So Unfair!

January 27, 2010

  So, the internet is acting wierd again! Two days ago, it actually crashed! Like it was down for over an hour. When It came back up it was asking me about updates, so I updated! Every single one! Even Got the new Internet Explorer, Window's Live, and something called Starlight. Now I asked this woman specifically, if I needed to download the optional updates, and she tolde me to do them all, so I did, and then the net crashed. Ever since then My internet has not been connecting, and I'm the only one on my entire floor, without INTERNET CONNECTION! WHICH FUCKING SUCKS!


January 25, 2010

 Men, are hunters. They prey on weak unsuspecting women. Then they strike. I am SO tired of men taking advantage of women. We all deserve a fair chace in life, and I hardly think it's fair that society never shines it's light on  women, unless of course their being stupid, or are furthering the stereotype of  women being unequal and are simply on this earth to produce offspring and be a man's right hand.
  I'm not saying that all men think this way, but the very few are outnumbered by egotistical mysoginistic narcissist mentalities that only hinder society, not rescue it. You can't really save anything if all you think about is yourself. THeyr'e are numerous stories about selfishness, and even though, "It's a mans' world" *Eye roll and gag me please! * Women get blamed when something goes wrong, and I am tired of it and am taking a stand! So all women, that want to be heard, stand with me...or be knocked down to the peg on which you stand. 



  • Cooks
  • Seamstress
  • Temptress
  • Beauty
  • Intelligence
  • Sex appeal
  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Wiccan
  • Bastet
  • Fear
  • Powerful
  • Writers
  • Dresses
  • Sexy pant-suits
  • glasses
  • nerdy
  • kimono's
  • culture
  • disprespected
  • unappreciated
  • restless
  • unequal
  • rebirth
  • yukata's
  • kitten
  • Pussy
  • Breasts
  • Stereotype
  • religiously inferior
  • The Comedy, where the war is stopped by the women because their husbands were sex starved.
  • Rolemodels
  • Role models that don't include: 
  • Paris Hilton
  • Miley Cyrus
  • or Nicole Richie

The Red and White of it all...

January 23, 2010

 So, this will officially be my 1st entry in over 5 days. That's a whole school week. Speaking of school, it's going fine, I'm finally done, with that idiotic pre assignment for snoozeville. I finished my Soc hmwk, and I did my english. When the week starts up again, i.e. Monday, I can start the vicious cycle over again, but for now, i.e. this weekend, I'm just going to enjoy my peace and quiet. And there's no other way I like to do that then, to relax, eat some fatty foods, and fill my plate, with upper eastside nastiness. What could be better than watching Little J assert her power, and E lose his?...

  Speaking of Red and White,  I'm extremely excited about Alice in Wonderland, which comes out in March. They've just sighned Anne Hathaway as the white queen, and she looks absolutely stunning. Even though, the story is actually based off of Caroll's sequel Through the looking glass. And the Red and White Queen aren't the same as the hearts, so...Why in the trailer does the red queen say off with their heads? I was very sad to find that they had made such a serious mistake...

  It's like a goth boy's wet dream...I must ask myself though, If I find her to be gorgeous, then what does that make me?...Then again that's another story for another time. Ohayocon is in a week, and I've finished all my work, which means I can just relax, for the weekend. It will be my first convention and mom is bringing me a battery charger, so I can start to brushing off my photography skills. Plus, I might even take my tablet, and report on location! lol.
   Speaking of reporting, I'm going to apply for the newspaper, I've never actually written any types of articles but it is something that I would like to attempt. Plus, who knows, I could report for Neko, and actually get some type of exposure. I can't wait to take some landscape and other types of photos. To be quite honest, I just can't wait to actually use my camera, its gathering dust in my cabinet.
   Biggs' had a sale on Ramen Noodles, and I bought 8 packs, 4 shrimp, 4 chicken, which is great, because now I have something to eat when the dining hall and food court is closed, but I didn't pack a bowl! And now my stomach is growling and I can't eat it because I don't have a dish to freaking cook it in!  So my poor taste buds are salivating at the unjustice of it all.
   So, my little sister is starting to become a working girl. She's been babysitting for hours on end. I'm pretty sure she's been getting paid good money for it. I'm so proud of her!

Saddening news...

January 17, 2010

  I missed G-Dragon's Solo CONCERT!!!!!!!I AM SOOO SADDDDDDDDD@!!!!!!!! He preformed Breathe, and had dry sex on a bed, with Aimee someone or other>.. I'm am sooo dissappointed! I wanted to go sooo bad! 
   And Even if he has another concert there's no guarantee that it will have the same set list. Boo Hoo!

