Gamer Famelle: Mariko of Gamer Wife

July 15, 2014

 Gamer Famelle is back and with a whole new host of kick-ass gaming women!! Today, it is a huge pleasure for me to be featuring Mariko of GamerWife. One of THE most professional gaming blogs, on my to read list! Without further ado, lets get this segment on the road!

Displaying Geek With a Gun - Big.pngGF: Favorite Console? DS/XBOX/PS/PC?

MM: The PS3 was the first console I owned as an adult, so I'd have to say I'm a PS girl, but still do most of my gaming on my PC or my tablet.

GF: Favorite Game character role model?

MM: FemShep! She's the ultimate female superhero because
 being female for her is completely incidental. She's the first 
character I really identified with and put myself into.

GF: If you could be any game character who would you be and why?

MM: Oddly enough, probably Joker from Mass Effect because he gets to fly the Normandy and I'm kind of a space ship nerd.

GF: If you had to live inside a video game which one would you choose and why?

MM: Little Big Planet, because everything is so fun and happy and positive. Or Mass Effect, because space.

GF: Did you come across any videogame Soundtracks that just spoke to you?

MM: Even though I can't play the game myself (I just don't have the reflexes) I was playing the soundtrack for Hotline Miami on a loop for about 2 months straight! It's so pulsing and spooky, perfect for concentrating at work.

GF: How long have you been gaming?

MM: That's kind of a tough question for me because while I did play NES as a kid I kind of put gaming aside for a long time until I moved to Montreal and suddenly found myself working in the industry and playing games every day for my job. I guess if we're going by when I started gaming consistently, then maybe 6 years? But if we go from when games first entered my life, then it's probably closer to 25 years (yes, I am that old).

GF: What was your first game/console?

MM: Super Mario Bros. on the NES, although Bubble Bobble and Dr. Mario were more my games.

GF: Do you share gaming with your significant other/Children?

MM: YES! I would definitely attribute a lot of my love for games now to my husband Rick. He's the main gameplayer in our household and we're always looking for games we can play together. We just started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic together while he's away on business and it's been a great way for us to spend time together when we're on opposite sides of the continent.

GF: What Video Game Crossovers are you wishing were real?

MM: I saw an illustration mashing up Fez and Katamari Damacy that made me really excited, but I think that game would break my brain.

GF: Any Games that you've been obsessing over but haven't bought yet?

MM: Actually, between me and Rick we probably have all the games I've ever wanted to play. lol The hard part is finding time to play the all.

GF: If your house was on fire and you had to take three things related to gaming what would you choose and why?

MM: The video game character beadsprites that we used as table markers at our wedding, because they remind me of our big day; my Samus at the Farmer's Market print because it cheers me up; and our PS4 because it gives me movies and TV and games.

You can check out Mariko at her various internet hangouts:

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