FOTD + OOTD: Pippy Longstockings Reloaded

December 9, 2010

So this is my face of the day. Totally inspired by the Rocking longsleeved v neck I have on. It can be found at my lookbook site. This is just a simply silver smokey eye, wit a touch of glitter. It matches my top to a t. and looks super pretty on my skin tone.

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Interview Me: MamiChula8153

December 8, 2010

Now, below you are about to meet Lee-Lee. Don't be fooled by her sweet demeanor, and gorgeous appearance, she is here to change the world and take names while doing it. One Mac lipstick at a time.

Kousagi: How long have you been a fan of makeup?

LEE-LEE: I remember being a little girl & being fascinated watching my mom apply her makeup. For as far back as I can remember, I have always loved playing around with makeup & dressing up. But it wasn't until high-school that I was allowed to experiment with my looks haha :)

Kousagi: What are your top 5 brands? And why?

LEE-LEE: MAC- Quality/Prices. I adore MAC lipsticks the most.

Bobbi Brown- This brand targets women with yellow/tan undertones, which I otherwise have a hard time finding.

Illamasqua- Absolutely amazing quality. High pigmented beautiful colors.

Urban Decay- Who doesn't love this brand? So many staples of mine are from Urban Decay. Especially eyeshadows & the infamous primer potion!

Yves Saint Laurent- For when I want to indulge and splurge a little. Their mascara & lipsticks are breathtaking!

Kousagi: How often do you wear makeup? Do you have any favorite techniques that you like to use or teach?

LEE-Lee: I wear makeup on & off throughout the week. Definitely don't find it necessary to rock a smokey eye & bold lip on an everyday basis, so throughout the week I have a simple 5 min face routine which includes powder foundation, liner, mascara, and some lipgloss & I'm good to go! As for a favorite technique,  I think perfectly groomed brows are a MUST HAVE! I would never get them waxed; I tweeze them myself. And I do have a funny mascara routine that I use to get amazing "in your face" lashes. I actually have a whole video on it :)

Kousagi: Are you in school? If  so what for and why?

Lee-Lee: I'm studying Criminal Justice. My dream career would be to follow in my dad's footsteps & become an N.Y.P.D. police officer. I've taken a few civil service exams, and scored pretty high if I do say so myself! Lol. Now it's time to wait around for that call.*Fingers crossed*

Kousagi: What possessed you to get a youtube?

Lee-Lee: Actually, my fiance' had surprised me with a brand new laptop. It had an integrated webcam & I was just playing around, talking about my favorite hair products at the moment. On a whim, I uploaded it to Youtube. I was so surprised when people started to comment & subscribe. I didn't think anyone would want to watch me! Haha. It encouraged me to do more & more! The daily love I receive through comments & messages on my YouTube channel is so touching and inspirational. I love my subscribers so much- I can't describe how thankful I am for each & every one of them. YouTube has changed my life & I owe it all to my viewers!! :)

Kousagi: What kind of jewelry do you like to wear and where do you get it?

Lee-Lee: I usually become obsessed with one accessory at a time. Last summer it was big earrings, right now its big statement necklaces. It changes all the time! I love to shop for my jewelery at Forever21 and H&M. The prices are great since certain trends come & go quickly.

Kousagi: If you could be any  super heroine, who would you choose and why?

Lee-Lee: I love Lara Croft! She's a tough chica & sexy at the same time. She can do anything a man could do. Many people laugh when I tell them I'm studying to be an officer (especially men). But looks can be deceiving!! I may be extremely girly & love to wear dresses & heels but I'm also little & fiesty- like a chihuahua ;) Hahaha! I definitely have a tough/serious side in me that can command respect when needed.

Kousagi: What's your favorite type of music?

Lee-Lee: I would have to say R&B would be my #1. I also have a sweet spot for rap and hip-hop. Anyone who knows me knows that im obsessed with anything Drake at the moment, what girl isn't? Lol. and of course reggaeton!!

Kousagi: Who is your style Icon?

Lee-Lee: I am hugely inspired by the Kardashian sisters. Everything is always on point! From the hair to the makeup to dresses to the bags to the shoes! They are absolutely gorgeous and perfect in my eyes.

Kousagi: Favorite Fashion icon.

Lee-Lee: I can't pick one! The Kardashians, Beyonce, Jeannie Mai, Jennifer Lopez- the list can go on & on!

Kousagi: How old are you and What is your favorite color?

Lee-Lee: I'm 22 :) I love pink, white, & gold.

Kousagi: Any tips for beginners that want to become gurus?

Lee-Lee: Yes! Be yourself. Don't try to copy anyone else out there. People love to see you be the real you. Don't worry about subscribers and views- they will come in time. Be patient. Be dedicated but have fun. And have a thick skin when it comes to people who will bash you. Concentrate on the love, not the hate that you will receive. When it comes to the mean girls who spend time writing mean comments on every single one of my videos, or who message me mean things, or who create a whole blog dedicated to bashing gurus like myself, I like to tell myself "Mind over matter- I don't mind & you don't matter" God Bless!! Love you all!



