Makeup by Moi: Christmas/New Year Haul!

January 11, 2010

  Okay, I went shopping and now I have some new editions to my makeup collection! (I don't have a battery charger for my rechargable batteries so I haven't been able to do any uploading...:(  So sad). *Our dorm floor has cable!!!! Just thought that was a nice tidbit to share.* * Plus, I finally figured out how to fill out my new college address, so now when I order stuff on line I can get it sent to my dorm, instead of the house! Yay team*
  But for the haul! These products came from 3 places. MAC. Sephora. The Body Shop.

                                                      Buxom Lash* as seen on Fafinettex3*

                                                     Buxom Lip-Plumping Lipstick

                                                    MAC:DazzleGlass-Date Night *LOVE IT!*

                                                     TooFaced: Mood swing Lipgloss.

Sephora: Eye Shadow Primer

                                                         The Body Shop: Dandelion Pink 
                                                           On sale $5 while supplies last!

Victoria Secret :Lip Laquer Steamy

The Whole Freakin' Collection.... 



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