Can you say con?

January 15, 2010

  So I have the opportunity to go to my very first anime convention! I am sooo excited that there is room for me...I just have to finish up the paperwork. I am soo excited! We're going to Ohayocon! It takes place in Columbus Ohio. We're leaving Friday, and Because people are sooo nice, I didn't even have to pay registration...although, now I have to walk around with a badge, with the name of  Ethan...
   But I'm not going to gripe about something that I'm getting free. I even told mom about it and she said that she was going to hope for the best. So I wonder if she's going to let me go..I mean I am 18, but I don't think its a good idea to push the issue ya know? I'm so excited! I can't wait until we leave! It's the last weekend of January! Not enough time to participate in the cosplay event but I mean there are plenty of other things, including  DDR, and dancing! My first official con! I am sooo excited!
   I mean the cons at the library are going to be nothing compared to this. I mean, Sugoicon, is like 5 times smaller than Ohayocon, so I'm going to see it all practically! Plus they have a scrapbook, so I'm hoping that even tho Kiersten is the head of the group and aka photographer that I can take the scrapbooking job from Jessica, because I mean she did a good job, but she just seemed so overwhelmed, when I do it on the daily with my mom, so it's not like I wouldn't know what I was doing! Dunno, I just wish that I could do something other than just being a member...If you want any information about ohayocon, then just visit Not COM! That just leads you to a german blog...I'm speaking from personal experience!


Beware Global warming ...Sister Gonzalez in on the case...

  Hey Guys! I think its been almost 2 days since a post...I'm shocked, since I have been out of the house, I've been updating like crazy! But anyway! We had a fieldtrip in Written Word, and we walked to Earthconnection, which is basically like this really awesome example of sucking it to Global Warming. It's all run by sisters of charity, and it is the coolest thing I've ever seen! Of course, it couldn't just be a really cool fieldtrip, no of course not, we have to write a page paper on our experience at EarthConnection...Which wouldn't be soo bad if I knew what to write about... But I don't and there in lies my delimna...

No longer caged in.

  HEY! I thought I should write a little something today since it's so special. It's the first day in over 9 months that I'm...SINGLE!!!! I have split from my boyfriend. He's mad at me but it's whatever because I don't feel that I did anything wrong and the relationship was just not working for me anymore. But that's okay... because like he told me soooo many times when we were dating, everyone needs time to themselves, and I'm going to use this time to focus!
  School's right around the corner! Yes, Classes start on the 11th of January! I am soo excited! I'm going to be living on campus. I'm very very exstatic to be living away from home. It's a very new experience since I'm such a homebody but there's still a problem, my health papers still need to be signed and we have no insurance! So now, I have to figure out how much it will cost to sign them. Those are the things that are holding me back from registering for my classes. It's always something right?

My first week of classes...

  So, I know its been a long time since I've been online. I've made new friends, I've done new types of homework assignments, I've even eaten knew types of food, and even chilled in different places. College has really been a new experience for me, being on my own and away from home, and I really love it...I thought I would be homesick but I'm not. I mean I miss being at home, but I love the independance that I have.
   Speaking of new friends, Ursula is really cool! Like her movie collection is amazing and just her whole personality meshes really well together. And it even feels like a kind of movie, with the other personalities I've met such as Paige, kind of reminds me of Missy from Step up 2, and Jacob? He reminds me of Chase...Like everyone I've met just seems to fit some kind of memory that I own, and I love it!
   The homeworks, not crazy boring, or crazy hard (yet) but it is challenging, I can't deny that. Mostly I think it's just being afraid of not being done on time. Like I finally finished my earthConnection essay, and when I went to upload my final draft, I couldn't find the link and I nearly had a heart attack, because I couldn't find it and then I emailed the professor and she said that she hadn't even put the link up yet! So I was kind of jumping the gun!
  So we're just chilling, and just got done watching step up 2, which I love!!!!!!!!!!!And a security guard, just came waltzing in like he owned the place, and scaring the living bejesus out of us! And we weren't even being loud! But I guess, it comes with the territory when like, you live on the loudest floor in the building, but what do you expect when its practically bursting with young happy freshman, such as myself?? We're not just going to sit there and be quiet, that's some middle school shyt right there. We'll I don't have any pictures too report, but I did dye my bang. It's like a really light pink, and it only shows up in the bright/sunlight because my hair is sooo dark...It's kind of saddenning.but at least I don't have to worry about work because of the fact,, that ya know...I can't really do anything crazy because of the fact, that I work with food, but as long as I know it's there, then its all good.
   I'm really looking forward to Friday, because I only have one class, and it's music and only 50 minutes long, and then I have the whole day to myself, except for Neko at 5! My very first meeting, I hope I fit in, like I love Anime, but somethimes I don't fit in with that crowd...But I'm going to bed now, because it's actually after 2 am, and I am pushing my limit...Peace

1st day of classes...

