United I stand: Boycotting Asian WhiteWashing in Film and Cinema

April 29, 2016

Hey Gang!

 Let me Preface this by stating that I am not Asian, because someone will undoubtedly comment about this later. However, as a Black Woman in America, I can see why the Asian community is so angry with Marvel. Not only are they about to ruin one of the few characters that have any sense of Asian representation, but then you have the opportunity to right a story line that cannot be descried as anything other than an oppressive orientalist narrative, and they chose not to. Iron Fist was created in a time when racism was prevalent, when it was okay, to think of others as your lesser, as long as you were white. It was okay to write stories that painted other races as monsters, thieves, lesser thans. Sure, we can create a story that pits a rich white boy in the mountains of Asian Glory, one stone that has more history, more respect of, more humanity than the Child who wrote him. Lets send a rich white boy into respectable Asian culture, and have him trample all over it. Lets send him in to show those silly Asians that as a white man he can best them at everything that THEY created. Its a story that needs a serious re-telling.
 With Paramount destroying Ghost in a Shell, by creating a movie that cant be described as anything other than Scarlett Johanson in Yellowface, Doctor Strange, seems to be suffering the same fate. As much as I enjoy, going to see Marvel movies; as a Blogger and as a comic book fan. I will not be attending, buying or watching Dr. Strange, Netflix assisted Ironfist, or Paramount's Ghost In The Shell. In solidarity with the Asian community.
 We need to stand together, we need to unite, and when people roll their eyes as they read this and reply, "Oh, there are more important things to be concerned with, let me just inform you, that everything is Connected. Comic Books, Films, Media, they all carry and shape our worlds' narrative, and if this how we are portrayed and how they choose to protray other to us, how will we ever be seen as equal? When they choose to portray us in a negative light, or even worse to completely erase us from the narrative all together?
 United we stand and divided we fall, I hope you will join me by boycotting Hollywood's white washing of Asian culture. If you are interested in more information about Whitewashing, Check out the Feeds of the following:
- @rachelkuo

Until Next Time
 Stay United,
 Stay Woke,
 Stay Nerdy,


Comics Roundup #24 Spoilers

April 25, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I've been using slow time at work to catch up on my continually growing stack of comics. I've completely caught up on Silk and have started reading Mockingbird. I have to admit that I am loving how female-centric Silk is becoming. Silk, Spider-woman, Mockingbird, and Black Cat, all in one series? What more could you ask for as a woman who loves comics in this day and age? Especially with Berganza still in office, and Dc's Rebirth about to get underway. It was like Marvel was throwing me a life jacket. And then they took it away when they cast Dr. Strange and Iron Fist, but that's an article for another day.
  This series is different from the original one I read. Silk a double agent? I love that JJJ has a nickname for her, and Analog works so well, considering she was in a bunker for 10 years. If JJJ loves Silk, imagine how hard it will be for her to cultivate a "bad" Rep? Spidey's been around since 1962 and JJ still thinks he's a bad guy. What could the goblin king be injecting his knights with? Also, can we talk about mister ghost person, that is sending Silk tips to Cindy? Who else could know her secret identity? Is Smokie dude, friend or foe? He does look super bad ass though.
 - Oh Snap! Peter's concerned Silk works for the other team...
- I knew Shrike was up to no good. I had no idea who he was and with that ponytail, I knew he couldn't be trusted. Now thanks to him, she's part Goblin. Now she's after Black Cat with increased power, but glad she stopped to give Shrike a good butt-kicking.
- I absolutely love that the whole time Shrike was trying to lay doubt about Silk to Black Cat, it only made her suspicious of him.
- I think it's super sweet that Jay Jay's showing concern for Cindy, it makes my heart swell.
- I definitely need to read up on Black Cat, She's a bad ass in this. She came through and wiped that gang out in seconds...
- These six issues definitely set everything up for the upcoming Spider-women special coming up. I'm looking forward to it slightly. I still don't like Spider-Gwen.
 I only had one issue of Mocking Bird and it wasn't as long as I thought it was. It included a preview of Black Widow, which was cool, but not very conducive to telling me more about Mockingbird like I expected it to. I loved all the little details in this comic. The Adorable SD Black Widow mug, The Tardis Coffee container.
 It was such a change of events! What kind of Son kills his mom? I knew there was something fishy about that guy, as soon as he graced the pages, and she started speaking about patterns. I knew he was up to no good. I wonder if she really is psychic, How does Wilma fit into this? Did she help her become an academic, or pull her away from that path? Does she help her "psychic" feels grow? This issue didn't really introduce too much about her, but it did a really good job of getting me intrigued. I definitely want to continue reading the series.

