What's In My Bag #2

January 24, 2014

 Usually People split this up into : Knitting Bag/ Makeup Bag things of that nature, but when it comes to my purse, I honestly am not organized enough for that. If it's big enough for a ball of yarn, then it's a knitting bag. As long as it fits then it comes with! A few days ago, I picked up this little green number at Meijers! I've really been into cross body's lately. I think it's because I take my Mini with me, So as long as the Mini fits, I don't really need the bigger bags that I used to take my Laptops in. Unfortunately, My camera, doesn't fit as comfortably as I would wish so I might have to upgrade again when I get paid again...(Sadness)

- Forest Green Cross Body (Meijers')

- Pink and White Wallet (Wal-Mart)

- Ipad Mini (Batman cover/Target)

- 3DSXL Pikachu (Gamestop)

- Ipod Classic 80GB (Amazon)

- WD External Hard Drive 1TB (Amazon)

- Bic Crystal Pens ( I write at work )

What's in Your bag??

Until Next Time Comrades,

The End of 2013

January 22, 2014

 I know I've already written for the new year, but I haven't really properly wrapped up the year. There were a lot of things that happened last year, a lot of things, I wanted to complete and a lot of things that I actually completed. So lets wrap up 2013!

Here is a list of things I wanted to completing in 2013:

- Lose 30 Pounds

- Get my License

- Buy my car

- Complete all of my unfinished projects laying around in my apartment.

- Attempt a yarn Bombing.

- Upgrade my Sony Point and shoot to a Canon T3i.

- Move somewhere else.

- Start up dating classes again.

- Find someone to date who can keep up with me. 

- Road Trip to California with Robyn.

Heres the list for 2014:

- (Since my camera has been stolen ) Upgrade to another Canon or a Nikon.

- Complete all of my unfinished projects laying around in my apartment.

- Attempt a yarn Bombing

- Move Somewhere Else ( City/state)

- Start up Dating Classes again.

- Road Trip to California with Robyn.

- Make the Girl Gamer Project A GO!

- Do more Blogging/Press/Sponsor work.

- Get completely organized.

- Get a new job ( One where I don't slave away, selling people chicken.)

- Start more live game blogging. (Handheld Mistress back in Full Force )

Do you guys have any to do's for the year? Keep up the convo on Twitter. 


Comics Round UP #2 : Catwoman 1-26

January 15, 2014

 Hello gang, welcome back! New theme, new ideas and even better, new blogposts! Today, I'm going to blog about my huge crush on fuctional female characters, today I'm gonna talk about Catwoman. Catwoman has been one of my favorite fictional characters since i learned how to read, i was 3.  Selina Kyle, embodies animal prowess, lightning quick mental intellect, and drop dead sex appeal. When DC comics decided to completely redo their most prized possessions in the New 52, they gave Catwoman her own run!!! I was estatic, my ex girlfriend took me to her personal comic book shop and i was hooked. Last wednesday, I bought the four missing issues (22,23,25,26) and I sat down with my boyfriend and started reading them. I'd been collecting them but hadn't gotten around to actually sitting down and reading them. I wasn't a fan of the art at first, after all I had not to long ago read her previous run, drawn by the Great Adam Hughes, my favorite artist of all time. So I might have been a bit biased, but I'd gotten used to it, then out of nowhere, issue 25 (spoilers) which begins zero year, was drawn completely different, it had nothing to do with the current story line, and was a bit hard to follow at first, and then I moved onto issue 26 and the art went right back to normal it kinda gave me whiplash!
  Catwoman's complex relationship with Batman always confounded me.  They say that opposites attract, and they love each other ( At least in my mind) so why does Bruce Wayne find it so difficult to accept it? Is it just because she is a theif? What about her is so inherently evil, that he has to feel that way about
her? She's basically like Robin Hood, and she has her own set of morals, it's not like she's Lex Luthor, or The Penguin, or heaven forbid The Joker. I mean she beat up the Penguin on PRINCIPAL! She's the projects Black knight. How is she worth the anguish Bruce Wayne/ Batman is giving himself? Why can't he just let go and lover her? 

  Regardless, The New 52 Catwoman run is definitely worth a read through, and its not even halfway finished yet!!! Also, if you get a chance, I highly recomment Getting the entire Death of a Family and Zero Year story arcs. (ALthough, I wasn't a fan of the art of Zero Year) Doesn't mean that you shouldn't read it, Not everyone can be Jim Lee ya Know...

Until Next time,

Slight hiatus

January 6, 2014

I'm so glad I'm not the only one wanting to re-brand their blog! I for one am extremely excited for the  new site. Thursday, at 4 pm. The site will be down until Saturday Morning. So get all of your Spokhette goodness while you can. During this down time, I will be editing the new theme and putting final touches on the re-brand!
  If for some reason, you actually like what i want and will miss me for those two days, do not fret, you can simply visit me at any of my other online haunts.
Instagram: provacatrix
Twitter: provacatrix
Tumblr: spokhrockette
 I absolutely love talking to people, if there are new things you'd like to see here at VSS, please feel free to send me an email.  emeraldarachnid@gmail.com

Sincerely Yours,

You're gonna hear me ROAR!

