of Spider-Gwen, as I thought I was. The art is kind of all over the place, and I wasn't very impressed with the story line. So I have decided to put issues One through Three in the Shop. I was really depressed that my local comic shop was out of Silk #1, It was probably the  one I was looking forward to the most, since they didn't have one, I decided to not pick it up.
 Wish I had ignored the responsible voice in my head and the ten issues of Storm like I wanted, I finished the first one, fell in love and now I want MORE! I accidentally picked up issue three of Capture Creatures instead of Issue two, so now I can't read it until I get the one that came before it. The only other comic I haven't read yet, would be the Team Up of Scooby-Doo.

What did you guys pick up on Free Comic Book Day?! Tell me on Twitter!

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Overview: Pokemon Shuffle (3DS)

Hi Gang!
 A couple of weeks ago, I decided to completely restart my Pokemon X game. Everyone had played it but me, and I honestly didn't know where I was in the game, I had hundreds of Pokemon, and 7 badges but I felt lost, So I traded the pokemon I wanted to keep to Alex, and I pressed the ridiculous series of buttons to erase the previous game. After that, I updated, like the good little gamer I am and was rewarded with a gift, a free copy of Pokemon Shuffle on my 3DSXL's harddrive!
  I've had the game for about three days, and I'm already on lv. 28, four expert levels, and I've caught 24 out of the 28 pokemon I've come across! I only have two complaints with this game.

1. The time limit: The game levels aren't timed, unless you are playing expert. My issue is that in order to play any level, you have to give up a heart. every half n Hour, you are rewarded 1 heart. If you don't play for a while, and come back to it, you will have a total of five hearts. You can buy more hearts with jewels, but they are so far and few in between, they are hard to find unless you go to the Nintendo E-shop, and buy them with (REAL) money! I am not a patient
woman. I find that I am constantly waiting so I can play one more level. I am not patient enough to play this game without raging, everytime I am ready for a round two and realize I have to wait another half an hour to gather another heart. I feel like this game is parents answers, when they tell their children to go play outside. They'll play for the 30 minutes they have to gain another heart. Well done nintendo. Well Done.

2. The Catchability mechanism: Every level has a pokemon attached. The more effective the 4 sometimes 3 pokemon in your party are againt the wild one you're battling with makes it easier to defeat them. The faster they are defeated, the more moves you have left over. The moves are translated into pokeballs, that raise the catchability of a single pokemon, meaning the higher the catchability is, the easier it should be to catch the wild pokemon. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work out. In fact, I have an easier time catching pokemon with a lower catchability then a higher one. Plus, you only get one try per turn, which if you try again takes up another heart, and thus, you are still stuck waiting 30 minutes to continue your game.

 Overall, as a puzzle gamer. I thoroughly enjoy this game. It is on my hard drive so I don't have to worry about data corruption/ or fortgetting to save or anything of the sort. It saves automatically by itself, if you keep your DS connected to Wifi, like I do, you can check-in, and be rewarded with coins that go towards cool things like adding moves to the set you get at the beginning of your level. Checking in also allows you to keep up with the cool stuff the game can do, like add new special levels, or Meowth's PayDay level, which if you match enough coins, you can get extra on top of whatever you get for completing the level. It allows you to play a competent puzzle game with newer generation pokemon, and allows you to keep up with your "adult-life" responsibilities.

 If you have a Nintendo ID it is Free for you as well, just stop into the E-shop, log in, and revel in the awesomeness. Also, don't forget to add my friend code if you want to play with me! I'm always looking for new people to play with! I'm also working on Pokemon X from the beginning as well, So I'm up for any newbies that wanna battle!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sick Letter to My awesome Gang!

Hi Gang!

Alex has gotten me sick, and its so bad, that I can barely comprehend the comics that I am trying to read. It has slowed me down tremendously, I am apologizing in advance for any lack of posting, lack of Social Media presence and lack of Online gaming.

I have a post queued up for Friday, and It will go live. I haven't even been able to write about my comics haul for Free Comic Book Day, I saw Age of Ultron on Thursday/Sunday and it still didn't get written until Monday Night, and it didn't go live until Tuesday! This Cold is kicking my kiester!

