My opinion: Trap Music

July 31, 2014

 Just a thought. Trap *gangsta* rappers are supposed to hard because they sell/sold drugs and that they run/are running their block/neighborhood right? That's something about this "new rap" that I don't really get... How are we supposed to be scared of you, if you are in the "studio making music" instead of defending your territory? What are you going to do rap me away, if wanna battle for your turf? Not only does your new single consist of like eight words, but they you go and put out songs like The remake Shell Shock, and you expect me to be scared of you? My fluffy octopus pillow is harder than you. Get over yourselves, it honestly is NOT that serious. Oh and just to ruffle your feathers? Gym Class Heroes version was WAY BETTER.

Now that's off my chest back to your regular scheduled programming.

Stay Nerdy,


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