March Favorites

April 22, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I've been working pretty hard trying to keep up with this new schedule. Since it's lighter than the last one, I haven't been doing to badly, but it definitely feels good to get back into routine. I have so much video content to edit for you guys, I can't wait to put everything up on the youtube! I did a lot of things in March, so lets just jump right into it.

- I went to C2E2 and had Ming Doyle recognize me out of costume, and with a different hair color. Not even going to lie, I had a total heart attack.

- I finally got a big girl job. Not a fan of the hours, but I love what I do and the pay is GREAT!!

- Visited a new Comic book shop, and caught up on all my favorites. This adventure will be on Youtube Soon, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out.

- Finishing Beautiful Bones. Here's Why I think you'll like it too.

- Having @justplaintweets share my Frankie Article for #herstoryarc AND having it liked by Cameron Stewart AND Brendan Fletcher.

- Having amazing Cosplayer @Kayyybear follow me on Twitter.

- Seeing Zootopia opening Weekend. Here's What I thought. 

- Buying Comics for the 1st time in Months.

- Watching Stitchers Season 2 and falling in love all over again.

- Seeing Batman Vs. Superman Opening Weekend. Here's What I thought!!

What did you guys get up to in March? Was it a great month for you? Lets talk about it on Twitter!!


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