I sincerely, adore you guys and I just wanted to let you know that hopefully, this cold will be gone by Monday, and Nerdette At Large will return to her nerdy regular scheduled programming.

Thanks for sticking with me,
Stay Nerdy Fam,

~ Gabriella! ~

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rant: Avengers Age Of Ultron (SPOILERS!!!!!!)

Hi Gang!
 This weekend seemed to BE the weekend for Nerds! Thursday/Friday Release of Age of Ultron and then to be followed by #freecomicbookday! I was so active this weekend, I am just plum tuckered out! But I saw Avengers twice premiere night and then Sunday, and we had to do a later one, because the one we wanted was actually sold out!I have enough awareness to write about it! So without further ado, heres what I did and didn't like about the film. In case you missed the title, there are SPOILERS! Please be aware, if you haven't seen it yet.

- I'm a little confused about how Stucker came into command of the staff in the first place? I'm just assuming that it was smuggled out in the destruction of Shield/ Hydra in Winter Soldier.

- I am a huge fan of Thor's flying in this film. As a comic book reader, I love seeing him twirl it before it tosses him into the air. *geek alert*

- I absolutely love Black Widow's New suit!!!! I think it looks way better than her first/original suit and I love that it comes with electromagnetic Baton sticks!

- I felt like there was much more comedy this time, the first one was funny, but AOU was almost teeming with hilarity.

- I felt like it was really stupid for Tony to leave his suit in Sentry mode, and then just walk around a newly raided warehouse all by himself, with no weapon.

- I adore Widow and Banner's relationship. How he is literally the top in his field, but misses every cue that is thrown his way. Plus, the fact that she has a lullaby to turn him from Hulk to Banner is the epitome of adorableness.

- I also want to know how Strucker was able to come into possession of not only Loki's Spear, but also an ENTIRE Alien/Metal Robot/Monster Vessels things that the Chitari were coming out of in the first one. Who is in charge of Inventory for Shield, because they really suck at their job!

- I am both Happy and Sad about the Wakanda Tie- In's.  This is Black Panther we're talking about here, there is no way, that if a thief got branded, that T'Challa was just gonna let him leave with billions of dollar's worth of Vibranium... C'mon NOW!

- I was a huge fan of the scene where they are all sitting around talking about Thor's Hammer, and then he gets super nervous when Cap moves it an inch. I was cracking up.

- I loved Stan Lee's Cameo, how they had to carry him away, talking about Excelsior.

- I wanna know what worked for Ultron to become alive? What was so special about Test-77?

-  I thought Ultron's first suit was super creepy! It was disturbing, I dunno if it was like motor oil, or blood but how his footsteps look foot prints, and how there were dozens of strings hanging. they did a great job of making him super creepy!

- I almost felt a little sad for War Machine, when his story killed at everyone else, but not with Tony and Thor.

- I freaking loved how sassy Ultron was! It was really great to finally see a villain with his own personality (albeit, a foundation from Starks). It's kind of true what they say, A hero is only as good as their villain.

- I thought Ultron's escape through the internet was freaking brilliant!

- It kind of pisses me off that Literally Stark fucks up three times, and gets away with it each time. The creation of the bombs that killed Pietro + Wanda's Parents, then the creation of Ultron, THEN AGAIN the creation Vision. Aish, He is literally the reason, the movie has a villian, but he just gets to ride off in the sunset in an audi car? Bullshit, I wanted him to be accountable. I also want to know why it was NOT discussed about His bombs, it wasn't even brought up again after Wanda explained it to Ultron.

- I had a few favorite One liners from the movie:
 Go To Sleep, Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep!
 Order and Chaos are the Same
 Only when I create a murder-bot
 Unbearably Naive, well I was born yesterday.
 Multiplying like a Catholic Rabbit.

- Renner Ruined Hawkeye for me. I liked how they tried to make him a likeable character with a backstory and family, but by then it was too late, and I saw him as one dimensional.

