400th Post Celebration Part Two: THE GIVEAWAY!

September 27, 2012

So this is my first giveaway, so cut me some slack if it doesn't run as smoothly as some that you've seen. I'm doing this giveaway for two reasons. Reason one: I've finally reached 400 blog posts, I've been on blogger for almost 6 years now! Reason two: I've finally reached 100 followers on Twitter. Plus, I've been blogging for almost 6 years, isn't it time to try a giveaway??

  So here are the wonderful prizes.

I will pick 3 winners!

 Winner one will recieve :
 -A custom Hat/Mini Beret Design

Winner two will receive:
 - A Blog Guest Post

Winner Three will receive:
- Twitter Mention
- Button Swap

  So Here are the rules:

You have to be following me on one of the following (The more you follow, the better your chance)
  -Google Friend Connect = Located in the Right sidebar

More chances to win when you do the following:
-Tweet about the giveaway
-Post this blog on pinterest.
( Please leave the link/url for each post in the comment you leave)

Comment Below with What, your name and Email, so I can contact you if you win!
Winners will be chosen by Random.org!
The Giveaway will run from 9/27 until 10/20.

May the races begin!
Mistress Out,

Halloween: Day 37: Costume #2

September 26, 2012

 Hello Guys! Today we're going to explore Black Cat. Black Cat is to Spider-man as Catwoman is to Batman. Don't get me wrong, I love them both, and each one has their unique quirks. Black Cat was created in 1979 by Marv Wolfman and Keith Pollard. She is a re-occurring love interest for Peter Parker, and the daughter of a world renowned cat burglar, a week or so before her father's death she breaks him out of jail so he can die at home with family and she decides after his death to follow in his footsteps. She is ranked 27th out of Comic's 100 sexiest women. 

Costume Specifics:

-White Wig (Mid to long length)

-Craft Fur For Forearms + Calves

-Long Black Gloves

-Black Zip up body suit

-Flat/Heeled Knee high boots


-Jagged Domino Mask

Mistress Out,

Tactical Tuesdays #6

September 25, 2012

Boy oh Boy. It just seems like Tuesday comes quicker and quicker every week. It's usually not my favorite day, but since I started these posts there has been a definitely positive outlook about today! So without further ado:

Eponym Ft. Mosaek- Damn

The All American Rejects- Beekeepers Daughter

 Wondergirls : Hey Boy

New Blogs:

Death By Cool: A tumblr blog

The Geeky Peacock: Geek meets fashion in morticia adams sort of way.

DollDelight: A personal/business Blog about the clothing brand: Doll Delight (Lolita)

Things that I want:

Mistress Out,

30 Days of Knitting: Day 10

Do You Have A Favorite pattern or Designer?

 I hardly ever use patterns, because I have a very difficult time reading and understanding them. I have seen some patterns that are really really gorgeous, that if I possibly could read them I would want to make copius amounts of them. 

1.) Alicia Corset by Trudy Van Stralen

2. Phildar Design Teams- Go Bow Bustier
3. Anchor Motif 

4. The Smock

5. Miette by Andi

Mistress Out,

30 Days of Knitting: Day 9

September 24, 2012

What Fiber or yarn do you love working with?
 I don't have a favorite, I like working with all yarns. There are things I try to avoid though.

- I HATE yarn that splits easily! Especially when I'm knitting. It drives me crazy!!!

- Not a fan of thin, novelty yarn, it sheds and its difficult to work with.

-Novelty FUR. YUCK!

- Pretty much any yarn that is difficult to hold on to, or anything that i have to concentrate really hard on I am not a fan of. 

Mistress out,

A normal weekend at the Watchtower

September 21, 2012

 Hello Readers,

   There is love and excitement at the Watchtower! My sister is spending the night, and we're doing all kinds of girly sister stuff and getting her ready for the homecoming football game Friday night. We took some super silly pictures of ourselves, as we prepare for the nights activities.

-We walked up the hill and around the corner, so we could get pop, because I forgot to pick some up on my way home from work.

-Connecting our PS3 so we can watch Netflix: Black Books, Thor, and play Catherine.

-Finally moving music to my ipod. Now that I have a windows based computer!

-Giving each other makeovers.