January 5, 2014

Now I'm  the last person to come to about anything sports related. Hoever, since I've been working at this sports bar, I've been slowly infected with the hype for sports disease. Today is the first play off game of the football season, and everyone is in a tizzy over it! Especially the people I work with.
I've never seen them so happy so cheerful!  The Bengals are playing againt the Chargers, and in good spirit, even though I don't see football the way sports players/lovers do, I am determined to show off my spirit and my creative side!
  It's been a really long time since I've done any real face makeup, I
think it was Halloween 2012! So I jumped at a chance to get all catted up for a full day of work, and I mean a full day, 12-8! I'm going to be worn out when I get home. So for my eyes and my nose I used Covergirl Liquilineblast in Purple Passion. For my Orange stripes I used the gold orange in the bright colors palette from Claire's. I had so much fun creating this look this morning, it was a little disenheartening when I got to work and people asked me whether or not I knew I had makeup on my nose..But I decided I wasn't going to let that get me down, I was going to enjoy thhe hustle and bustle and I was going to make me some money today!
  Who are you hoping to win? Yesterday, my general manager asked me who was goung to win, the Colts or the Chiefs. I just guessed but I got it right, now everyone's asking me who's going to win tonight, the Packers or the 49ers, I guessed the Packers so hopefully, I'll be right today too.

Sincerely Yours,

Why Star Trek: The Original Series is the best one for me.

January 2, 2014

I am a huge Star Trek fan. If you guys didn't know this about me there are two reasons for this. 1. You are not very observant. 2. You've never read my blog before. This entire post is going to put
In perspective for you all of the reasons why I absolutely adore Star Trek: The Original Series.

- Commander Spock: The number one reason why I like Star Trek in the first place. Commander Spock is calm cool and collected and just sexy as all hell. I love the inner drama of being born from two different worlds.  I love that he can keep his calm during anything its a quality i am super jealous of. I really wish  it was a quality that i possessed. I also adore his relationship with Captain #Kirk.  I especially enjoy the fact that it tends to mirror my relationship with my roommate. I tell her not to do something and then she goes and does it and then complains about the results. His relationship with Uhura in the new movie is super sexy and i am secretly hoping for my own Spock to come rescue me...but alas it hasn't happened yet.

- The Final Frontier:  The ability to explore space! Just the expansiveness of the journey,  like the limitless possibilities also pique my interest. Imagine how the crew must feel every time they begin on a new journey into the unknown? New races, new planets, new solar systems!!!! There literally is no end of things to discover about yourself, about your crew about you're environment. Especially in the time travel episode where #Spock became a gangster? One of my all time favorites you even  get to experience things that are  no longer around like the roaring 20's or mobsterland!

-Lieutenant #Uhura: Is my favorite female character. Strong pretty and killer intelligence i love that she can match wits with my favorite commander. I was at a geek meet a few months ago and someone brought up that in the series she dated Scotty and in the movies shes dating Spock. I have yet to confirm or deny this. But it doesn't change the way i feel about her. She will always be at the very tip top of my list of fictional female role models right next to Selina Kyle and Delilah Lance. (And if you don't know who they are, you need to brush up on your comic books but thats another story for another blog post.)

- Gene Rodenberry: "Star Trek was an attempt to say that humanity will reach maturity and wisdom on the day that it begins to not just tolerate , but take a special delight in differences in idea and differences in lifeforms." This show had a lot of firsts for its time period. I like how progressive it was and how accepting it became, its the same reason i enjoy #X-men so much. It's not just about people having unique powers and being able to do things that regular people couldn't do it's about acceptance and learning that you aren't the only one out there, dealing with whatever you are dealing with we are all different and we all deserve an equal chance and opportunity. All about acceptance my man, free your mind and you can unshackle your heart.

Sincerely Yours,

The conversation continues on twitter! @Provacatrix
Why do you love Star Trek? What is your favorite Series?

Anime Marathons for the new year

January 1, 2014

 Hello poppets.

 It is officially the first day of the new year. I have so many things planned guys!
Im so excited! First thing first, i have to get my boyfriend into anime! So i kidnapped the entire series of R.O.D. And the O.V.A and then discs 1 2 +3 of Fruits Basket and discs 1+2 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya! It has been quite sometime since I've met anyone interested in anime or interested in getting into anime, so i went slightly overboard. This way well have an entire series under our belt!I haven't actually gotten a chance to look into any new anime but I'm hoping to start watching anime again. After i moved i kinda just watched the same ones over and over and over again. Since its a new year its definitely time for something new.  Here is a list of animes I either want to revisit or want to watch/finish.

- Angelic Layer
- Sailor Moon Super S
- Case Closed
- SuperGals! 
- Samurai Champloo
- I'm not a zombie
- Chobits
- Revolutionary Girl Utena
- Bakano

Sincerely Yours,

The conversation continues on twitter. @provacatrix


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