- I love the flashbacks into their lives. I want to know why they didn't do a Black Widow movie, it's not like they aren't going to make money off it, and there are dozens of little girls starving for representation Marvel, DO YOUR JOB!

- I wanna know why Cap's words didn't stop Tony from Creating Vision. I mean, it's not like he hasn't lived it! Every time, someone tries to stop a war before it starts, countless PEOPLE die. This movie only gave me more fuel, for my "I hate Iron Man" mobile.

- I love when they are on the floating Salvage Yard and Quicksilver attempts to grab Thor's Hammer. That expression he had as he was flying through the air was beyond hilarious.

- I love how Hawkeye's wife asked Stark to look at their tractor. It is literally the OLDEST tractor alive. It is the mother of All Tractors!

- I was a little scared of Scarlet Witch, I was really worried that they were going to mess up one of my favorite characters, but Elizabeth Olsen did a great job! Plus, she had points about certain characters the whole movie, and I was a little annoyed how easily everyone but the Cap ignored her.

- The line that Tony has when he's convincing Banner into creating YET ANOTHER robot with A.I., and he says that they are monsters, that they are mad scientists. NO, you're supposed to be heroes, not gods. Quit trying to stop trouble before it gets here, why didn't he listen to Cap, he would have been saved a lot of trouble.

- My favorite character has to be Quicksilver, (This Version is SO MUCH BETTER than DFP) His boyish Charm, Good Looks, and the genuine love and concern for his sister. I hate that he died. I hate that after everything that they go through, Quicksilver Dies and Iron Man, gets to go off into Glory. I also hate, that even though Helen Kim can create tissue, and Thor is the God of thunder, but they couldn't keep him alive?! Another huge issue for me, is DUDE, You are at TONY STARK's LABORATORY, why did he NOT have Bullet Proof ANYTHING?!

 Over all, I enjoyed the movie. Even with all my grievances with the movie, it kept my full attention, so much so I had to go see it a second time in order to write this. 4/5 Stars!
What did you like and not like about Age of Ultron? Comment Down below, or Hit me up on Twitter.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Lions, Octopi, Anchors Oh My!

Hi Gang!
 Last Weekend was so busy, I haven't even been able to fit writing about everything in one week! On the 18th, My mother, younger Sister, Bri, Alex and I went to go see The Lion King! My mother is a huge fan of the arts, and every time anything even remotely interesting comes to the theater, we go. I do have to say that The Lion King was definitely one of my utter favorites. Zazu broke the 4th wall often, the music was glorious, the special effects MAN OH MAN! I totally understand why it is still one of the top grossing Broadway performances of all time. I also understand why its still on-going! They must update it every time a new Disney Movie is released, in this performance, Zazu actually started singing Let it Go. My life was complete and my thirst for good comedy was quenched. It had me singing the entire soundtrack all the way until I went to bed around 3 a.m. If you have the opportunity to go see it, please do! It's freaking amazeballs! Even though, it was Saturday Night, Alex and I had no problem making it safely to Downtown, or even finding a parking space. We were able to get there early to take some outfit photos for the blog, I'll be doing more and more of those, since the weather is nice, and I can have more selection of backgrounds then the one clean spot on a white wall in my house! It also gives us more of on opportunity to get out and explore our community more, mwahaha, maybe even get Alex a bike so we can ride around together. I don't think I talked about it on the blog but about a week ago, I purchased a Schwinn FairHaven Cruiser in Buttercream, and it is so freaking adorable. It's incredibly easy to ride, and I've actually been using it to get to work. A healthy bit of exercise and I look adorable doing it! A win-Win combo to me.
 My younger sister purchased a selfie stick, which she took to the show and there are dozens of Group Selfie shots (Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a selfie?)  that will pepper my Instagram and Twitter timelines soon. I wore a dress I picked up from Sourpuss Clothing (Thanks @daintysquid for having it in your side bar, I never would have found them otherwise!) After the Musical, We headed to Bdubs, and gorged ourselves Traditional Wings, and ooey gooey Cheese Wedges! I absolutely adore my new dress! I instantly fell in love with the octopi and anchors! It's the perfect mix of 50's style and nautical design.

