Cinema #6: It Follows (Spoilers!)

March 30, 2015

Hi Gang!

 This Past weekend I went to go see It Follows with Alex. We left out super early so we stopped by Gameworks, where I taught him a little something about Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and I enjoyed a Daiquiri. I wasn't carded for my daquiri, but when I went to the kiosk to buy our tickets, I was carded for the movie! That's Not how this works, that's not how any of this works! Below are my thoughts on the movie. Please remember that these are my personal opinions, and that not everyone is going to agree with me.

- Why does IT have no name? They just called it, IT for the entire movie, I mean, I guess that works, but if it is supposed to kill all the way back until the person who started it, why didn't someone come up with a name by now?

- Why does IT walk so slow? Hugh said it wasn't dumb, but it was slow. I am confused as to why it moved so slowly? Was it a shapeshifter? Or was it just an illusion? Where did it come up with the different skins it wore? How is she supposed to get rid of it? Just keep running for the rest of her life?

- Is the movie supposed to be set in an older time? or Are they just poor? What is that Sea Shell Contraption that she was reading on? It was like Ariel's Kindle, I liked it. I wasn't a fan of all the Book excerpts, the writing was trying to be "deep" when it really wasn't.

- Why did Jay have to have sex with Paul? It was completely obvious that he had feelings for her. If she truly wanted to be with him, they shouldn't have needed to have sex. He was the only one that would have been able to see if the person following her, was real or Not. with him having sex with her, now neither of them know if the person behind them is IT, or just a person.

- I think this would have been a great propaganda film in the 80's for abstinence only Sex Education. It had the whole vibe of Don't have sex, you could die literally. Don't have sex, it will come back to haunt you if it isn't with your Husband/Wife.

- The music score was fantastic! It was moody, it was thrilling and it was catchy. I had bits and pieces of it bouncing around in my head for the rest of the night and this morning. I would definitely be interested in purchasing the Soundtrack.

- If IT can get into your home, why is she hiding in all of these places that makes it super easy to find her? If someone/thing is after me, there is no way, I would be on a swing in the playground, or sleeping on top of a car ON TOP not IN IT, in the middle of the woods. A lot of what Jay did just DID NOT make sense to me. I know its a scary movie, but that doesn't mean we need a "heroine" that is a moron, we want someone that is going to think like we are.

- There was just no closure to the film. I just wasn't satisfied with the end of the movie. I still had a large amount of questions, and no one in the theater, left with a knowing smile, that showed that they understood or enjoyed the film. It was my first scary film in theaters, and honestly, I was totally let down.

If you guys have seen it, what did you think about the movie? Lets talk about it on Twitter!!!

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My Angry Letter To Hot Topic.

March 26, 2015

Dear Hot Topic,

 I have been a customer since I was in the 7th grade, I am now 23. I have a frequent Buyer card, and I've had one since they were still small pieces of paper that you stamped. Every time I go to the mall I stop into your store, and 90% of the time, I buy something. I'm pretty busty, and I have curves. I like to wear dresses. You offer dresses and this makes me happy. Apparently, you offer dress sizes up to XXL and that makes me feel great. I wear a XL in pretty much everything, but dresses I always feel like I need extra room.
 Last Week, I ordered two dresses from you. A Hot Topic, Short sleeved stretchy red dress in XXL, it fits perfectly not a single problem was found. The second dress however, is a catastrophe. It is a Hell Bunny Halter Sailor Dress Navy, with Pockets! I was so excited when I saw this dress was available in XXL. I ordered it instantly, and could NOT wait for it to arrive. However, once it arrived I was incredibly disenheartened, angry and annoyed.
  The dress I ordered is supposed to be an XXL, I understand that dresses like that are fitted, which is why I got a size bigger. But this dress has to be labeled incorrectly. The Bodice is extremely SMALL and TIGHT, I could not get the zipper past my lower back, even with help from two people and a HANGER. Now there can only be two things that occurred here. I could be larger than I realize and the dress just not be the right size. OR You have absolutely NO idea how the body works.
  I am so angry about the fact, that you give women with curves and full figures false hope! We get that everywhere else, we don't need to get it from you as well. Do not label a dress as XXL or Plus Size if it is NOT going to fit a Plus Size Gal. Plain and Simple, that's called False Advertising, and it is NOT a good Business Practice. Do you know how devastating that is for someone's self esteem? A size in a dress that fits you well everywhere else except your store? What is your idea of an XXL Dress? Or a Plus Size Woman? Because She damn sure isn't wearing your dresses.

