My opinion: Trap Music

July 31, 2014

 Just a thought. Trap *gangsta* rappers are supposed to hard because they sell/sold drugs and that they run/are running their block/neighborhood right? That's something about this "new rap" that I don't really get... How are we supposed to be scared of you, if you are in the "studio making music" instead of defending your territory? What are you going to do rap me away, if wanna battle for your turf? Not only does your new single consist of like eight words, but they you go and put out songs like The remake Shell Shock, and you expect me to be scared of you? My fluffy octopus pillow is harder than you. Get over yourselves, it honestly is NOT that serious. Oh and just to ruffle your feathers? Gym Class Heroes version was WAY BETTER.

Now that's off my chest back to your regular scheduled programming.

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What Le' Future brings.

July 25, 2014

 Heres the low down gang.
   I've been so busy with moving that I haven't been able to write up anything good yet. So here is a preview of the upcoming posts.

- HHM: Catching Up on Pokemon X

- Villians who never truly got their comeuppance.

- Sew Nerdy #2 : Mini Throw Pillow

- Cosplay 101

- Fangirling: Poison Ivy

- I wish He was real: Professor Herschel Layton

- Birthday Wrap-up

- Welcome to August!

Until then guys, feel free to visit my twitter!

Stay Nerdy!

Cinema #3: Transformers: Age of Extinction (SPOILERS!!!!!)

July 21, 2014

I have a few qualms about this movie. Alex and I went to go watch it last night, and it was nice since we hadn't been to the movies in a while. We even got popcorn. Here's my list.

-Why do we not know the name of the only woman with any backbone in the entire movie?! The asian woman, who was in charge of the Chinese KSI factory, Why did they not bother to tell us her name? This frustrated me pretty badly during the entire movie! This is the fourth installment, Why have none of the leading women been LEADERS?! C'mon Transformers, women are watching you as well, and you are letting us down, hella hardcore! Megan Fox. Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Nicola Peltz. FAIL.  In case you were wondering her name is Su Yueming, and she kicked ass in this movie. As far as female lead goes, she takes the cake.

-Tessa's uselessness. She is the female lead. Yes her father is strict,
yes her father is poor, so is a lot of dads. Get over yourself! From
 the beginning something about that girl got on my nerves, but when
 things came down to the wire, and she was just being a whining useless brat, oooh, that irked me like no other!  You are standing on Tightrope anchors to get to safety! WHY ARE YOU CRAWLING BACKWARD?!?! It's not like the ship is SAFER then the building, the building with no human hungry animal bots that want to eat you! Then she couldn't even follow simple
orders, ugh she just really pissed me off. None of the female leads in the transformer series are of any use. NONE of them. That is so disheartening.

-The Realtor. Why did she have to be soo ghetto? As a woman of color, I am SO TIRED of hollywood portraying us this way. There are SO many different types of people in the world, so why are we being portrayed in only two ways. I was really super hoping that she was working with the transformers, or that her car was a transformer. But then she never pops up again!

-The Dino Bots. Just how long did Lockdown have them caged? If they literally came as dinosaurs roamed, and then were caught by lockdown. Optimus set them free, but where would they go? Would they take up space at the creation museum? Alex says they'd get re-scanned and then live among us, but if they are really that OLD, do they even have the ability/technology to re-scan into a new form? If so, they were pretty uncivilized, so would they just eat people, as cars? Who would teach them how to blend in??? I think it was kind of irresponsible for Optimus to just let them out like that.. But maybe that's just me. 

-The CIA's Pr DepartmentHow in the WORLD is the CIA gonna clean up Cemetery Wind's mess? Like it was probably a little feesable when they were in texas, but once they moved to China, that shit hit the fan, How in the world are they gonna cover that up? How in the world are they going to fix it? I mean I know  its China and the government over there pretty much covers up everything, but seriously... They destroyed an entire bridge and was dropping Metal Vehicles from giant space ships, There is not enough WOOL in the WORLD. If I worked in that department, I would have Definitely put in my two weeks. The guy responsible has a pot sized hole in his chest, he's not going to be held responsible, or even be able to explain it.

 Overall this movie gets 2 out of 10. It could have been better in every way shape and form. Come better hollywood, we pay your bills, at least stop feeding us shit.

Stay nerdy Sugars,

Gamer Famelle: Mariko of Gamer Wife

July 15, 2014

 Gamer Famelle is back and with a whole new host of kick-ass gaming women!! Today, it is a huge pleasure for me to be featuring Mariko of GamerWife. One of THE most professional gaming blogs, on my to read list! Without further ado, lets get this segment on the road!

Displaying Geek With a Gun - Big.pngGF: Favorite Console? DS/XBOX/PS/PC?

MM: The PS3 was the first console I owned as an adult, so I'd have to say I'm a PS girl, but still do most of my gaming on my PC or my tablet.