Dress// Sourpuss Clothing
Shoes// Unionbay Lace Oxfords

Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel,

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Convention Wrap Up: C2E2

Hi Gang!
 Last weekend, my family and I went to Chicago, Illinois! We were supposed to go to Tennessee, but we decided on a different place. This awesome and very last minute turn of events led me to be able to go to my VERY FIRST C2E2! And Now I'm gonna tell you all about it!
  Google Maps, should not be trusted when there is construction about! They are terrible, The trip was only supposed to be 4 and a half hours, it was more like 6 and a half! We circled the same street three times, and we were only 2 minutes from the convention center, and it was raining, AND People drive in Chicago like it's New York or something, not stopping at stop
signs, turning even though there's no space for them. a 44 minute trip took almost 2 hours!!
 However, when we actually made it to the convention, it was GLORIOUS! Alex and I breezed through registration to grab our Saturday Only passes, and we were off! I thought I had been to some big conventions, but C2E2 was on a whole nother playing field!! It was actually really overwhelming, so many people, so many things to see! The only thing that kept me sane, was remembering that I was on a mission. With all of the traffic delays, we didn't get into the convention until about 2 ish, and it closed at 7! I wanted to make sure that I did everything that I wanted, before my time was up.
 Ipacked: Batgirl #1, Birds of Prey #1, Harley Quinn #1, Gotham Academy #1 and Superman Unchained #1 to get signed by their respective artists: Gail Simone, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Brenden Fletcher and Scott Snyder. That was the mission. I think I did a pretty decent job. I got everything signed except Superman, because Snyder's line was so long, it didn't have any form! I had Babs Tarr sign my guidebook, I got three of her stickers, and I got a photo with her! I found a C2E2 exclusive of Batgirl #40, but of course she was gone by then. Gail Simone was at a panel, so Alex and I were first in Line, and I was able to get a picture with her, and I bought three amazing Prints by Amanda Conner, my favorite is Iron Man getting his ass handed to him by She-Hulk. I got all three of the prints signed, and I can't wait to put them up on my inspirational wall of awesome!
  Alex got a Black Adam T-shirt, and I found Ashley Woods in Artist Alley! I bought a Lilith print, had it signed and got a pictures with her, and then we were photographed by The FINAL Call. I'm gonna be in PRINT! It was so inspiring to see an african-american artist there, it just reaffirmed my belief that with enough effort the limit to which you can achieve does not exist! If you don't know who she is, Please click on her name, learn something new today! I had so much fun, C2E2 is definitely going to be added to my "must do again" list! The next convention I am gearing up for is NYCC, I really REALLY wanna go to that one. It's not until October, so I still have plenty of time to save up, I even joined the newletter so I know when tickets go on sale and such. I haven't gotten anything yet, so I'm buckling down, and trying no to spend lots of money. Since there is so much time left, I think I wanna do a cosplay for NYCC, I haven't decided what yet, but seeing everyone dressed up at C2E2, really made me itch to put together a costume, I think I wanna do Storm, the outfit will be easily recognizable and airy enough, to not have me die of Heat stroke in the building, surrounded by all the people,

What are some of your favorite Conventions? I wanna try and explore the Country more, so don't be afraid to send me far out, the conversation continues on twitter, like always!

Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel,


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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's SuperheroDay! Who's Your Favorite?

Hi Gang!
 I just wanted to stop in, and wish everyone a happy #Superheroday ! In honor of this day, I have decided to talk about four of my favorite heroes today. I also have mentioned it on Twitter and Instagram, where like always the conversation continues! Feel free to talk to me there as well!

Vixen: DC's 2nd Black Heroine. Their first was Bumblebee who was created in Teen Titans in 1976. I love her because she is a strong character. No matter, how many times writers and artists try to white wash her, or write her into idiocy, her inner Character always shines through. She is literally one of the few female characters that always seems to bounce back. I feel like she doesn't really get enough shine, she's always been really understated in the DC Canon, that honestly makes me like her more. If you don't know her, look her up on Wikipedia. Go get you some knowledge.