 Now if you will excuse me, I am off to return this dress to the post office, so I can get my wasted money back.

A Completely Unsatisfied Customer,


P.S. The Conversation Continues on Twitter, Please Tweet me if you have ever had this problem, We need to bring it to their attention!

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Series #10: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: A Series Review (Spoilers ahead)

March 23, 2015

Hi Gang!
 How was everyones weekend? If you've been following me on twitter, you already know how I spent mine. Finishing up one of the 7 new mystery television programs new to Netflix. I'm going to review Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries for you today, so I do have to say that sadly there will be spoilers. If you haven't watched it yet, please do, even after being placed in such a "stifling" time for women, the amount of freedom over every little thing that Phryne possesses is astounding, and a great role model of opportunity for ladies of any era. Every woman is in charge of her own destiny, she just needs to have the gumption to go for what she wants, no matter how many people don't want you to, or are standing in your way.

Ahoy, Matey: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

The honorable Phryne Fisher, has just come home from traveling the world and running from her family, and has decided that she was going to make Melbourne, Australia her home. She solves a crime, that has touched her nearby relatives, and her aunt Prudence who insists on her living a proper unmodern woman's life. After solving the murder, which has to do with an illegal abortion racket, she decides that her new goal, is to become a Lady Detective; the only one in Melbourne, because there aren't even female officers on the police force. 
   As you solve each case, you realize that Fisher is kind of home for souls who have lost there way. Dottie; the devout catholic, Jane: The re-formed Orphan thief and the constant reminder of her younger Sister, Janey, Cess and Burt: Cab-drivers and Muscle for Phryne. Mr. Butler: head of the house, Collins: Dottie's Protestant Lover and Jack Robinson: Detective Inspector and a love interest for Phryne.
  I have to just say that I absolutely loved this show, it gets four out of five stars for me! Now I'm gonna tell ya why!

- Phryne Fisher is the epitome of a Feminist. The show takes place in the 20's. Women can barely drive, and here she is being the only lady detective, and a voice to any disenfranchised person that needed her. Not only is the character the picture of a modern Woman with feminist ideologies, but so is nearly every person that is on her team or that she decides to keep ties to. She fights for women to be able to drive. She fights for disenfranchised orphans not to become wards of the state. She fights for contraception, and the right for women to be pro-choice and abortions. Rights for aboriginals, The right for women to wear whatever they want, be with whoever they want, hell, there was even an episode for gay rights. The show only had two seasons, 13 episodes and Phryne catered to proper ideologies, that most shows that run for years, don't, can't and won't do. Phryne isn't the only character that makes you feel powerful. The entire (reappearing) cast is likable, honest, and well-rounded. I can't think of a single character that I didn't like, that was in more than one episode.

-  The stories are three dimensional and continuity is spectacular. I can't choose a favorite episode, I liked them all. Every episode, had me on the edge of my seat. I generally knit while I watch murder mysteries. I love me some murder, Ellery Queen, Columbo, Sherlock, Murder She Wrote (which I'm watching now) and so forth and so on. But I couldn't focus on my knitting! There was so much going on that I was worried I would miss something!

- The costume design for this program as phenomenal. I personally want to bake Marion Boyce something absolutely marvelous! I wanted everything that graced the screen. There wasn't a single outfit that went by that didn't make me giddy as a school girl! Everything was so glamorous, Skirts, dresses, cloaks and shirts, shoes and hats! Every costume made me yearn for the ability to be a competent Seamstress. I swear, I screencapped every costume.

 I was a little disappointed that Phryne never got together with Jack, even after Dottie and Hugh got engaged, but I just realized that the series has been picked up for a third season, so I am positively buzzing with excitement for all of her new adventures. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes a great story, a great cast of characters, a sense of style even Blair Waldorf couldn't complain about. You can find series 1 + 2 on Netflix.

If you have seen this show, Please comment down below so we can chat about it! I would LOVE to talk to someone about my feels! As always, the conversation continues on twitter.

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Analog Blogging!

