January 25, 2010

 Men, are hunters. They prey on weak unsuspecting women. Then they strike. I am SO tired of men taking advantage of women. We all deserve a fair chace in life, and I hardly think it's fair that society never shines it's light on  women, unless of course their being stupid, or are furthering the stereotype of  women being unequal and are simply on this earth to produce offspring and be a man's right hand.
  I'm not saying that all men think this way, but the very few are outnumbered by egotistical mysoginistic narcissist mentalities that only hinder society, not rescue it. You can't really save anything if all you think about is yourself. THeyr'e are numerous stories about selfishness, and even though, "It's a mans' world" *Eye roll and gag me please! * Women get blamed when something goes wrong, and I am tired of it and am taking a stand! So all women, that want to be heard, stand with me...or be knocked down to the peg on which you stand. 



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