 Have you guys been reading any comics lately? Are you fans of Silk or Mockingbird? Tell me about it on Twitter, I  would love to fangirl over awesome characters with you guys.

Until Next Time,
 Stay Nerdy Gang,

March Favorites

April 22, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I've been working pretty hard trying to keep up with this new schedule. Since it's lighter than the last one, I haven't been doing to badly, but it definitely feels good to get back into routine. I have so much video content to edit for you guys, I can't wait to put everything up on the youtube! I did a lot of things in March, so lets just jump right into it.

- I went to C2E2 and had Ming Doyle recognize me out of costume, and with a different hair color. Not even going to lie, I had a total heart attack.

- I finally got a big girl job. Not a fan of the hours, but I love what I do and the pay is GREAT!!

- Visited a new Comic book shop, and caught up on all my favorites. This adventure will be on Youtube Soon, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out.

- Finishing Beautiful Bones. Here's Why I think you'll like it too.

- Having @justplaintweets share my Frankie Article for #herstoryarc AND having it liked by Cameron Stewart AND Brendan Fletcher.

- Having amazing Cosplayer @Kayyybear follow me on Twitter.

- Seeing Zootopia opening Weekend. Here's What I thought. 

- Buying Comics for the 1st time in Months.

- Watching Stitchers Season 2 and falling in love all over again.

- Seeing Batman Vs. Superman Opening Weekend. Here's What I thought!!

What did you guys get up to in March? Was it a great month for you? Lets talk about it on Twitter!!

Nerdette Minute #17: I'm back!

April 18, 2016

Hey Gang!

 The end of time for my new job is coming to a close soon, and its allowing me to get some videos done for you guys! I'm so excited. Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel so you don't miss out. I did a small vlog about missing you guys something fierce and wanting to add Makeup and fashion back into my regular posts here at Nerdette At Large, I'll probably start doing that sometime in the next couple of weeks. It feels so good to be back!!


Stay Nerdy,
See You next Time!

Cinema #19: Justice League Vs. Teen Titans ( Spoilers )

April 15, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I'm back with a movie review for you guys! I am so excited to get back to the regular schedule and just start cooking up content for you guys. So lets just jump right into it.

