The Red and White of it all...

January 23, 2010

 So, this will officially be my 1st entry in over 5 days. That's a whole school week. Speaking of school, it's going fine, I'm finally done, with that idiotic pre assignment for snoozeville. I finished my Soc hmwk, and I did my english. When the week starts up again, i.e. Monday, I can start the vicious cycle over again, but for now, i.e. this weekend, I'm just going to enjoy my peace and quiet. And there's no other way I like to do that then, to relax, eat some fatty foods, and fill my plate, with upper eastside nastiness. What could be better than watching Little J assert her power, and E lose his?...

  Speaking of Red and White,  I'm extremely excited about Alice in Wonderland, which comes out in March. They've just sighned Anne Hathaway as the white queen, and she looks absolutely stunning. Even though, the story is actually based off of Caroll's sequel Through the looking glass. And the Red and White Queen aren't the same as the hearts, so...Why in the trailer does the red queen say off with their heads? I was very sad to find that they had made such a serious mistake...

  It's like a goth boy's wet dream...I must ask myself though, If I find her to be gorgeous, then what does that make me?...Then again that's another story for another time. Ohayocon is in a week, and I've finished all my work, which means I can just relax, for the weekend. It will be my first convention and mom is bringing me a battery charger, so I can start to brushing off my photography skills. Plus, I might even take my tablet, and report on location! lol.
   Speaking of reporting, I'm going to apply for the newspaper, I've never actually written any types of articles but it is something that I would like to attempt. Plus, who knows, I could report for Neko, and actually get some type of exposure. I can't wait to take some landscape and other types of photos. To be quite honest, I just can't wait to actually use my camera, its gathering dust in my cabinet.
   Biggs' had a sale on Ramen Noodles, and I bought 8 packs, 4 shrimp, 4 chicken, which is great, because now I have something to eat when the dining hall and food court is closed, but I didn't pack a bowl! And now my stomach is growling and I can't eat it because I don't have a dish to freaking cook it in!  So my poor taste buds are salivating at the unjustice of it all.
   So, my little sister is starting to become a working girl. She's been babysitting for hours on end. I'm pretty sure she's been getting paid good money for it. I'm so proud of her!


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