GF: Favorite Game character role model?

MM: FemShep! She's the ultimate female superhero because
 being female for her is completely incidental. She's the first 
character I really identified with and put myself into.

GF: If you could be any game character who would you be and why?

MM: Oddly enough, probably Joker from Mass Effect because he gets to fly the Normandy and I'm kind of a space ship nerd.

GF: If you had to live inside a video game which one would you choose and why?

MM: Little Big Planet, because everything is so fun and happy and positive. Or Mass Effect, because space.

GF: Did you come across any videogame Soundtracks that just spoke to you?

MM: Even though I can't play the game myself (I just don't have the reflexes) I was playing the soundtrack for Hotline Miami on a loop for about 2 months straight! It's so pulsing and spooky, perfect for concentrating at work.

GF: How long have you been gaming?

MM: That's kind of a tough question for me because while I did play NES as a kid I kind of put gaming aside for a long time until I moved to Montreal and suddenly found myself working in the industry and playing games every day for my job. I guess if we're going by when I started gaming consistently, then maybe 6 years? But if we go from when games first entered my life, then it's probably closer to 25 years (yes, I am that old).

GF: What was your first game/console?

MM: Super Mario Bros. on the NES, although Bubble Bobble and Dr. Mario were more my games.

GF: Do you share gaming with your significant other/Children?

MM: YES! I would definitely attribute a lot of my love for games now to my husband Rick. He's the main gameplayer in our household and we're always looking for games we can play together. We just started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic together while he's away on business and it's been a great way for us to spend time together when we're on opposite sides of the continent.

GF: What Video Game Crossovers are you wishing were real?

MM: I saw an illustration mashing up Fez and Katamari Damacy that made me really excited, but I think that game would break my brain.

GF: Any Games that you've been obsessing over but haven't bought yet?

MM: Actually, between me and Rick we probably have all the games I've ever wanted to play. lol The hard part is finding time to play the all.

GF: If your house was on fire and you had to take three things related to gaming what would you choose and why?

MM: The video game character beadsprites that we used as table markers at our wedding, because they remind me of our big day; my Samus at the Farmer's Market print because it cheers me up; and our PS4 because it gives me movies and TV and games.

You can check out Mariko at her various internet hangouts:

Until next time Stay Nerdy,

Cinema #2: Doom Asylum

July 11, 2014

  Everyone knows that I love movies. All kinds of movies, comedies, animated movies, and especially scary movies! I absolutely adore scary movies, ones that actually do a good job of scaring me, and then ones that don't do the greatest job. One of those movies would be Doom Asylum, an 1987 Marx original. My dad and I have this thing, we like to watch really bad scary movies and laugh ourselves silly. I've written about a few of the ones we'd happened to come across before, but even we couldn't anticipate coming across this gem.
  Doom Asylum follows eight teenagers as they trespass upon a deserted asylum with a horrible legend! Ten years ago, a couple in the love were heading on vacation and were involved in a terrible car crash, which ended up in the death of the wife and the man in pretty bad condition to be sent to the morgue. Wherein, he was skinned, even though he was still alive. He killed the coroner and assistant and then went on to kill all passerby, in hopes of bringing his beloved back to life.
  Apart from the HIDEOUS eighties fashion, yellow and white plaid board shorts anyone? The acting was some of the worst I'd seen in my entire life, even worse then me and my sisters debut in the haunted mansion, (thankfully no one ever will see.) It was an entire laugh fest. The movie only lasted an hour and eighteen minutes and we laughed for everyone of them.
  In great eightie's fashion, The only black people ended up together and Dead. There was a blonde in a horrible swimsuit, and I honestly could write all day, but it wouldn't do it justice, you just have to watch it.

Please Please, I'm begging you, As soon as you see enough talk to me in the comments.