- Since when does Weather Wizard fly?
- Cheetah has gone full fur.
- Supes really cut Luthor down to size.
- Raven's dad is just kidnapping bodies.
- You just dropped a car from the sky. Nice going Supes, he didn't even care where it landed. smh.
- Damian is always just doing a little too much.
- Is Trigon a ghost? How do they not see it leave the body?
- Yay! Nightwing is in this one too. But please DC, let the chain thing, die. ok?
- Good to know, Beast Boy sleeps in the nude.
- Titans include: Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Raven and Starfire as the leader.
- Starfire's eyes are just completely green, no pupils, no iris.
- Why does Superman do laundry in a building with quarter machines?
- Diana's glasses joke was spot-on.
- " You wear a weapon, I am a weapon" - Damian
- This Damian seems to have learned nothing from the past movies. Did they just decide to throw away all that growth?
- Raven can heal people? Since when? I love that she calls Ra al ghul  a demon.
- Damian's got a crush...
- Does Supermn want Brain Damage? Because that's how you get brain Damage.
- Poor Atomic Skull. I would sue for excessive force.
- Oh Dick, was trying so hard, to ask Starfire out...
- I like Starfire's Idea of fun.
- Everyone loves DDR. Everyone.
- So Trigon is just looking for his long lost daughter?
- What did Trigon pull from the Sand? It looks super old...
- Real music in DC Films? Since When? So many Changes going on...
- No one noticed Raven Disappeared?
- Is Starfire an honorary Sailor Scout now? Like that that transformation sequence was totally unneccesary, Fan service if ever I saw it.
- I'm sure Damian's happy he can go crazy when ighting Trigon's followers, and not have to worry about killing them.
- So Raven does know her father, she put him away. Is it just demon powers when she has four eyes, or is it the same dark magic that her father uses?
- Her mom was uses as sacrifice of a clut and had sex with Trigon (Satan) and there Raven was.
- She and her mom lived in Azarath, and they had peace.
- Trigon doesn't want to catch up for lost time. He wants to use Raven to open a portal to earth for him to conquer. Gah. Bad Guys and their ulterior motives!
- Kryptonite saves Superman, now that is what I call spin.
- "Barry, if you can hear me in there I'm sorry." Did you really have to break his ankle AND leg? I'm sure there was a better way to stop the fastest man alive. I mean, Really now...
- I love when Barry comes back, he's like its going to take me an hour to heal this, and SERIOUSLY?
- Why is Trigon so big? Like the Guy is GINORMOUS, he has to work out.
- Feminists everywhere are pissed off that Superman used the Lasso of Truth on Diana, seriously DC what are ya'll thinking....
- The Titans go to hell, what the heck is happening to Garfield/Beast Boy. Just because he's in hell, he's turning into fictional creatures instead of real animals?
- The Flash literally just Fell from Trigon's body like food in his mustache...
- Hell doesn't look inviting in the slightest...
- How was Ras Al Ghul's "ghost" able to break the jewel?
- What were the things grabbing at "Rhas al Ghul's demon body?" Those creatures in hell are mondo creepy.
- Cyborg is totally going to be a titan instead of a leaguer.
- Raven has assimaltaed the jewel to her forehead.
- It must be total torture for Raven to have to hear her fathers voice in her head for the rest of eternity.
- The Cutscene has TERRA IN IT?! OH EM GEE!

 I think this movie did a great job at two things. Giving you a decent back story on Raven, and Piquing your interest in investigating more cartoons, movies and comics with the Teen Titans. I've never read any of their comics but after this movie I definitely want to. They do a great job of working with continuity that has already been established and only tweaking it slightly. I thought the movie was really REALLY great, I definitely want to add it to my movie collection, and I just can't wait until DC puts out their next animated film, because Batman Vs. Superman left MUCH TO BE DESIRED.

What did you think about the movie? Lets talk about it on Twitter this week!

Until next Time,
Stay Nerdy,

Cinema #18: Flashpoint Paradox (Spoilers!)

April 11, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I haven't been able to write much, but I have been using that time to catch up on movies and television. Over the weekend I watched Flashpoint Paradox, because I had been bingewatching Daredevil, and I needed something lighter. SO, I figured a cartoon DC movie would be great, but of course with my luck, it had to be the most depressing DC cartoon I have watching in all of my life. I don't even remember anything else being even remotely as sad as Paradox was.
 A lot of the movie had me a bit confused. SO MUCH changed just because of one life saved...Just think about that for a minute. Superheroes change lives everyday by saving someone who otherwise would have died, and just because Barry decided to save one person, he ruined the entire world. How messed up is that?

- Why would Wonder Woman want to invade Europe? What would make her think, oh Hey, I'm going to gather up my bad ass amazons and we're gonna go take over Europe. Like...Who does that?

- Did the war start because Aquaman was unfaithful to Mera, or because Mera stepped to Diana and got murdered?

- All those Shazam kids equal 1 person? Captain Thunder? Is her different from Captain Marvel?

- I dislike how naive Cyborg is in this movie. Superman is freed and then just abandons them during battle.

- No one is laughing at this version of Aquaman. He truly is a barbarian.

- Wonder Woman is truly ruthless in this movie.

- Aquaman's Doomsday device obliterates everything... Why does he wait so long to use it?