M: Monet St. Croix is another name to the list of Marvel's heroines of color. She was created in 1994 and has an extensive list of powers. Telepathy, Super speed, agility, strength and supersonic flight. She is also on a small list of Muslim heroes. I love her ability to be resiliant. She was turned into a mute, untouchable creature named Penance by her brother, and now she is one of the authorities in the x-men. I feel like she is another character that hasn't gotten the shine that she deserves, and she is also on my list of cosplay goals.

Storm: Ororo Monroe is Storm. No matter how many people know who Storm is, she is constantly left out of stories, left out of movies, or completely screwed up in story lines. She is one of my favorites because she was the first female superhero I was introduced to. I didn't learn about Wonder Woman until much later in my childhood. Just like Thor, Storm is a GODDESS. She's not just a "mutant" with the penchant to control the weather. To me she WAS the weather. Storm is the reason why I fight for Comics to be intersectional and to include everyone. Storm is the reason, why Nerdette at Large exists. Storm was my Gateway into Comic Books.

Black Canary: I won't write a lot about Canary because I actually wrote a long Girl Crush post a while back about her. I love her character, I love her strength, and even though she has been featured on WIR more than once, as a character she continues to delight lives through generations. Even though, I am not a fan of how she is portrayed on Arrow, She still remains in my top 4.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Mummies and Sciency-type stuff!

Hi Gang!
 A while ago, Alex, his family and I headed over to the museum to go see the Mummies of the World exhibit! It had been a while since I'd even been near the museum, my family and I used to go all the time when I was younger and homeschooled, but I missed it and was excited to go! I packed up my usual travel kit, and we were off!
 After a bit of ridiculous traffic, and a GPS that was totally lost, we finally made it and parked. We got tickets for the Mummies event AND the Natural History Exhibit. Over all, I was kind of disappointed, there were really only 12 real mummies and everything else was pretty much re-manufactured. They said mummies from all over the world but there were really only 5 or 6 countries mentioned, I wasn't allowed to take photos of the event, and as a blogger, that really makes me sad.
 Afterwards, we went through the Natural History Museum, and I was able to take lots of pictures there and I was happy again. We ran into Sherlock Holmes and of course had to get some shots with him, all in all it was pretty decent day! I saw some dead people, learned lots of Sciency- type stuff and was able to relax the rest of the day with family, fun and board Games.

T-Shirt// Walmart

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

OOTD: Vodka Dreams

Hi Gang!
 So Friday, was my cousin Bri's 21st birthday and her friends did not disappoint. They rented a little lounge in Clifton, and had a blast. I was only there for a couple of hours, between doing technically a double at work and Alex, I totally felt like a little old lady out past her bedtime. I picked up a pack of Original Smirnoff, because they were all out of Strawberry, a New Notebook, and  a pack of pens, and Alex and I were on our way to the Party! Thankfully, we were able to find a parking spot on the same street, instead of walking all over creation, and when we got there the party was already in full effect! There were so many people there?! I knew Bri was a part of her College's Community, but gee Golly, we could barely slide through. I thought we were going to do a bar crawl, so I got dressed in "club" apparel, but I'm glad I wasn't too over dressed for the occassion, regardless. Make sure you guys stop by Bri's Blog and wish her a belated Birthday!!

Dress// Loveculture (part of a haul that I'll show you guys a little later!)
Shoes// UnionBay (Purchased from Amazon)

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Thoughts on Daredevil: Ep 1 + 2

Hi Gang!
 The other night, I was able to catch the first two episodes of Netfilx's Daredevil and I thought I would write a post on my thoughts. Now Disclaimer * Spoilers are present*, I'm going to watch the show slowly instead of my general binge policy, apparently, we'll have to wait a year for something new, so I thought I would take my time.I'm totally new to Daredevil. I only know three things about him. 1. He's a blind lawyer. 2. His name is Matt Murdoch. 3. He works/lives in Hell's Kitchen. Now without further ado, My thoughts!

- Why is Murdoch so hot? It's the first time since Captain America, I've been attracted to a superhero...

- Like we needed fictional reasons to despise the NYPD? Is there a NY officer that isn't corrupted?
Anywhere in fiction?

