Cinema #3: Transformers: Age of Extinction (SPOILERS!!!!!)

July 21, 2014

I have a few qualms about this movie. Alex and I went to go watch it last night, and it was nice since we hadn't been to the movies in a while. We even got popcorn. Here's my list.

-Why do we not know the name of the only woman with any backbone in the entire movie?! The asian woman, who was in charge of the Chinese KSI factory, Why did they not bother to tell us her name? This frustrated me pretty badly during the entire movie! This is the fourth installment, Why have none of the leading women been LEADERS?! C'mon Transformers, women are watching you as well, and you are letting us down, hella hardcore! Megan Fox. Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Nicola Peltz. FAIL.  In case you were wondering her name is Su Yueming, and she kicked ass in this movie. As far as female lead goes, she takes the cake.

-Tessa's uselessness. She is the female lead. Yes her father is strict,
yes her father is poor, so is a lot of dads. Get over yourself! From
 the beginning something about that girl got on my nerves, but when
 things came down to the wire, and she was just being a whining useless brat, oooh, that irked me like no other!  You are standing on Tightrope anchors to get to safety! WHY ARE YOU CRAWLING BACKWARD?!?! It's not like the ship is SAFER then the building, the building with no human hungry animal bots that want to eat you! Then she couldn't even follow simple
orders, ugh she just really pissed me off. None of the female leads in the transformer series are of any use. NONE of them. That is so disheartening.

-The Realtor. Why did she have to be soo ghetto? As a woman of color, I am SO TIRED of hollywood portraying us this way. There are SO many different types of people in the world, so why are we being portrayed in only two ways. I was really super hoping that she was working with the transformers, or that her car was a transformer. But then she never pops up again!

-The Dino Bots. Just how long did Lockdown have them caged? If they literally came as dinosaurs roamed, and then were caught by lockdown. Optimus set them free, but where would they go? Would they take up space at the creation museum? Alex says they'd get re-scanned and then live among us, but if they are really that OLD, do they even have the ability/technology to re-scan into a new form? If so, they were pretty uncivilized, so would they just eat people, as cars? Who would teach them how to blend in??? I think it was kind of irresponsible for Optimus to just let them out like that.. But maybe that's just me. 

-The CIA's Pr DepartmentHow in the WORLD is the CIA gonna clean up Cemetery Wind's mess? Like it was probably a little feesable when they were in texas, but once they moved to China, that shit hit the fan, How in the world are they gonna cover that up? How in the world are they going to fix it? I mean I know  its China and the government over there pretty much covers up everything, but seriously... They destroyed an entire bridge and was dropping Metal Vehicles from giant space ships, There is not enough WOOL in the WORLD. If I worked in that department, I would have Definitely put in my two weeks. The guy responsible has a pot sized hole in his chest, he's not going to be held responsible, or even be able to explain it.

 Overall this movie gets 2 out of 10. It could have been better in every way shape and form. Come better hollywood, we pay your bills, at least stop feeding us shit.

Stay nerdy Sugars,


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