How teen vogue expects you to spend your holiday.

So today, I opened teen vogue on my computer screen. Why? Because it's one of my favorite magazines. There is always something I can use. But today was a disappointment. I am referring to their 4 Bright Holiday Beauty ideas, which is a feature mind you. This is what they gave us.


Now, I don't know about anyone else, but these all seem to scream DUH! moments. I mean the Red lip movement has been here since the 80's. The electric eye look, on that poor  girl actually looks like she's been electrocuted. I have to admit I do like the hair extensions, but I've been doing that since forever.  The hair bows just screams contemporary. I'm kind of on the fence about them. I mean, I like the simplicity of it, you can wear them with just about anything, but then, it just seems to be more of that menswear as women's wear thing, that I am kind of despising. I mean yeah, borrowing your boyfriends blazer and sweaters are absolutely adorable, if I had one I totally would, but when you rob your boyfriends entire wardrobe, it kinda makes you think, that maybe you should just remodel your own.



Makeup Mondays: Blackened Midori

December 6, 2010

So here's a segment I like to call makeup mondays. It's a tutorial, for a deep black and green smokey eye look. I plan on doing a new one every monday.  I thought about doing it on tuesdays, but I'm just not very patient. So Here is what the style looks like.


and here is the video for it, I also place my tutorials, on my youtube page, which is why it has a intro vid and such to it. But the credits show everything that is used in it.

Hope you enjoy it.



July 23, 2010

SO my birthday positively rocked! I got a brand new camera.
you can visit my twitter to see the pictures I've taken! They're amazing Everything is so crisp and clear!

July 21, 2010

I AM SO PISSED OFF! The heels DON"T FIT. And why don't they fit??? BECAUSE THEY SENT ME THE WRONG SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How hard is it? I NEED A NINE WIDE!!!!! NOT A SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then to add to it, I had a serious headache, and couldn't really do anything yesterday and plus, I was warming up for dance practice, which I always do with tap shoes, always and without fail! The "Athletic Director" comes downstairs, and is like are those steel tap shoes? Are their any other type of tap shoes?! (keep in mind, this is the OLD GYM!) Um I don't want you tap dancing in here, we just re-did the floors. Well, I've been tapping since I was two and this is the same floor we danced on, I checked before I came in. " His exact words" = "Well If I knew you'd been dancing since you were two, (insert eye roll) then I would have told you no then too. (points finger) Are you even on the dance team??" Of course. "He's like you're aware that tap is not part of our program?" I'm aware. "then don't tap in here." and he just walks away! It took all I had not to nail him in the back of the head with my tap shoe, Ignorant bastard~!!
Then to add to my already bad day, I started tearing up when I had trouble with the straight leaps, and although I perfected the backwards summersalt (Yes, I know that's spelled incorrectly, you stupid red line), I had a HORRIBLE headache, like things were swimming in front of my eyes, and when I finally got picked up, The car was full of LOUD little Girls, meaning that it just got worse as the car ride went on,and on top of that, Poseidon just decided that he was tired of humans, and dropped a fucking tidal wave on our tiny city, that much rain is just seriously unnecessary. When I got home, I grabbed a wet washcloth put it over the eye that hurt and I fell asleep and slept through the whole night, I didn't even wake up for dinner, which I'm kind of upset over because it was Hoagies and my mother's ultimate potato fries, which if you ain't in the know is the probably the BEST tasting potato fries ever, in like the entire world.
Then I had to get up even earlier than usual so I could turn my room upside down looking for a white pair of pants for my sister to wear during her Performance today, but it wasn't all bad because in the midst I found my Reversable vest!!!!!!! I really like the outfit I'm wearing today too, so be on the look out for outfit of the day posts...Or maybe I'll just make a video of it, along with the four tutorials, I have to show everyone. YAY! All of those will be posted today! I refuse to go another day!!!!!!!!!!! went to Krogers, and saw Hayley Williams on the cover of Spin and had to get it. And at this I end my rant entry.
**Sexy doesn't have to be a girl showing off her goodies** Hayley Williams