March 20, 2015

Hi Gang!
Happy Friday Guys!!! I'm so glad my work week is over. It wasn't particularly stressful or anything, but I am excited that my wonderful duty free weekend has arrived! Today, I'm going to talk about journaling, the Analog way. Every Blogger has a Blog Notebook, but I'm talking about the one's with Personal Thoughts inside. With putting so much on the internet, these days, it feels good to have some place to put your utmost personal thoughts down, and not having to worry about editing or censoring, or silly things like that.
 I can't draw to save my soul, but I do enjoy doodling in my journal from time to time. I'm gonna show you my journals and the products I use when I write. This is Not a sponsored Post, it is just something I thoroughly enjoy doing and thought I would share it with all of you.
 I mostly write in the Gray Journal, Brianna bought it for me for Christmas, and since I had it before the leather bound one, I figured I should finish it before starting another one. I ordered the stickers from Amazon, and went kind of crazy. The larger Squares, are chock full of little animated Korean Writings and Characters. The Smaller ones are washi tape strips in the most adorable containers. I can't help it, I am such a sucker for things that are kawaii. It is the bane of my wallet. When I was younger, I loved writing in different colors. So I picked up these Gel Pens, now I use them for my doodles, because the pens are so much thicker than my bic writing pens, that it makes my hand hurt over a couple of paragraphs or two.
 I picked up the Leather Journal at Barnes and Noble, It was the most expensive notebook I've ever bought, I don't know what I want to fill it with and I don't want to waste a $37 Leather Bound notebook with rubbish! I know that's an exhorbitant amount of money to spend on a notebook but look at it! It's imported from ITALY!!!

Do you guys write personal Journals? What are some of your favorite journaling tools? The Conversation continues on twitter!

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Series #9: Top 10 Anime Openings Of all Time

March 16, 2015

Hi Gang!
So lately, I've had morning completely free and I have been taking full advantage of Netflix/Hulu's Ginormous collection of Anime, while sketching out ideas for all the things I'm aching to sew, and knit. I've had ideas of Sleeveless, racebacks and Halter tops, Suspender skirts and Shorts. My mind has been spinning with inspiration from Ravelry and Instagram to @Paper-tiger, and @Izzknit.
 One of the cool things about watching Anime, is the music. Ending themes, Opening themes, Themes to the movies, they almost always have wonderful music! I honestly can't enjoy an anime if I don't enjoy the music to it. So I'm going to talk about 10 of my favorites! As Always though, the conversation continues on twitter, Stop over there and tell me about some of your favorite anime Openings too okay?

10. Free: Swim Club: Rage On

09. Brother's Conflict: Soul Betrayal

08. My Little Monster

07. Saint Seiya Hades Chapter

06. R.O.D T.V.

05. Ouran High School Host Club

04. Ikki Tousen Great Guardians: No X Limit

03. Cardcaptor Sakura

02. D.N.Angel 

01. Sailor Moon Crystal: Moon Pride

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13 Movies to ring in Friday the 13th!

March 13, 2015

Hi Gang!
 This is going to be a super short post today. I'm in the midst of Baking and sewing commissions. I just wanted to pop on the blog and wish everyone a Happy Friday the 13th. I wish, I could partake in my usual Scary movie Marathon, but Unfortunately, I have real work to do today. So Instead, I will leave you a list of my favorite movies to watch, and maybe you guys can have your own marathon!

13.) Cursed

12.) Nightmare on Elm Street Remake

11.) My Bloody Valentine Remake

10.) The Omen

09.) Children of the Corn

08.) House of Wax Remake

07.) House of Wax

06.) The Town That Feared Sundown

05.) Friday the 13th

04.) Friday the 13th Pt. 2

03.) Nightmare on Elm Street 

02.) House on Haunting Hill

01.) Halloween

I've seen all of these movies more than twice, and they continue to be staples in my scary movie collection. I hope you guys enjoy My list, and if there are some of your favorites, that you feel I should check out,  I'm totally down! Leave em in the comments below, or hit me up on twitter @spokhette!

 Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel,

  The Noire Menagerie

Geek Fuel: A Monthly Box Review

March 9, 2015

Hi Gang!
 I'm so excited about this opportunity you guys! So last month, I was contacted by Geek fuel, to do a review on their February Box. If you aren't aware, Geek Fuel is a monthly themed subscription box, that is filled to the brim with all kinds of nerdy goodness.  Even with all of the horrible snowy weather, we saw in February the box still got here safe and sound. This box's theme was Retro Gaming, and they did not disappoint.