January 11, 2010

  Okay...So today was the very 1st day of classes... I love My Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes. It's not that they don;t seem hard, because...they do. But its more like they make the class interesting. And Since it seems interesting I'm not as quick to toss it to the side. I bought the books for World Civ. They Were massively expenisve! Guess, just take a guess at how much you think it would be...50 MF dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I could get like 12 books for that price my god! THey're trying to starve me!!!!!!!!!!
   And don't even get me started on the other books!!!! Intro to Soc's alone is 114. + tax and CHANGE! They had the nerve to add change to that, there must be something in the water, hell there must be something in the air if they think people are going to pay that much for a book.
  But moving on...I'm reading the syllabus for Written Word and  Prof. Buffy is Freakin' Awesome! Like, You have to have a laptop with internet acces for her class right, and she's goin on about the things you shouldn't do while in her class, and she says no facebook(You can harvest your crops on your own time.) I was getting soooo weak! 
 Finally got my mailbox info. So I can order stuff, and get stuff at my dorm instead of having to wait on the weekend in order to get my packages. Speaking of which, My stuff from amazon is waiting for me at home except for my pillow case, which isn't scheduled to get here until freakin' February! Ain't that insane? But I'm still happy, because my Hello Kitty Mechanical Pencils, and my Hello Kitty Pencil case are finally here! Will upload as soon as I get pics. I have to go to bed so I don't miss class.
Love you!

Makeup by Moi: Christmas/New Year Haul!

  Okay, I went shopping and now I have some new editions to my makeup collection! (I don't have a battery charger for my rechargable batteries so I haven't been able to do any uploading...:(  So sad). *Our dorm floor has cable!!!! Just thought that was a nice tidbit to share.* * Plus, I finally figured out how to fill out my new college address, so now when I order stuff on line I can get it sent to my dorm, instead of the house! Yay team*
  But for the haul! These products came from 3 places. MAC. Sephora. The Body Shop.

                                                      Buxom Lash* as seen on Fafinettex3*

                                                     Buxom Lip-Plumping Lipstick

                                                    MAC:DazzleGlass-Date Night *LOVE IT!*

                                                     TooFaced: Mood swing Lipgloss.

Sephora: Eye Shadow Primer

                                                         The Body Shop: Dandelion Pink 
                                                           On sale $5 while supplies last!

Victoria Secret :Lip Laquer Steamy

The Whole Freakin' Collection.... 


A new beginning....Naw, I was jus bored and wanna do anuder entri.....

January 10, 2010

  This is a list of my classes...
Monday-Masterworks of Music, Intro to Sociology, Written Word
Tuesday-Foundations Seminar, World Civilizations since 1500
Wednesday-Masterworks of Music, Intro to Sociology, Written Word
Thursday-Foundations Seminar, World Civilizations since 1500
Friday-Masterworks of Music....That's awesome! Only one class on Friday! Booyah! I'm so bored...I just thought I'd write something else trivial for you to read....


New Year Photos.....

The First picture taken in My new dorm. It looks sooo

a day in the life of a dorm girl....