Keep it Nerdy Gang,

Fangirling: Veronica Mars

July 9, 2014

I love everything about mysteries. Solving them, creating them, reading them, watching them or playing them. It doesn't matter what format they come in, I enjoy them immensely. Probably due to my mothers love for them, they were constantly playing when I was little. As I've grown up, my love for mystery solving mcgyvers has only grown exponentially. I'll be fangirling about Veronica Mars today. This isn't the first time I've written about my girl love for Veronica Mars on the blog.
 The reason I chose Veronica is not because her movie came out recently, or that Pivot Television has recently started to show her on repeat. The reason I chose Veronica is because she is one of my favorite female detectives of all time. She was the perfect alternative for girls who were tired of Nancy Drew always being captured in chapter 22 of her OWN books!
  For those not in the know, Veronica Mars is a high school detective in Neptune, California. A melting pot of the most fortunate haves and the unfortunate have nots. This creates an uneasy tension in the community that culminates in many a death, and many a case for curious Veronica to solve. One of the things I really loved about Veronica Mars was she always gave you the benefit of the doubt. Weevil Navaro, was constantly in trouble. constantly in a case file being slid across the desk of her P.I. father. I only remember three crimes off the top of my head that he was ACTUALLY guilty of. People saw a Hispanic boy from the "wrong side of the tracks" and thought what better a scapegoat? I love the relationship she has with Weevil. No matter how much they fought, She was always there to bail him out and visa versa. They were constantly there for each other, their extremes balances each other like a calibrated scale, She brought out the best in Weevil, and Weevil brought out the best in her.
  There are few reasons why I really like Veronica Mars, as a character. She is independent. She doesn't need anyone, and she doesn't want anyone, they just kinda show up and if they aren't too annoying she lets them stay. Her wit in the show is a second only to Mac, and her Father. Her sarcasm, is unmatched, I vow everyday, to keep my sarcasm sword strong because of her. The show was just appealing. It didn't make you feel like you were a moron, and it didn't want you to be a moron.
  Veronica, wasn't the best at picking out guys, but man she was the best at giving them what they deserved! Duncan, Troy, Piz, Logan. Who wouldn't fall for a bad boy? Especially one with Logan's gorgeous abs? She was never sad for very long, she showed everyone that she didn't NEED a man, she just enjoyed the company they brought. She realized that company could be supplied by anyone, and that she didn't have to deal with Bullshit to get what she wanted.  She got her private Eye license on her 18th birthday after all!
  Three reasons to watch Veronica Mars (If I don't sum it up now, We'll literally be here all day.) :

1. Veronica is a strong Willed intelligent woman, who had no problem telling you what she wanted, when she wanted it, and who from. She refused to let society, 09ers, or even authority control her. A role Model for the new gen.

2. Veronica was Forgiving. She didn't hold a grudge, but I loved that (almost) everyone who deserved it, sure as hell got it. She showed that it was possible to be a total bitch, and a complete marshmallow and that there was a balance. Everyone should strive for that balance, I do everyday.

3. The mysteries were worth solving. They were important. They were well written. They were continuous to the arc of the season, there was never an episode that didn't matter, never an episode with fluffy filler. That's great writing. I will recommend it until People's ears fall off, because they need to watch it, A.S.A.P.

Stay Nerdy,

Series #6: Summer Anime

July 8, 2014

 Aren't you guys excited? I'm totally not Dead! It's a good thing I'm writing today, it would have been an entire month tomorrow! Today, I'm going to talk about the Anime I have lined up to watch this summer. Since I have a lot more free time, and will soon have Internet access all of the time. I don't have it now in my apartment, and it makes blogging so much more difficult, because even though I have unlimited data on my phone, Sprint's reception sucks. So often, I can't connect. I'll be moving within the next couple of weeks, So I'll have connection soon enough! Then I'll be blogging so much you guys will be begging to get rid of me. Bwahahahahah! I've mentioned anime a few times on the blog, usually in a recap post about what I did that week. I've been trying to get Alex more into it, like his brothers, and have been introducing him to new stuff. Without, further a do, my list!

- Sailor Moon Crystal: (Started) Sailor Moon was my first anime, without it, I'm positive I would not be the person that I am today. So when I heard that Viz Media had bought the rights and were going to do a remake version that "more closely" mirrored the manga, I was beyond STOKED! What I'm not stoked about is that we had to wait for like 12 years (Still didn't get the starlight saga) and now that they've finally re-done it, I have to wait for new episodes to come out. (Im not the most patient anime watcher.) This opening has been on repeat all day!

- Brother's Conflict: (Started)  I'm a huge hypocrite. I will talk your head off about why I won't watch anime like Dear S and Queens Blade, with their impossible proportions and their 1 man for 25 women mentality. But I will hop into my skivvies, with a giant box of ritz and a 12 pack of soda and watch the mess out of reverse harem animes! Ouran High School, and Now Brother's Conflict. I'm on episode 4 of 12, but out of all 13 step-brothers, I NEED her to be with Azusa. I NEED IT, IT FUELS me. This opening has been on repeat all day!

- Rin- Daughters of Mnemosyme: (Not started) I've tried to watch it a few times, before but couldn't get over the goriness of it. It's only 6 episodes for goodness sakes, and I'm gonna finish it, and stop being such a wimp. Plus the art is gorgeous.

- Kill La Kill: (Not Started) I really want to start this soon. SOO many people have been talking about it and telling me that its one of the best animes to come out in the longest time, and all this hype is making me anxious to start it, but I just haven't yet. So I've decided to add it to my list.

- Attack on Titan: (Not Started) Another really popular anime out right now. There are at least four people at work with Attack on Titan belts. (Why belts? Not sure) But they've been hounding me to start watching it because I'm one of the only people that work there that watches anime.

Are you guys watching any new anime I should know about? I'm always up for something new!!!
Stay Nerdy,


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