Adventures with Spokhette #17 : Bookstore Bonanza

May 5, 2017

Hey, Gang!

  My cousin Brianna turned 23 on the 17th, so I took her out on a shopping spree to celebrate. It was a blast. We had brunch at First Watch. Did you guys know they had shrimp? I didn't, so when I saw that they did, of course, I had to get a side of it to go with my potato and sausage skillet. I know that First Watch is supposed to be a healthier establishment, but I just wasn't feeling it.

We explored Barnes and Noble first, it had been a while since I stopped in, and I'm really glad we decided to visit the one that we did. I didn't get any books, but I did get a Sailor Uranus Figurine! There's never Haruka stuff, so when I saw it, I knew I automatically had to get it. I carried her around in the basket the whole time we were there, and then when it was time to leave, I was like, yeeah, she's coming home with me.

 I'm not sure where this surge came from, but I saw these "from the villain" point of view Disney Novels. There was an evil queen one, Ursula and the Beast. I never really thought of the beast as a bad guy though.. I mean Ursula is one of my favorite villains, but she had her reasons... The evil queen, is simply an evil queen. I don't think she needed a novel for that, they definitely could have done one for Jafar or Melificent instead.

 We then decided to go check out a used bookstore called Wall of Books. The best decision EVER! It was full of Wall to wall bookshelves, on every topic imaginable and new books being dropped off every day. Their rewards program was pretty boss too, it was like 25% off books, and if you buy a book from them, read it and bring it back, then it was like 50% off your next book. You should have seen our eyes, we looked like owls.

 I've been wanting to read The Anita Blake series, by Laurell K. Hamilton for the longest time. The very beginnings of her series, are pretty hard to find. The ones that I have come across, especially on kindle platforms are like $30 per book. I'm not trying to knock anyone's writing ability but.... C'mon! That's crazy! Luckily, Wall of Books had 1-4 so I bought them, and they were only 2 a piece, sure they're pretty worn, but their books, that's the point. It just means they are a good read.

 Do you have a favorite bookstore? Have you gotten any new novels? Let's talk about it on Twitter!

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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