- Even though Wonderwoman kills Aquaman, she still holds him close in death. Since when were they a couple?

 All in All, the movie wasn't bad. It wasn't as light as I was expecting. The art wasn't great, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. It just kind of blows my mind, that the one thing he wasn't more than anything else in the world, for his mother to be back with him, ruined not only his life, but the entire planet, pretty much brought it to the brink of extinction. Imagine how rough that would be on your psyche? to think that whole world would end because you chose to save your mother. Is it selfish to want to spend time/save your mother from the brink of death? Is it selfish that you get to steal one or two more minutes with your family? Especially when they are so brutally taken from you. Do you think Batman wouldn't go back in time to save his parents? Would he even be Batman without his family's death?

Food for thought. If you saw this movie, lets talk about it! Hit me up on twitter.

Until Next Time,
Stay Nerdy.

Cinema #17: Batman V. Superman ( Spoilers )

April 8, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I'm so excited to tell you guys this! My father hasn't been to the movie theaters in eleven years, so I was so excited when I had the opportunity to finally pull him out of the house and take him to a movie. He decided that the only movie he would see was Batman V. Superman, even though he knew it wasn't going to be great because it was by the same director that did Man of Steel and we all know how terrible that was.

 Not only was the movie not great, but the people in the theater we went to were just too much. Almost like half of the theater, had their phones on, after the lights went out, so one whole side was super bright, a group of kids came in, after the lights went down and the movie started, and were yelling, Are you guys in here? Anyone in here? Like a couple of douchebags. I finally get my father to come out and see a movie with me, and they flipping ruin it. It just wasn't fair.
  Moving on from that though, here's what I thought about the movie.

-  Starting the movie off with Bruce's Parents Funeral, because we haven't seen that before. What I don't like, is that the father, charges forward and then gets shot. They basically fight against the thug and then die. Their deaths are supposed to be unexplainable. That something bad happens to people all the time, that there isn't anything that can be done to prevent it. I really didn't like that they made the father seem very uncharacter-like by charging the bad guys.  I have always wondered why the shooter leaves Bruce alive...

- In all that fog, just a random ass horse appears, because why not?

- When Lois Lane goes to the desert, there are three different teams of bad guys are at work...Why?

- I really don't like her Lois Lane. She reduces an amazing feminist character to a soap opera.

- Not gonna lie, I totally fell in love with Mercy in this film. I feel like she is way better than the ones in the cartoons.

- Since when is Batman a cattle rancher? Who the hell brand's people?

- Why does Finch block Luthor's import request and then tell him in person? To be superior?

- Could Luthor be any more Flamboyant?

- What irks me the most about this movie is that they treat Superman like a freaking god. He's not a god! You got yourselves into this mess by treating him better than he deserved.

- Since when does Wonder Woman run? Not once but twice.

- Why are they concerned about a senator from Kentucky? Seriously.

- Even Neil Degrasse Tyson wasn't enough to save this movie.

- What is up with Bruce's Dreams... The guards have superman patches on their fatigues.... Ugh I'm tired of Superman already, and we aren't even half way through the movie.

- I loved the face Diana made while Lex was giving his speech, like that's NOT how that story goes. What was up with his speech though? He was on a roll, and then just stopped in the middle. I don't remember Lex having a speech impediment.

- Didn't know Tombstones bled, Bruce really should see someone about that.

- Lex gave that guy a new chair just to blow him up? That is super rude.

- Find Lois, she is the key. Key to What?!

- This move does have a great music score.

- So Clark/Superman is Mexico's White Savior? There are so many things wrong with this picture. Please... Get over yourself.

- I feel like something was lost after the explosion of the courthouse and when Bruce begins working on the Kryptonite weapons.

- Lex is super bold. He just climbs into the "alien" ship and into the water, like it could have eaten him alive.

- Lex puts together the Justice League, basically... Wonderwoman is OLD....1918?!

- Is this Batman V. Superman or Superman V. The U.S. Capitol?

- What is with humans and wanting to Nuke something? That isn't going to solve the issue. Believe me.

