My first week of classes...

January 15, 2010

  So, I know its been a long time since I've been online. I've made new friends, I've done new types of homework assignments, I've even eaten knew types of food, and even chilled in different places. College has really been a new experience for me, being on my own and away from home, and I really love it...I thought I would be homesick but I'm not. I mean I miss being at home, but I love the independance that I have.
   Speaking of new friends, Ursula is really cool! Like her movie collection is amazing and just her whole personality meshes really well together. And it even feels like a kind of movie, with the other personalities I've met such as Paige, kind of reminds me of Missy from Step up 2, and Jacob? He reminds me of Chase...Like everyone I've met just seems to fit some kind of memory that I own, and I love it!
   The homeworks, not crazy boring, or crazy hard (yet) but it is challenging, I can't deny that. Mostly I think it's just being afraid of not being done on time. Like I finally finished my earthConnection essay, and when I went to upload my final draft, I couldn't find the link and I nearly had a heart attack, because I couldn't find it and then I emailed the professor and she said that she hadn't even put the link up yet! So I was kind of jumping the gun!
  So we're just chilling, and just got done watching step up 2, which I love!!!!!!!!!!!And a security guard, just came waltzing in like he owned the place, and scaring the living bejesus out of us! And we weren't even being loud! But I guess, it comes with the territory when like, you live on the loudest floor in the building, but what do you expect when its practically bursting with young happy freshman, such as myself?? We're not just going to sit there and be quiet, that's some middle school shyt right there. We'll I don't have any pictures too report, but I did dye my bang. It's like a really light pink, and it only shows up in the bright/sunlight because my hair is sooo dark...It's kind of saddenning.but at least I don't have to worry about work because of the fact,, that ya know...I can't really do anything crazy because of the fact, that I work with food, but as long as I know it's there, then its all good.
   I'm really looking forward to Friday, because I only have one class, and it's music and only 50 minutes long, and then I have the whole day to myself, except for Neko at 5! My very first meeting, I hope I fit in, like I love Anime, but somethimes I don't fit in with that crowd...But I'm going to bed now, because it's actually after 2 am, and I am pushing my limit...Peace


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