Peculiarly Yours,
Gabriella xoxo

I miss blogging. I miss little paragraphs of my inner thoughts gracing my computer screen. I haven't blogged, and I mean really blogged in a really long time. The last like five entries have all been quickies and review posts. So, I've gone kinda crazy with amazon. I've ordered a nice pair of heels, and mp3 player, 3 toys for my sisters birthday ( Shhh it's a secret), and my makeup. I finally came up with an extravagant look for my new tutorial. Which is really about time. I just wish Fafinette would post more videos! She was my inspiration!!!!!!!
Speaking of inspiration, I have given my father a proposition to create a laptop, especially designed for me! He asked me to create a list of requirements, such as what I want in it and this is a short hand list of what I gave him.
1.) I know this makes me a total wierdo, but I asked for an old keyboard, such as ones found on Hitachi laptops. Basically, the really big and chunky keys that make a sound when I'm typing, That's how my first computer sounded and it's just a kind of calming sound for me, very nostalgic.
2.) I asked for at least 4 Usb 2.0 ports.
3.)Fireware port. The only reason I call this a short hand list is because I can't for the life of me remember the rest of my list. So I'm hoping to have this finished by the time school starts in late august.
I really love fashion. and its starting to make me re-think my life plan. I had it all figured out. 8 years of school. 4 years of Grad school, particularly in London, or Japan, and then Searching for a job in colleges, for professor of history, possibly gather tenure, and then move on to becoming the HEAD curator of the Smithsonian. However, now, I'm kinda slowly moving away from that. The other day, I spent hours, Like a whole two days just designing. There are loads of pieces that totally translate to my way of sewing. And the designs would stitch up really easily. So, although my major goal isn't completely gone, its kind of like morphed into having something to deal with fashion. Like the other day I saw a billboard that had an exhibit at the art museum and it was film costumes through history. Maybe my passions can blend that way? I'm hoping so, because I don't really want to give up on my dream.
I haven't decided on when I should move in. But today i'm looking to see if I can find my list of books for my classes.I can't log onto my student registry. Like at all, It takes my username and pin and then the screen goes blank. I've tried this on 12 different computers, so it has to be me! I just don't know why it would do this, and when I called ISS of course they didn't have an answer for me.... So I can't print out a list of my classes, or see if my books are posted yet or anything! Classes are the 23rd of August!!!!!!!!! I'm already being rushed to move in, because they want it to be the weekend before classes. I like to get comfortable with my surroundings. I'm going to be in a completely different room, with a new roommate, I need to get used to this, and they don't seem to care. And quite frankly, I'm getting very tired of people not caring! Why is that everytime something school related doesn't work then it works in Internet Explorer. I HATE INTERNET EXPLORER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bridget wants to go get another piercing. Either an industrial or a trangus. But their sooo expensive! I still don't know which one Im going to choose + Im running out of time. I'm so excited to move in! I was researching, Both of them are dangerous because of the fact that both area's have bones in them. WHich just makes my skin crawl... So I still haven't fully decided yet.

Peculiarly yours,
Gabriella xoxo

Long time no see bloggercats...

July 14, 2010

SO I have a new name for my readers. Fafi has lovelies, someone eles I was reading the other days said fexies, so whats wrong with bloggercats? So I've bought some new makeup! I'm really excited about it! Here are the pictures, when they arrive I'll do a haul video and show swatches. Photobucket My 120 count makeup pallette. Very excited to start using by the way.Photobucket My first new tube of lipstick NYX baby Pink
Photobucket Nyx Lipstick in Harmonica
Photobucket Nyx eyeshadow base/primer in skintone ( cuz contrary to popular belief I'm not white and the only other two colors, were white and pearl.)
Photobucket and this pair of tan heels, which are uber beautiful and this time I made sure to get the right size! Fallen arches will be a thing of the past. Soon, Veronica Mars and New Moon should be arriving soon, but for the meantime I think'll continue my Gossip Girl marathon, just can't get enough of Jennifer Tallulah Humphrey...

XoXo Peculiarly yours,

Makeup by Moi: NOTD, and New Makeup

July 9, 2010

SO I know, I have been sorely lacking in the makeup review department, and Im so sorry, I've just been really busy with school and trying to get my temps and things like that, so here it is. I think I'll do a youtube video as well!
So here's the NOTD: Estee Lauder: Beige Rose, and here's what it looks like, it glides on extremely smooth and the color is gorgeous with my skin tone. However, it chips extremely easy! I painted them with two coats on the fifth of this month, and its only the seventh and six of my fingernails are chipped like no ones business... my score: **/***** Two out of five.
And here's the Makeup Haul: Covergirl palette: Tropical Fusion and here's what it looks like. I love the colors, and they look great on my skin, however, they fade very fast! Like extremely fast!Like Not even a few hours type fast. I've even used base, and primer, it still fades way too fast. **/*****
Then the Lips Haul: Maybelline Lip Polish: Clearly pink + Plum Shine. Both lip glosses are very bright, and give you the look of perfectly glossed lips. I like them both however, Plum shine is a very deep plum color on lips of people who happen to be dark/fair skinned. When I put it on, I had to Lighten it about five time until I was happy with the look. Everyone girl worth their salt in makeup remembers the first lip gloss their mother bought them. It was usually that bubblegum pink color very light pink with the silver sparkles, I know I am not the only one who remembers this common color, Clearly Pink, reminds me of that nostalgic lip gloss color. and here's what they look like. Clearly Pink: *****/***** + Plum Shine: **/*****

Peculiarly yours,

Green hair is a turn on...Who Knew?