- '66 Batman T-shirt: All the villains from the movie, and Batman, but drawn as Pacman and Ghosts. I was so geeked when I saw this t-shirt inside, I wore it to work the day the box arrived. Received tons of compliments. I love how it fits in with the retro theme, because it is obviously 66 batman instead of a newer one.

- Green lantern Glass: An epic, drinking glass, with Green Lantern springing into action. I've never been a huge fan of Green Lantern, but it is cool to have him lighting up my kitchenware. (See what I did there?)

- Alien Invaders Soap: A Bar of Soap, colored and molded into an Alien Invader. My mother who doesn't not play video games at all, practically keeled over, when she saw the soap, this being one of the only games she would play, and she still does occasionally, on an emulator my father found for her. I'm kind of excited to start using the soap, it looks like it might glow in the dark.

- Retro Sticker: A huge Oval shaped bumper sticker, that says I "heart" Retro Gaming. Which I do, nothing better than original 8 bit shrunken characters of others youth, I may be a bit young too remember a good portion of these games. However, that doesn't mean that I'm not going to put that sticker to good use. I'm a huge fan of stickers!

- Retro Button: A small pinback button, that says I "heart" retro Gaming, I shall add it to my collection, right next to the "geek inside" and "foodie" ones I've received over the last couple of years.

- Retro Gaming Magazine: A special "Pocket-sized" edition of Retro Gaming. I haven't opened it yet, but it looks like its filled to the brim with retro games, and info, maybe they'll even tell me where I can get some emulators to experience these games myself.

- Worms...: I have not opened these, so I don't know if they are candy, or just plastic toy worms, but according to Alex  they are from an older game called worms, where there were tanks and other nonsense and exploding worms, it sounds like fun to me, but I didn't have the opportunity to play it, he said and I quote " I missed one of the best games of my/his childhood."

They have multiple monthly plans, but the best way to explain it is, I just kidnapped their photo. It looks like the best value is the year plan, and it includes 3 mystery gifts! I was thoroughly impressed with my box, and would gladly buy another months worth of boxes. This seems like the best gift for those nerds who seem to have everything.

 Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel,
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March 5, 2015

Hi Gang!
 I'm back and better than ever! I'm sure you've noticed a few changes. There will be a couple more through the progressing months. I can't believe it is already March, 2015 is passing by way too fast for me already, I have to get a move on everything I wanted to do this year, before it's too late!

- I've changed the title of the blog to Nerdette at large, I feel like that this title is better suited for the way I've been blogging lately and the online brand I want my blog to have. I've been looking for artists, for my logo/mascot, so if you know anyone that is artistically inclined, send them to me.

- I am interested in cleaning up my stash, so there will be a Stash Busting Sale, in the shop, make sure to stop by, and save me from myself.

- I was contacted by Geek Fuel, to do a review/unboxing of their February box. I can't wait to show you guys that one, the box was pretty epic.

- I bought my first blu-ray the other day. Big Hero 6 came out and I bought the Collector's Edition Automatically. I also picked up a Soft Sculpture of Batman from Funko, my very first Funko Product, I love him!

- I've been feeling super inspired and creative as of late, especially thanks to Instagram. I've been following a lot of artists, knitters and now, journalers. People with the most brightly colored, inspirational looking journals written by people just like me. They are so pretty you guys. Washi tape, photos that are important to them, sparkly gel ink, spelling out their hopes, their dreams, their desires? I've always been a fan of journals, organizing all the thoughts in your head into one spot. So I went out and got my own supplies for the job!

- I've been picking up t-shirts. I got quite a few from teeturtle. It took some finagling for them to fit, even thought I ordered xl female shirts, and they were like 8 sizes smaller than Alex's large t-shirts, but a little bit of stretching and they fit just fine, so I guess I won't be complaining too much.

- My father bought me some more yarn, but honestly it is beginning to take over my entire studio, so I'm hoping I can get rid of some duplicates in the ginormous stash that I am working on and hoping that I can maybe shrink the size down a little.

I'm looking forward to a fun and full month here on Nerdette at Large, and I can't wait for you guys to see it too! if you don't wanna miss out on the fun, click the button below to follow me on Bloglovin.

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