- Is Foggy supposed to be Matt's Bucky? Because if so, that's going to end pretty badly in the future. *Winter Soldier*

- ... Where exactly does the human trafficking come into everything? I wonder if it will be the kind of thing with the Gotham Underground Crime Bosses...

- He better be a great lawyer, if he can tell people are lying just from a simple heart beat.

- Why does no one but the liason know what the Chinese woman is saying? How are they supposed to plan dastardly evil deeds with a language barrier in the way?

- I like that I don't really know anything about Daredevil so I can go into this show with fresh eyes.

- These bad guys don't really leave any loose ends do they? Everyone and their grandmama is dead sheesh!

- Turk buys a gun, and this confuses me. If you are running a sex slave business, why don't you own a gun already?

- When Daredevil is on the top of the building, he kind of reminds me of an owl. Just the way his head turns as they hear different noises of the night.

- YAY! Rosario Dawson, I hope she becomes an actual cast member!

- Murdoch is messing around with some seriously dangerous people, I'm going to need him to get some armor, he was all kinds of jacked up before Claire Fixed him.

- When Clair is on the top of the building in that white t-shirt/hoodie combo she kind of reminded me of white tiger. Maybe it's just me groping at straws but it would be awesome, if she actually became White Tiger, and Tiger got some screen time, because lets face it, it's not like the "lesser-known" Marvel characters are getting any Film love right now.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

March Favorites!

Hi Gang!
 This is just going to be a quick post of things and people I found or thought was pretty cool for the month of March! The month passed by pretty fast, but that didn't stop me from discovering some pretty nifty internet things.

- My Little Pony: There are four seasons on Netflix, and I have been watching it while doing other things. Its a simple and adorable cartoon that doesn't need all of your attention so, I can do things like fixing my sewing machine, or practicing knitting stitches. I'm on Season 3 now.

- Gain- Paradise Lost/ Apple: These songs are still on repeat to this day! I am so in love with the music videos, Apple, has to be one of my favorites since I discovered K-pop! I was even able to sneak Apple in to my playlist at my job without anyone being any the wiser.

- ClothesEncounters: Youtube run by Jenn Im, and she shows you how to thrift, and all the amazing places she gets to visit!! I'm subscribed to her, and pretty sure I've seen almost every video.. Hope that doesn't make me a stalker.

- VintageVandal: The Buyer for Pinup Clothing! I love all the people and outfits in her instagram.

- PaperTiger: A knitwear designer, I love reading her blog, it is just so calming! I love looking at all of her amazing designs, and wishing that I could do even just a couple of the things she does.

- Izzknit: Knitter and seamstress supreme! I am so in love with all the luscious yarn porn she posts and all of her beautiful pieces!

- Silk Bamboo Yarn: I picked about 6 balls at Jo-ann Fabrics, and it was pretty decently priced, I chose silver and the yarn just feels so amazing, I'm so scared to use it!

- Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries I even wrote an entire post about it!

What are some things that you enjoyed last month?

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 The Noire Menagerie

Monday, April 13, 2015

Nerdette At Large: Back to Basics

Hi Gang!
  I honestly can't believe that we are already halfway through April! Where does the time go, goodness! For the next couple of weeks, I'll be making some changes to Nerdette At large. The type of content you'll find here, will be closer to the original postings of Vulcan Sugar and Spice. I got a little fame, and kind of lost my head, I feel like getting back to my original blogging roots, will help me keep a better schedule, and keep the blog feeling more like me, then what's popular now.

- Comic Reviews : Just got done reading X-men #1-5 By Wood, expect a post of that coming soon. I've decided that I won't be picking up any more comics until I finished reading the contents of my long box, writing blog posts will give me some motivation to finish so I can move onto new stuff like Storm (Pak) or Silk (lee)!

- Knitting roundups: I've been getting more and more of an itch to create things again. I even got a new set of circular knitting needles for making hats, and I just found the most amazing Silk bamboo yarn for the Gabrielle Vest, Post about that coming soon as well.