July 7, 2010

So, I finally have the means to upload the photos from the party! It went well, a lot of people showed up and I had a great time! In fact the time I had was so great that I kinda forgot about taking photos, and so there aren't a lot to show... :( Sorry. So, my mother thinking that she would save time. Picked me up at the right time after picking up the loveable "bratz" and proceeded to go straight to the grill. I had no chance to brush my hair, change my clothes, or anything of that nature, including grabbing the blankets and lawn chairs for the movie!
I ordered the cake around 8 in the morning, and told them that it needed to be ready by 2:00 p.m. THey said okay, and when I get there is it ready? Of COURSE NOT! I just don't understand! Then this has possibly got to be the most ghetto thing I've ever seen. How are you going to go shopping in the grocery store, bring your OWN cart, and then just stand in the middle of the aisle???? You know people have to get through there, and sure enough they were just sitting there chilling I was so pissed off! I was like seconds away from bashing my cart into theirs, but I really didn't want to go to jail for assault, especially on the day of my party, so I just made an extremely sharp right turn and went around them.
Then when we finally arrived at the grill, we were two hours early, I was in a tube top and hoodie, I wanted to take the hoodie off so badly, but My mother was there, and I really really really didn't want to argue with her, it was so freaking hot! I kept putting my hair up and then down and then up again, Plus I had the green highlights which were like sticking to my head. It was just a mess, I'm glad I didn't put on any serious makeup on, because I would have looked like a drunk whore and really? who wants to go out looking like that? Seriously. Mostly everyone showed up, of course Bryan was late, but what else is new? Then Most of the people weren't aware it was a drive in. I just went back to the invite and it doesn't say anything about the movies being a drive in. Epic fail on my part. Oooops.
Then we went to the drive in! OMG, that was a complete disaster! First, the instructions I printed out were for the "long way" apparently, thanks to Jason, we know that now. Of course, Jason also told us to drive around the Super long ass line, and then cut across turn around and make a left turn into the theater, apparently country folks really love them some drive in theater. Not only were we the only black people in the theater, sans Amber, but we think of her as family anyway. There was this HUGE TRUCK and he wouldn't let us through, Like Bryan kept trying to edge over and the truck just kept on its merry little way, I was inches away from road rage, when the idiot finally let us through, That day was very turmolous for my feelings, Lots of ups and downs. Then we finally turn around and get into the theater, I felt like Grandma and Mom, the person selling tickets was like what about the kids in the back, I was like they are all under eleven, and she gave me this look and I just repeated it. Just like the good old Golden Corall days! LOL. Mom should get a kick out of this. Then when we finalllllly get in, practically everywhere is full, and we're stuck in like row 9 of ten. Which kinda sucked, but Hey Jason was in the same row, so we were able to chill for a little while, but he left after Toy Story 3, wimp. I loved Eclipse, Bryan wasn't to happy with our Jacob peanut gallery. LOL. Its okay, (just between you and me? my eyes were on him the whole film *wink*)
Presents included: Brand spanking new Mp3 player (touchscreen), A black and red lace top hat, from Alice in Wonderland, 2 bday cards, and a Whole years worth of shower products Gotta Love your body lol!

And that concludes my bday part entry.

Peculiarly Yours,

Bare arms women, Drive the men crazy!

June 30, 2010

Hello LOVELIES! I know I've been gone for a minute, but here's what I've been up too. finalizing my birthday plan especially since it is two days away now. I still haven't bought the cake mix, I haven't bought the ice cream, I can only find one lawn chair, I still haven't gotten my hair braided, everytime I ask, my cousins have done something really stupid and pisses my aunt off. My aunt is absolute, unabashed genius when it comes to hair, but she already braids tight! Imagine how much my head would hurt if she braided it while she was ticked off. NO THANK YOU. So, tonight I'm supposed to be getting it done. Last night I picked up the hair and stuff for my styles. I got two packs of black tracks and a blonde track. They didn't have the dye in the colors that I wanted, so now today I have to pick up the dye. Now, I've had this blog since 2008, and although my look has changed/matured, I think I did a very good job on keeping my identity right? I mean when I started you didn't think I was black and now I'm trying to be white or something right? I mean, I'm still Gabby, Black, cuban cherokee mix, and I'll be damned if someone accuses me of trying to fit a caucasian's shoes. I have no problem with any other raace! None, it's just I like being what I am and even though I change the outside, like make up and hair from time to time, doesn't mean that I'm trying to be Paris Hilton, young, stupid and useless. I just thought I should bring it up because my dad brought it up to my mother, like he brings up all the problems with me, and tells her that he's worried that I'm losing my true (african-american) identity and am trying to assimilate into a whiter identity just because I happen to read teen magazines, I love how he says I read the white ones but he never realizes that I only pick the ones up when there is someone like us on the cover! Vanessa Hudgens, Raven Symone, Eva Longoria, Beyonce', Michelle Obama, Oprah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Women on color who are making differences! Selena Gomez, the only white girl I picked up, was Taylor Momsen, and everyone knows why she is on the list. She's a 16 year old ,with a voice like Joan Jett, common sense like Oprah and self esteem like Marilyn Monroe, why wouldn't she be on the list?! I just seem to think that its interesting that whenver my father has an issue with me, it's never brought to MY ATTENTION! You're problem is with me right? So tell me, don't run, its really annoying!

