Series #9: Top 10 Anime Openings Of all Time

March 16, 2015

Hi Gang!
So lately, I've had morning completely free and I have been taking full advantage of Netflix/Hulu's Ginormous collection of Anime, while sketching out ideas for all the things I'm aching to sew, and knit. I've had ideas of Sleeveless, racebacks and Halter tops, Suspender skirts and Shorts. My mind has been spinning with inspiration from Ravelry and Instagram to @Paper-tiger, and @Izzknit.
 One of the cool things about watching Anime, is the music. Ending themes, Opening themes, Themes to the movies, they almost always have wonderful music! I honestly can't enjoy an anime if I don't enjoy the music to it. So I'm going to talk about 10 of my favorites! As Always though, the conversation continues on twitter, Stop over there and tell me about some of your favorite anime Openings too okay?

10. Free: Swim Club: Rage On

09. Brother's Conflict: Soul Betrayal

08. My Little Monster

07. Saint Seiya Hades Chapter

06. R.O.D T.V.

05. Ouran High School Host Club

04. Ikki Tousen Great Guardians: No X Limit

03. Cardcaptor Sakura

02. D.N.Angel 

01. Sailor Moon Crystal: Moon Pride

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