- Gaming Posts: Like Last Week's Apology letter, but with more pictures. I've actually been thinking about joining Twitch, and starting some tournaments, I've even been approached by other girl gamers about joining up and creating gaming content. It sounds like so much fun to me!

  Finally, I just want to get back to the laid back flow I used to have when I started blogging. It was never difficult or hard when I wanted to write, it just kind of flowed whenever I put my fingers to the keyboard. I was never concerned about what people were going to say, or how they were going to respond because I honestly, didn't think anyone was reading it. I'm not saying that I wish the followers and supporters of Nerdette at Large weren't there, please do not misunderstand me, I am simply saying a while ago was a much simpler time, and I wish that I could get back to that kind of blogging. Where people blogged because they had something to say, not because they wanted to be on top of the competition.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Long Time No Post!

Hi Gang!
 Long time no post! I just wanted to apologize for the lack of posting for this week. If you missed me, I just wanted to let you know, that you can always find me on Twitter and Instagram, they are on my ipad, and that's always on me, where my blog is usually on my laptop at home. It's a brand new month, and its already going by so fast!! I am working in my secret laboratory and thinking up some cool new stuff for Nerdette At Large, I want to get back to my roots, and how I used to blog, it was so much more fun then.
  This week has zoomed by like it was nothing! Why it's already Friday!! I had full intention to write at least two posts this week, had photos and everything. But, then I stopped by Game Stop, and soon everything fell by the wayside. I picked up Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 Hd Remix, and saved $5 on each game! Then I came home to find that my long awaited Amazon purchases had arrived. Sonic Generations for the DS (Alex) and Ultra Street Fighter IV for the Ps3.
  I can't remember if I wrote about it on here, but my father and I watched the Capcom Cup, and I was inspired to start participating in small tournaments, and this is the game that they play in the tournament. I've been playing video games for quite some time, and even though I've been playing arcade fighters for just as long, and am pretty good at it, I am a notorious button masher. So, I've been practicing actually learning what buttons do what, and how to pull of seamless combo finishers. I'm better but still in need of lots of practice.
  These new games have renewed an urge of gaming in me. That's what I've been spending the week doing. Playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5, I've just landed in Wonderland, I've started learning the moves for Elana in Ultra Street Fighter IV, I attempted to play Sonic Generations, but I just don't have the patience for side scrolling handheld sonic, and I went back to playing Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright and got a lot further than the last time I played it. I made it all the way through Espella's Court case, but then I was so excited that I accidentally hit the cartridge without saving first and it erorred out and now I have to start over. The only thing worse than glitches in games, has to be
  So at least it wasn't a wasted week, I've just been giving into my gamer urges and just completely lost track of time. Don't fret, I have a whole slew of blog posts ready for next week, and hopefully, Nerdette at Large will be back on track.
Are there any games taking up your time? Tell me on twitter. We can join gamers anonymous together!

Until Next Time,

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

5 Tips to make your Nerdette Sleepover a Success!

Hi Gang!
 Oh my goodness, you guys, I can't believe it's already April! Where does the time go? We're already 1/4th into the year! If I keep blinking it will be 2016 before I know it. I'm super excited for all the events and activities I have planned for April and the fact that my college girlfriends and I are going to have a Sleepover this weekend. I haven't seen them in about three to four months or so, I'm pretty excited about nerding out and catching up.
 Now, sleepovers are different for everyone, but there are certain things that everyone needs to make them a blast. This list is perfect for us, because its a group of Nerdy ladies and Alex getting together to talk about everything from Video Games to Japanese live Action movies of Animes and more! I'm so excited that my hands are shaking as I type!

#1: Delicious Finger Foods: Everyone but Em plays video games, so we need to be able to pop something in our mouths, dust off our hands and get ready to go head to head in the Ultra Street Fighter IV I got for the PS3 and other extremely fun Fighting/ Party Games. You definitely don't want your guests to starve, so make sure that there is a decent spread. Soda, Juice, Chips, pigs in a blanket, Mozzerella Sticks, and things of the like. We're personally going to do wings, and when I saw we I really just mean Alex.