Peculiarly Yours,
xoxo Gabriella

California Gurls Lurve the Mid-west~!

June 21, 2010

 So I've great even awesome news! Bryan and I are talking again, but I don't want to take it too far. So, we have plans to go see Eclipse on the 30th. Yes, you heard correctly, Opening night baby! Here's the thing, My best friend, whom I've known since I was in diapers, is coming from the Golden Coast, to stay a whole two weeks with us. She arrives, Sunday. If it turns out that she is into Twilight, i wouldn't want to go without her, ya know what I mean? But then again, I haven't seen her since I was eleven! We write letters back and forth but often I don't recieve them, damn those perverted post office employees.
 So I'm thinking about having a drive-in Movie theater birthday Party. I'll Be 19 which rocks, but I don't know how to go about planning it. I found a movie theater, but it doesn't show Eclipse until June 7th.  So I need to decide what to do about my birthday plans. I know for a fact that I am going to get the multicolored extensions...I'm thinking in the range of Orange, Green and Blonde. I mean just imagine those colors in my dark auburn red hair! It will be so bright and colorful. I kinda want to get it done before Kayla gets here, but I don't want to rush it... So I guess I'll just have to show her photos.  Now about the birthday deal, the movie theater does double features, which means I could possibly be out until Midnight! That's what I call a party.

Speaking of...Thinking about my driving delimna and how at the moment I'm looking at a lebaron, I was watching Veronica Mars, and GUESS what she drives? A clothtop lebaron. I'm such a fangirl. It's kind of ridiculous in a way... Okay question for everyone that is of some color, other than caucasian. How would you feel, if you were the only person of your kind in the business/establishment that you work for, and suddenly you hear, the other employees, asking how they are to show that their business is very diverse, and I quote" do I just tell them that we have a black girl?" Just doesn;t seem right to me..
I think, I'm going to take Kayla, and my sis to Eclipse, with me and Bryan, Very Very Excited, celebrated Father's day. Took my dad and my grandpa out to eat, at the big GC, God we were so stuffed we didn't know what to do with ourselves! It was probably by the grace of god...or Bastet that we didn't get thrown out of that place. We look absolutely crazy LOL~

   Speaking of "religion", I'm starting become uncomfortable with the whole affair. I've been reading a lot of books about paganism, and I really like the way wiccans live their lives. However, I haven't broken the news to my parents, because I haven't really chosen for myself yet, however, I GET REALLY AGITATED when Masai askes me if I've talked to god lately. I just can't grasp the type of fear, and devotion everyone else has for him, It just seems to piss me off that everyone keeps telling me that I need to talk to him and that I need to really take control of my religious life.
 It seems like everyone thinks I'm living my life wrong, simply because I'm not a god fearing woman. I'm sorry, but that's just not me, I can not, worship something that doesn't allow a couple the same rights as everyone else, I can't worship something that causes people to tell me that I will go to hell, for being friends with people who happen to be homosexual. To me that's like saying you're going to hell because your black and god was white. BULLSHIT! Everyone know that god was middle eastern/black anyway, when is it going to sink into people's minds that we should be equal? I mean seriously, telling a couple they can't be together just because you don't believe in it has got to be the most ridiculous waste of time ever!
  So now, I have the whole night free, because practice has been canceled due to a complete school power outage which also has to do with why I haven't been able to check my email since... oh... 10 am this morning? Well, I plan on spending the rest of the night reading and watching Veronica Mars.

Peculiarly Yours,

I am Pissed Hear me ROAR

June 16, 2010

So....Usually I try and start an entry off with something good, even groundbreaking if I know this entry is going to be bad. But I am so pissed off right now, that not even thinking about all the cool stuff I did/got today is going to distract me from putting the hurt down on Verizon Wireless. So everyone knows that my phone was off for a while. So I was just going to turn it on again, well I couldn't because Cricket completely deleted my account. I don't have the same number, I don't have the same phone, if I went to them in person, it would just be like I'm a completely new person and that I was ordering a plan and phone for the first time.
And of course, they won't just let me grab a plan and keep my old phone, NO of course NoT! I am sooo pissed off right now, So I completely give up on them, and go back to Verizon Wireless. I did'nt like em before and I really don't fucking like them now! First I have to get trapped in that absolutely idiotic 2 year plan bullshit, secondly, I also have to get a new phone! So that's cool, cuz they have this touch screen phone, the HTC DIAMOND.

