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My name is Gabriella. I create content for Nerdette At Large, a Nerdy lifestyle Blog. Nerdette Minute, a video series about my life and its nerdy tendencies. I am from Ohio. I love to collaborate with other vloggers, Bloggers and photographers. I'm also very interested in working with Nerdy Brands on a gifting basis. I'm so hyped at the thought of working with you.

I'm so excited to be able to offer advertising space for your Blog, Etsy Shop, or Website! Nerdette At Large began in March 2015 and has been gaining traction and popularity ever since! I love partnering with brands and other bloggers to help create amazing content and to help connect you with my gang of readers!

 I accept payments in two forms, Paypal and an already agreed upon gifted basis. I do not accept any other forms of payment including cash and checks.

For Bloggers: I offer Collaborations and Ad Space. My Ad Space comes in three sizes. Large, Medium and Small. My Collaborations are unique, contact me at so we can get the ball rolling! I'm chomping at the bit to work with you!

For Brands: I offer Sponsored and Courtesy of Collaborations. Please keep in mind that my readers come to me for my original outlook. I will not take collaborations that are pre-written, and all reviews will be honest. If you are concerned about what I will say, perhaps I am not the blogger for you.


3000 + pageviews per month/ 100 + pageviews per day
 550   Twitter Followers
 397   Instagram Followers
 160   Tumblr Followers
   60   Bloglovin
   96   Google Plus

Brand Options:

C/O Outfit Post - Blog and Social Push
  For this type of post, you have the ability to send products for review and outfitting that will be featured in a style post. Whatever items gifted will be noted with a "c/o" in the description. Courtesy Items will not be returned.
 There is No Cost for this, You just provide the assets.

Sponsored Post - Blog Post and Social Push!
 You will receive a full article about your product or event. The Content will be shared on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Sponsored posts are categorized by Sponsor Tag and in the disclaimer. The difference between This and A C/O post is : It's focused on your company or product.
$25 per post + You will provide access or assets.

Guest Blogger - Let me Write for you!
 I currently pen a successful series, Fangirling, for Her Story Arc. Hire me to create content for you! Cost is determined by word count, email me for more information!
$ depends on Word Count. 

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I've worked with Geek Fuel + Underoo's to create unique and creative sponsored content.

My Online Resume can be found here:

Shoot Me a Message at, so we can get started!

*Nerdette At Large is a for-profit blog and I reserve the right to deny any product or site based on any reason I see fit. I will always provide an unbiased and honest review, and address accordingly any items that are courtesy or sponsored.*

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