#2: Fun Activities: Have fun Group activities! Even though, Em doesn't play video games, I've got board games for her. Make sure that everyone feels included, Em generally cheers us on when we play, She's a one woman cheerleading team. I have Scattegories, Name 5, Scrabble, Upwords and Twister all ready for them! I'm literally chomping at the bit for them to get here.

#3: Sleeping Arrangements: I've always been the kind of girl to sit on the floor. I've always had very little furniture in my apartments. Whenever someone comes over, I always tell them upfront. Hey, if you have a sleeping bag or a spare blow-up mattress bring it, Covers and Pillows, whatever is going to make it easy for you to fall asleep and be comfortable. I have procured an extra air mattress to make sure my girls are comfortable.

#4: Conversation: We nerdy types love to talk about things that interest us, especially when we have seen each other in a while. I haven't seen Renee in over two years, So I honestly can't wait to talk each other's ears off. Comics, Video Games, Television Shows that we're obsessed with, and anything else that fancies us!

#5: Entertainment: Each one of us are bring our favorite movies, and since I met my gals in our Anime Club, I have a few Anime Crossover Movies ( Conan Vs. Lupin III 1 +  2) and a few Live action favorites ( Black Butler + Ace Attorney) and Old Favorites (Sailormoon). Claire is generally the one with the most patience, so she enjoys the subbed animes, so she can bring a whole slew of brand new anime, that none of us have probably even heard of!

The most important thing is to enjoy yourselves. It's a whole night of fun and free debauchery with your girls in a safe place, what more could you ask for?

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  The Noire Menagerie

Monday, March 30, 2015

Rant: It Follows (Spoilers!)

Hi Gang!

 This Past weekend I went to go see It Follows with Alex. We left out super early so we stopped by Gameworks, where I taught him a little something about Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and I enjoyed a Daiquiri. I wasn't carded for my daquiri, but when I went to the kiosk to buy our tickets, I was carded for the movie! That's Not how this works, that's not how any of this works! Below are my thoughts on the movie. Please remember that these are my personal opinions, and that not everyone is going to agree with me.

- Why does IT have no name? They just called it, IT for the entire movie, I mean, I guess that works, but if it is supposed to kill all the way back until the person who started it, why didn't someone come up with a name by now?

- Why does IT walk so slow? Hugh said it wasn't dumb, but it was slow. I am confused as to why it moved so slowly? Was it a shapeshifter? Or was it just an illusion? Where did it come up with the different skins it wore? How is she supposed to get rid of it? Just keep running for the rest of her life?

- Is the movie supposed to be set in an older time? or Are they just poor? What is that Sea Shell Contraption that she was reading on? It was like Ariel's Kindle, I liked it. I wasn't a fan of all the Book excerpts, the writing was trying to be "deep" when it really wasn't.

- Why did Jay have to have sex with Paul? It was completely obvious that he had feelings for her. If she truly wanted to be with him, they shouldn't have needed to have sex. He was the only one that would have been able to see if the person following her, was real or Not. with him having sex with her, now neither of them know if the person behind them is IT, or just a person.

- I think this would have been a great propaganda film in the 80's for abstinence only Sex Education. It had the whole vibe of Don't have sex, you could die literally. Don't have sex, it will come back to haunt you if it isn't with your Husband/Wife.

- The music score was fantastic! It was moody, it was thrilling and it was catchy. I had bits and pieces of it bouncing around in my head for the rest of the night and this morning. I would definitely be interested in purchasing the Soundtrack.

- If IT can get into your home, why is she hiding in all of these places that makes it super easy to find her? If someone/thing is after me, there is no way, I would be on a swing in the playground, or sleeping on top of a car ON TOP not IN IT, in the middle of the woods. A lot of what Jay did just DID NOT make sense to me. I know its a scary movie, but that doesn't mean we need a "heroine" that is a moron, we want someone that is going to think like we are.

- There was just no closure to the film. I just wasn't satisfied with the end of the movie. I still had a large amount of questions, and no one in the theater, left with a knowing smile, that showed that they understood or enjoyed the film. It was my first scary film in theaters, and honestly, I was totally let down.

If you guys have seen it, what did you think about the movie? Lets talk about it on Twitter!!!

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