However, they neglect to tell me that they are completely out of this one type of phone, so they completely cancel my online order and tell me that there is something wrong with my credit, instead of being men and women and letting me fucking know that you didn't HAVE ANY! So not knowing that I order it twice! TWICE! It is canceled both times! So I start to call around to different stores in my area, all of which tell me that there isn;t any diamond's in stock. Now, as I'm typing this I'm on the phone with the "SUPERVISOR" and she's asking me to bear with her as she checks the inventories. *EYEROLL AND GAG* -gets hopes up + takes in a breath- ............................................................................................... -and I blow it out disaapointed one again- NONE OF THE PHYSICAL STORES HAVE IT IN STOCK! BUT NOW SHE'S CHECKING FOR THE ALLY THE 2ND PHONE I ORDERED..............................................- takes in a breath + the store has one!
( Go AHEAD I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO SPAM HER! ) So she has me drive all the way to a store, just to have some ugly looking white man look right in my eyes and lock it as I put my hand on the handles! I AM SO FUCKING ANGRY right now, you just have no idea. Its a whole nother day that I'm going without a phone! So needless to say, I'm not going to be in a good mood in the morning, and that's when I have to go and help plant, with Bl + BR. and to be quite honest, Bl is seriously starting to piss me off, she's always trying to tell me what to do even though she's not MY supervisor! In fact, she's not even a full-time coworker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Went to Lunch with My main Chica! It was awesome we had that good good popeye's lol, I was so full of excited of seeing my friend again, that I hardly ate! Plus, I got a new set of headphones, so now I can go upstairs and blast my sorrows, in surround sound and on top of that, my music will sound better coming out of both buds; and I even got a few dounughts! I'm going to order my phone tomorrow morning and I swear if something goes wrong, after I've done everything needed I'm going to torch the place, there it is in the distance future, going up in smoke...

All I have to say for the moment.
Pecurliarly Yours,


Dear Grumpy Toast, lets get Buttered!

June 11, 2010

So today, is my cousin's birthday! I wish I was spending it with him, instead of being in my house. But it's alright, he knows that I love him and that's all that matters. So, I wanted to try a different hairstyle today...I did my hair like this.

I think it looks really similar to the asian picture! I mean this was the style I was going for and it was stuck in my head all this morning, while I was getting ready to go to work. Speaking of work, I learned how to use illustrator, publisher and access! I'm actually excited because I can now use those programs to make my blog even better in the future! I can start putting the like disclaimer "this photo is mine" kind of thing across them! I really need to figure out how to do that! Like Jasmne's! Her's have those cute little circles on them! I WANT ONE SOOO BAD! I'm so excited because I should be recieving my first check tomorrow, which is great because I'm going out with a friend, and they still haven't told me what we're going to be doing. To be quite honest, the only thing I'm concerned about is; whether or not this person is actually going to make it on time, sometimes they make me wonder if they even OWN a watch. 
 I found out something INTERESTING, my parents have read my blog. Too be quite honest, I kind of have mixed feelings, they've already gotten on me about my profanity usage, but I'm kind of glad at the same time, because they're actually reading it. Ya know what I mean? I can't really describe it, but it is what it is...Youtube has finally stopped cutting off photos! I just came back from the library with 4 brand new Hardback novels, easily 500 pages a piece, I"M SO EXCITED!, and a seventeen magazine, because I have to keep up with the makeup and fashion trends of course, I am trying to run a business! lol. 
 I'm kind of worried about driving. Whenever I'm in the front seat and driving with my mom, it seems like everything is too close and its not. What if my perception is so off, that I can't drive? What if I turn out to be like that old lady in the bifocals that nearly killed us twice? or that guy that wasn't paying attention and almost rammed into the side of us. Or that time after Mom's surgery, when she couldn't turn her neck all the way and rammed straight into that nasty ladies car???????? I don't want that to happen but I want to be able to drive myself around! Out of my group of friends it's not like I'm the only one that can't drive, but its not a peer presur kind of thing, I wanna be able to drive myself around and be dependant on noone but me... Speaking of which I was driving home and I saw this car and it was ssooo cute, it needs a little fixing up but I want it!

Peculiarly yours,

P.S. Keep a look out for new stuff on my jewelry line.

Moons and Ra

June 9, 2010

 So I haven't been on since the beginning of the month, and I really just need to take a break and organize myself. Not my schoolwork, or my email account, or my business. Just my actual self. So I should probably do the obligatory catch up entry....What should I talk about first? I'm really tiring of the anticipation of waiting for my first paycheck. I need it in order to start down the path of my to do list. I can't get my temps, I can't get my car, I can't turn my phone on, even though, lets be serious, noone's going to call anyway, and  its seriously putting a damper on my parade!
  Speaking about a damper, What the hell is up with all of THIS rain! It's seriously counterproductive to my working habits. I've seriously never felt so sleepy in my life! And as I type this it is raining duckets of cats and dogs outside the window and there is some poor dumbass driving an ice cream truck. Seriously? What kid is going to be outside waiting for ice cream? But I digress. I like my job, its not hard or difficult, its not even tedius. It's is simply a breezy kinda job. I come in, they give me some sort of office aid task and I take care of it. Things are coming along with my fashion line, I have been guaranteed a spot in the Glassworks Fashion show. As a designer. My orange clutch and other pieces similar are exactly what they're looking for.
  Speaking of Looking for, I need to start updating my makeup kit. (Which is the perfect timing because a few of my integral i.e. favorite pieces are missing and I don't know where they went! I'm really into Kat Von D, and I have found that she has a line with Sephora, which is in my local mall, right across the balcony from MAC which is right next to an apple store! Can you say FUCK YEA? 
So here is my list of things that I want!
  • Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palettes $34, Sephora

Peculiarly Yours,

Clairvoyance has a price.

