Outings with Spokhrockette: Boating

May 30, 2012

 My mother, sister and I went to the park a little while ago, and decided to take a pedal boat out onto the water. It was nice, other that the overwhelming feeling that I was going to fall out and drown, or be so tired that we would be stranded out there with no food or clean water to drink and perish an unknown historian of unknown potential. I tend to flip out when I am close to doing something that can end in disaster. Like drowning in a local park, I watch crime shows, I know it happens all the time... But my sister and mother were oblivious and you know what they say, I just wish I could be part of the bliss. Here are some of the pictures, my mother took.

Mistress out,

What I bought: Jo-ann's

I was enjoying my day off and was on the road, and we (I, my sister and my mother) decided to drop me off at the new Jo-ann's that just opened up and then go over to Gamestop. Now, when I say this place is huge is an understatement. This place is GINORMOUS! I nearly got lost. Twice. I just wanted to set up a cot in the back corner and live there, I really really didn't want to leave, but I don't think they would have taken kindly to a squatter so I decided to keep looking around.
The prettiest Blue yarn I've ever seen!

The inside of my shopping cart before I got to the cash register. 

My spoils from both Jo-anns and Gamestop.

The Knitting bible and Catherine! I can't wait to get started!

Velcro, trim, ribbon and needles.

Lace ribbon for 1.99 per spool! YAY TEAM!

New Knitting book to add to collection, 2 new crochet hooks and new seam needles.

The inside of my shopping bag when I got home!
-Red criss Cross Ribbon
-Orange lace trim
-Red lace trim
-White criss cross Ribbon
-4 Velcro strips
-PRetty Trim! for 50 cents!
-New Project ideas (5)
-New Crochet Needles ( H + I)
-Metal Sewing Crochet needles (YAY!)
-Catherine for Ps3~ Only waited an entire year to play this game so excited!
-My Diana. (Forgot about her didn't ya?)

Mistress Out,

Cleaning Closets Sale has Begun!

May 24, 2012

All prices reflect the 30% discount, except for the boxies. ENJOY!~



Hair styles? Help!

May 22, 2012

I'm going to the hairstylist later today and trying to come up with a nice style I would like to wear! Here are some that I am thinkiing about.
A short choppy haircut


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