- You go and Kidnap his mother? Man, villains have absolutely no respect now. That is just super rude.

- " I learned long ago, that God can't be all powerful and all good".

- Clark can't just listen for his mother?

- What kind of Crime Reporter is she? You'd think she'd recognize a mass murderer when she has seen them before. Ugh.

- Lex Luthor is a great super villain, he's very literary. I loved almost all of his quotes.

- It irks me so much that Not only did Wonder Woman run twice, but then was on a PLANE. UGH.

- When Superman gets blown up by the nuke and is just floating in space? The first thing that came to miy mind was... Are you there God? it's me, Clark.

- Doomsday looks like the tar monster from Scooby Doo. Come better DC, Come better .

- A nuke doesn't kill him, but a small claw through the chest does? I'm so finished with this movie.

 This movie was so ridiculous. At the most, I would give it a 6 out of 10. Its story didn't really make sense, there was quite a bit left out or lost. The characters were soulless, and I didn't care for how they portrayed the trinity of DC Comics. They just could have done so much better in almost every facet of the movie. Zach Snyder should just pack up his cape. He's not fit for this kind of work.

What did you guys think about the movie? Lets talk about it on Twitter. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Until Next Time,
Stay Nerdy,

~ Spokhette!~

Series #20: Powerpuff Girl Reboot

April 4, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I probably don't have to tell you guys this, but growing up I watched a lot of cartoons. One of my favorites were Powerpuff Girls. I loved it so much, that I had coloring books, t-shirts, bed sheets, and a huge comforter. My favorite Powerpuff Girl was Buttercup, because she didn't take any crap from anyone. When I was younger I wasn't nearly as bold, and she embodied what I wanted to become. I'm like Buttercup now, but younger me, had everything to worry about, especially bullies, I was more like Bubbles than anything.
 With Cartoon Network re-launching the Series later tonight, I thought what a better opportunity to tell you guys about my favorite things about the girls. Sugar, Spice and Intelligence the girls were everything I wanted to be. I tuned in every night, and was notorious for watching re-runs and episodes that I had already seen. I had the video game and the movie and played them religiously. I'm so excited that they will be coming back soon. I don't have cartoon network but I am hoping that I will be able to watch it on Hulu, like every other show.
  So without further ado, five favorite things about the Powerpuff girls.

- I think my favorite episode is when the girls are all grown up. They wanted to stay up later, they wanted to go to the mall, and hang out with their friends. Just like most girls and boys want to do at that age, and it was cool to see kids like you actually fulfill what you daydream about right?

- Powerpuff Girls Z: The Anime. I'm not sure how popular this got, but I remember catching a few episodes and that theme song was so darn catchy. It still pops up on my playlists occasionally. I love how the story didn't change very much but they got even cuter anime style, and they gave ButterCup a hammer, Dude, can you say Cosplay Goals? Also, the professor, reminded me a lot of Astro Boy for some reason, but that's a story for another time.

- My father found this Dojinshi when I was about a pre-teen called Power Puff Girls D. Its amazing, I don't want to spoil the plot for you because it is actually STILL ONLINE. I'll link it so you can go read it and then when you're done come back so we can talk about it because it was amazing. Not only did you get great art and an AMAZING story, but you got the cross over of a LIFETIME! Dexter's Lab, Samurai Jack, What more did you need man?

- My favorite villain was Fuzzy Lumpkin. He wasn't seriously a bad guy, he just wanted his own space. I know he damaged property and other things but at the end of the day, people did encroach on his property... I suppose he could have asked nicely, but if he did that he wouldn't really be a villain now would he?

- I absolutely loved the Powerpuff Girls movie. A lot of people gave it a lot of flack, but I thought it was great. You got to learn Mojo Jojo's background, and all thought they had a decent rogue's gallery, lets be honest, Mojo Jojo was their arch nemesis. I love it when a story explains why a villain is they way they are and gives them dimension. Powerpuff girls did a GREAT job of making each character more than one dimensional. They did a great job at pulling on my heart strings and making me cry too, but to have my parents tell it, I'm just a big softy, so maybe I was just more sensitive than others.