June 1, 2010

 So  I have a lot to catch you up on. First things first. Bryan is completely out of the picture, I hope he is perfectly happy with his girlfriend that he probably was never going to leave me for. I was sitting there thinking about that text message :I chose her. At first I was upset. and then I realized something. This whole mess, started with that. That he had chosen someone else and kept coming back to me...I'm not good enough for a relationship but a sideline chick? Hell yea, I fit the bill. And I'm tired of it. He chose his girlfriend, and that's how it should have been. And if he had chosen me, then I wouldn't have taken him, because if he's able to up and leave his actual girlfriend for me, then what's stopping him from leaving me the same way? Nothing, because the truth is, no matter how beautiful a woman is there is always a man out there tired of fucking her. So I'm single and actually content with the way I feel for once. Usually, I'm sad for a while and then I try and find another, and I think that is one of my problems. I'm ready to jump at every chance and I need to look at them better.
  In better news, I finally had my first trip to Starbucks. I try so hard not to fall into fads. But I finally broke down and went with My aunt Brenda and had a strawberry smoothie, because I don't do coffee. Period.
And the verdict? It was fucking disgusting. It was such a waste of money. My aunt got something and my younger cousin. Our total was $11. 75 whatever my strawberry cup of shit cost was such a waste of money. Oh it was horrible! it tasted like they had something other than vitamin D milk in it, and the strawberries didn't taste or feel, as they slid down my throat like real strawberries but more like those artificial gels that my dad gets to put on top of our fresh cut strawberry shortcakes. Total Fail, I will never visit Starbucks ever again. It's a wrap you failed epically. 
  So Practicallly everyone knows about my little blog shop. I'm still adding to my collection, but I finally finished my skirt. I also have a new clutch and a camera pouch. Plus, I've been invited to show my designs at a Fashion show in K-state. I'm so excited. I'm going to donate some of my pieces and model. Hopefully, it will bring me some publicity. Y-Quest is finally hiring again, so I'm working on updating my resume so I can email it to them. I mean It's so close i can walk which is why it would be such a great job for me. Plus I can do the night shift and work saturdays, so that leaves Thursdays and Sundays for Dance Practice. Speaking of which is seriously pissing me off, because my first practice is the 4th . 3 days from now, and I still haven't gotten in touch with that freaking physician.. I can't dance until I do and she won't get back to me. AARRGH!
  I think that is pretty much it for now. So....
Peculiarly Yours,

5/24/10-Week of

May 26, 2010

The arrow in my pierced heart: Can we catch up later?

May 24, 2010

  So, as per usual, the Bryan date never happened, but I shouldn't really be surprised because of the fact that he's never on time for anything. THe original plan was to be picked up at 2, then it turned to 5, then 6, then 6:30 until he finally gave up. Didn't even bother to try and come to dinner with me, and all our friends, it wasn't like he wouldn't have known anyone. But to be completely truthful, I'm glad he didn't go, because He was have just been a bump on a log, and I was there to have a blast, which I did, I'm totally shocked we didn't get thrown out. I left with Bridget prolly around 6:30 and didn't get home until like eleven something, and didn't even have to argue over it. It's a good day, when you have broken the rules, and you don't get your head torn off for it, I wish it happened more often. Created a blog just for selling my creations. I'm excited! I'm already starting to post photos of my work. Once I get my phone turned back on, I'm creating a paypal, and then I'll be in business! A quick and easy way to make some extra money, although, my job isn't doing too shabby, I made $507 before taxes in ONE week! Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I just wish it wasn't so hot today! I felt like I was going to collapse on the spot! I was only a street away. It was so hot that the church across from us caught fire! Plus I saw EMU and I'm so excited because she's working like two streets away from me. Can you say Lunchtime Fun??
  So, we also have another intern he came today, name's Clark. He's an upperclass man. Graphic Design major. I'm kinda glad, that he's not my type, because that could prove to be a serious distraction, and even though he's not my type, he cinched the deal when he carried on a conversation with 3 sentences. I HATE PEOPLE WHO DON"T TALK! It drives me insane, and then I look like an asshole, if I try and have a conversation, because it's obvious their not interested and you just keep on bablying. Plus, I was walking around the neighborhood distributing flyers and I saw the guy, with a huge beer gut bell, strutting his stuff down the street in a hot PINK SPEEDO! What is the world coming too? I didn't even need my camera, I don't think that picture will ever leave my head, ever!