 So Hi everyone. I'm just checking in! I moved into my dorm room last night.  Paige and Biz are totally boss, and the R.A.'s cool too. I haven't really met anyone else yet. but it'll only be a matter of time until I meet them all. So Last night was full of new experiences!
  • Getting locked out of your dorm room is NOT fun!
  • Getting Physically home-sick...
  • Figuring out I was hungry too late and getting locked out of the dining hall
  • Having a head ache the size of texas...
  • Spending the whole night, updating my computer JUST so I could get on the internet...Goal was achieved around 4:15 this morning. From around 3 the following day. Wonderful isn't it??!
 Classes start tomorrow, and I'm already running into trouble there as well. Is there anything about college that is easy???? Other than getting raped, things being stolen, or failing???  Like I was trying to order my books and Not ONLY are they tres expensive, but one of them says something totally random about being a PDF file? So which one should I get? THe digital or the hardback? So of course being the resourceful woman that I am, I emailed the teacher. Who promptly sent me an email saying that they won't be back until the 21st which is grand and all but...WHO'S GOING TO BE TEACHING THE CLASS ON TUESDAY AND THURSDAY>????????? Sometime's I dont' think they think these things all the way thru. lol
  Jeez louise! Have you ever seen that commercial with T*mobile when theyre talking about what you want out of a cell phone plan? And the seamstress says one that doesn't charge me one of these, and one of these? an arm and a leg? Well that's my answer to the library's request to buy my books from them Bless Bastet, it's high way robbery! My book for sociology? $114.97, and yes they have the nerve to add tax to that nonsense! That's the most expensive book, but if I bought everything from the bookstore, I'd be in the hole like almost 400 dollars! DO you know what I could do with 400 dollars? Hail Hecate, I could get car insurance with that thing!
   So, turns out I already know two people that go to my college...Erin, from TMD, and C.J. from school. I've seen hide nor hair of Erin since I got here, but I only just found out that C.J. was going here! I am soo geeked,  we can rekindle our long lost friendship! I haven't seen him since MTH Graduation....Immed my Aunti, she is sooo coool! On Wednesday, she's bringing me a bin of ramen noodles and treats...I knew that my aunt was great, but this is freaking amazing of her... Do you have any idea as to the length of time its been since I've had ramen noodles? Just their name makes my mouth salivate!
   There's no heat to be found in my dorm room and if I wasn't wearing my totally functional and adorable hello kitty slippers, I'd be freezing my poor tootsie's off! I don't understand why, I can't seem to turn on the heat, but I was in Biz's room earlier and it didn't seem that it was as cold as mine, maybe there isn't enough stuff in my room, maybe they hold heat...I'm doing everything I can, I'm wearing clothes on top of clothes, I'm under the covers as I type, wearing a sweater...AND a jacket...Plus I'm wearing my hair down so it can create extra heat, where's the hair heat when I need it?? Who knows...
  Still hide nor hair of my roommate, I wonder if their going to move someone else in here with me or if they're going to move me instead...I hope not, I mean I'm totally unpacked, my parents took the other two Suitcases, and besides, despite the lack of excitement and HEAT, I'm quite partial to my dormitory. Finally got the dock for my player, so I don't have to worry about my headphones. This year is going to be boss and I cannot wait to add pictures, from my new school. Alright, I need to find something ''Productive"to do with my time, so I'm going to log off...


The need for speed...

January 3, 2010

 Everything is happening so fast now, and I don't know if I have the speed to keep up anymore. Holidays are finally over, which means work is slowing down. Which means less hours, which equals to less money. Less money means I'm going to have to work harder to pay for college. Speaking of which, I got all my college stuff except my ROOM ASSIGNMENT! I've only been waiting for it since I got accepted! Like almost 4 months ago.
  I have my schedule! I have class all week, but only on Friday do I have one 50 minute class! Meaning I practically have my Fridays Free! More time to work/study! I can't believe there are only 24 hours in a day...Who thought this was a good Idea? How am I supposed to get everything done??? But I am sooo excited! Of course, Financial aid doesn't cover everything which is why I have to be creative! I am freelancing my crochet talents...If you want a glove, hat, or scarf. I am your girl!
   Ever since I took Monday off, my whole week has been off...Like I'm living my life a day behind everyone else. It's really wierd. New Years, was awesome. Spent it with the fam...We were over auntie, drinking red grape bubbly. It was SO NASTY! I absolutely LOATHE sparkling wine. And I have a feeling I'm not going to like the real stuff either. It's just something about it that makes my stomach turn. So next year, instead of sparkling wine. It's going to be Sunkist Cherry limeade! Just as bubbly, not illegal and it tastes WAY BETTER!
  Classes start on the eleventh and I couldn't be more excited! I just wish I was more prepared. I don't have a thing packed, I don't know where I'll be staying, I don't know what my room number is, I don't even know when we move in! If orientation is on the 9th and classes start on the 11th, I'm assuming its going to be sunday, but I could be wrong. lol. We all know not everyone thinks logically.
   But DON"T WORRY! I have all week to figure it out. Ya wanna know why doncha??? Because I don't go back to work until THURSDAY! Yep that's right I'm only working 2 days this week! Pure craziness right??? But I almost forgot about christmas...I celebrated Yule this year, it was an interesting experience... and I got a netflix subscription for christmas, which is nice, but my laptop isn't working the way it should so, it's kind of useless at the moment.


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