Are you a fan of Powerpuff girls? are you excited to see them come back tonight? I would love to hear your thoughts and predictions about the reboot! Lets fangirl on twitter. Thanks to Cartoon Network for Powerpuff Yourself , an adorable website where you can create your own powerpuff persona and its INCREDIBLY INCLUSIVE. Here's myself, I can't wait to see you guys!

Until Next Time,
Stay Nerdy,

Convention Roundup: C2E2

April 1, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I did it! I have survived another #c2e2! I went the previous year and wrote about it, and it has become my favorite convention. I had other plans to visit more conventions this year, but I knew I couldn't pass up C2E2. The guest list was just way too awesome. However, I did start a new job and other stuff, so I could only go for Saturday, I'm glad I didn't do longer, though, because Alex and I both wound up getting sick and it would have sucked to be "conventioning" all weekend without a voice.
 Also, something else I learned. Chicago/illinois has a time difference from Ohio. I thought I was late, and I was really just in time. They are an hour behind, I will definitely keep that in mind for next time. I think for 2017, since it will be my third year in a row, I think I will finally stay the entire weekend, start putting money aside now and start working on the costumes I want to wear. SMH, look at me, I'm already excited and plotting next years convention.
  As you can tell from last Monday's post, I had a schedule about what I wanted to do/accomplish this year for the convention but because of the sickness, I had to bow out early. I was unable to participate in any of the collaborations that I had scheduled for the weekend because of the sudden melt down of our immune systems, but I was at least able to visit one of the panels (Women of Marvel) and get ALL of my comics signed and photos taken with the awesome artists that were there.
  I ran into Jessica on the show floor. It was so much fun running into other bloggers and influencers that I communicate with online all the time in person. She is such a peach! She and a group of panelists put together the Diversity in Geek Media panel on Saturday. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend it, for I was ushering my sick boyfriend back to the hotel, but if any of my readers attended, please comment below. I'd love to hear how it went.
 I bought a beautiful wall scroll from an artist, I'd never heard of before, but now that I've met her and seen her art in person, I need so much more. *Mental Note: Stalk her on Social Media* I'm still kicking myself for not getting two wall scrolls AND I didn't get a picture with her, but at least I got her to sign it. I didn't buy a lot of things while I was at the convention, I'm sure my wallet thanks me, but unfortunately, that means I don't have a huge haul to show you guys now that I am home. In fact, I think the only things that I bought were that wall scroll and Poison Ivy #1 from Amy Chu's table so I could have her sign it and get a picture with her, she's so darling. I was so excited, I have two Poison Ivy comics signed by her, and that just made me smile.
 I missed Annie Wu and Stacey Lee first time around because they were on the way to their panel, so of course I hightailed it. I was sad because while I was making the mad dash for the panel, I came across a Moongirl cosplayer that freaking KILLED it, and I wasn't able to get her photo... I DID however run into a PROFESSOR LAYTON COSPLAYER who was female and we fangirled over her outfit and my tattoo, and got a picture together, we are super cute!
 I went to go get my Batgirl #3 annual signed by Ming Doyle, and she recognized me out of costume... I really felt like I died and went to heaven. She recognized me without costume AND different hair color. She's so awesome. I also visited Annie Wu, David Walker, Khary Rudolph, Stacey Lee, Marguarite Sauvage, Marguarite Bennet, and Gail Simone for the 2nd time.
 Although, I wish that I was able to stay a little bit longer and maybe get to some of those collaborations that I had planned, because I missed working with Nerdily AND Sugar Gamers, which would have been epic. Maybe I can try again next year. I would like to do more networking and more collaborations for this year.
 My new job will be over in two months, so I shouldn't have so much issues updating Nerdette At Large from then on. For right now, though, I'm stuck to a Monday and Friday Schedule. I am currently working on a couple of youtube videos for the next couple of weeks, I'm going back to the one video a week schedule.

 Thank you guys for being so patient with me, while I get this schedule thing under control. I'm always free to talk on Twitter though.

Until Next Time,
Stay Nerdy.


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