Peculiarly yours,

Tuesday-Friday May 21st 2010

May 21, 2010

Just an FYI, Patents are total snoozeville

May 16, 2010

  So, today my mom and I went to a "how to create your own patent class". Tres boring! I fell asleep and I was so totally happy that there were only four people in the room; including my mother and I. Because they said I was snoring loudly. I was only embarrassed for a little bit, but the subject matter was so freaking boring!!!!! It was a 3 and half hour class! What was I supposed to do with myself?? Even my college courses weren't that long! Then when she finally released us from that political jargon hell, I busied myself with perusing the many of aisle's of books, it is a library after all, one of my favorite places to be.
  I found four really hip crochet/knit guides, with some sexy stuff in it! Finally someone has figured out that you can crochet something other than an AFGHAN! I mean this stuff is prime wearable art, hooded shrugs, bathing suits, lingerie pieces, coats, vests, skirts, backless halters, backless tops, fishnet stockings, beret's and gloves, you name it, I can probably find it in the books I picked up. 3 of them are completely crochet, and one is a mix of crochet and knitting. Which I'm excited about, because I can hone my crochet skills because I can read a pattern, and now that Clayre taught me how to knit, I can start learning how to read knit patterns.
  So this summer, just seems to be filled with guys hitting on the women of my family! I went over to my aunts and got 4 phone numbers walking from the street across her house to the store around the corner. We went to the library down the street from my house, and some guys with no teeth in a truck was hitting on my mom. When we were at the downtown library earlier today waiting for dad to pick us up. (Long story.) A guy was just staring at me, and I'm not one to just let a folk stare at me, so I stared back, and he kept eye contact til he turned the corner, satisfied, I looked down to grab my books, and I saw his reflection in the store front, he was walking back to look at me! I laughed and shook my head, really? I couldn't be hit on by someone in the library?> Meaning that they were doing something productive? Noooo, I had to be hit on by a guy who was hanging outside the library, hollering at anything with an ass and two legs. Just no common sense. It makes me weep for humanity.
  Last night, I was cleaning the kitchen and I asked my sister to pass me a rag, so I could finish up and she hands me this soapy rag, The middle was missing and I don't know what came over me, but I just burst into this huge fit of giggles, and asked her, why she gave me the 50 cent of rags, she didn't get it. A joke's just not funny if you have to explain it. It completely ruined my mood. Tomorrow, is my first dance team meeting,and then Monday is my first day of work, I'm sooooo excited. I Instyled my hair all by myself today, and only burnt myself a little on my pinky! I'm so proud of myself! I have a little swoop bang and everything. I still haven't figured out what I should wear on my first day, but It'll come to me. I'll have to go to bed early though, I start work at 9, that means that I have to get practically to the otherside of town, meaning that I'll have to be up at least by 7 in order to get there on time. Which sucks, because I'm still running on College Student Time, I've been home for almost 2 weeks now, and I've gotten up consistently around 1 p.m. That's 7 hours later then I should be up for my job. Can someone say "alarm clocke?" Setting that sucker, as soon as I go to bed! right next to my ear, with the most annoying ringtone ever. I'll probably get up just to turn it off. lol.
  This is going to be my first project from pop goes Crochet, by Vickie Howell.
  Well I'm pretty sure that's all I have to say for tonight. So....

Series #1: Where oh where could my Blonde PI BE??????

May 14, 2010

 NEW"S FLASH: Veronica Mars only lasted 3 seasons.

 NEW"S FLASH: There is no 4th Season.

 NEW"S FLASH: Thomas has confirmed a movie, article dated January 2009.

 NEW"S FLASH: I miss her. She was smart, and witty, and talented. She was a character that girls could look up too, when all that was on was that rediculous roswell crap and Desperate Housewives.

  YOu're desperate, ya sleep around and you're writers throw fits, we get it. Where is that helping us? Where is that showing us as young women, that we can make a difference,, we can be smart and pretty and not have to dress like a whore? It's not. And I have yet to see another television program do what Veronica Mars has done. Gossip girl only shows that rich white people can get away with murder and cover it up *ahem-Serena*.

 Vampire Diaries is amazing in a love sick puppy kind of way. It's just like Twilight. Granted, at least they know, that Vampire's don't sparkle and they have to have permission to enter, but even they have stayed on the feminine model path. It seems like Elana is dependent on Stephan. That no matter what he does, like leave her *Cough-Edward*

She'll sit there like a doll and wait for him to return to her.
 If he'll leave you once, he'll leave you again. That goes for Edward and Stephan. What happened to women that didn't need a man to make them whole? What happened to characters like Veronica?

 or the Main Character in Tantalize?

 Or Hermione?

 or Nora in Hush Hush? 

Like the main character in Blood Ties? Like Anita Blake?  Vicki Nelson? Where are those women?? Come out of hiding! We need you! 

P.S. He's so fine.


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