-Watching Batman Movies: Currently on Batman: Under the Red Hood. (Her favorite)

Now, back to Party Rocking,
Mistress out,

Introduction: The Nightwing

September 20, 2012

 I'm an adult now. Or so people keep telling me. In becoming an adult, you have to do adult like things. Such as getting my own mode of transportation. Usually I would just take the bus, but the trek from my apartment to work and back is almost unbearable on a bus with more people then there is room! So hence My solution, I already tried to take my drivers test, but I need a car with a working horn and right now I can't afford to get that because I keep spending money on the bus. So what would an adult do? The most likely answer would be get a loan. But I am a CRAFTY adult, and that my dear friends in the difference between me and everyone else in the world. People thinking inside the box, while I think out. I've been scouring the web for used mopeds and motorized bikes, that are street legal without a license. I've found several, your mission lovely readers?? Help me choose which one is the best fit.

Gas Bike $250

Garelli $250

Puch $350

1980 Jawa $300

So which bike is most deserving of the title Nightwing? Leave your decision in the Comment Box.

Mistress Out,

Tactical Tuesdays #5

September 18, 2012


- Taylor Swift: We are never ever getting back together

- Meek Mill: Amen

- G-Dragon: Crayon

- Secret: Poison

- Keke Palmer: Dance Alone


-Hananoire: Makeup blog (contributor for Girlgeekculture magazine)

-From Head to Toe: Makeup Blog Expertly designed!

-Wendy's Lookbook: Fashion Blogger


New Things that I really Want:

- These Glasses. 

Mistress Out,

Halloween #46: Costume #1

September 17, 2012

   So, today I wanna talk about Storm. For those who don't know. Storm is a weather controlling Mutant from X-Men. She is the one of the most recognizable characters from X-Men. She has been part of multiple other Marvel comics such as: Avengers, Fantastic Four, Lady Liberators and Morlocks. She is on of my favorite characters. She was also one of the first characters of color created for Marvel, She spent a brief stint being married to The Black Panther.

Costume Specifics:

- White Wig ( Mid-length to long)

- Gray and Yellow Half shirt/Sports Bra

- Gray leggings

- Gray Cape

- Headdress

- Gray Contacts

-Yellow Boots

Happy Halloween
Mistress Out,

Shop Update: More Streamlined Process

  So, I know I haven't blogged about the shop in a while, but it's on and popping today. Since I didn't have internet, I was able to have a complete unplugged month and a half, and it resulted in some new ideas for the shop and 5 different products. First Things first:

- I have decided to streamline the products that My shop makes. 
- Custom Orders and Commissions ONLY. (Just makes it way easier to handle the creation processes) 

- Character Hats 

- Accessories 

  I was thinking about adding fashion pieces to the shop, but not only am I just not talently ready for that but I just don't have the time. With Work, and making sure that I'm paying the bills, I just don't have time to be fiddling with my super crazy tempermental sewing machine. I really need to just get a new one. But I'm working on getting so many things taken care of right now.

-Getting a car

-Paying off my school fees. 

-Getting ready for Halloween.

-Getting ready for Ohio Comic Con.
  So many things so little time in which to do them. But keep a look out this year, because I'm going to put Doux Intoxicatie on the map!

Dead Kitty Cat Hat with Tassles

Hello Kitty Hat 

Pikachu Hat 

All of these are available in the shop.

Mistress Out,

Face of the Day: Blue and Pink

September 16, 2012

Urban Decay Narcotic Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Purple Haze Eyeshadow
Ulta Cobalt Eyeliner
Sephora Jumbo Eyeliner in Emerald
Ulta Lipstick #236 

 Mistress Out,


September 15, 2012

 Hello lovely readers!!

   Halloween is upon us. Yes I know its next month, yes I know we have exactly 48 days until Halloween. But That is Prep time ladies and gentleman. Time to put yourselves into the playing field. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. So I thought in keeping with my tradition that I would do a little halloween themed series.

- Different Costume Choices. ( These will be NERDY) I will not apologize!

- Cool Party Games and Favors. 

- Makeup Looks and Tutorials.

- And a Whole Slew of cool things that have to deal with Samhain.

Keep a lookout.

Mistress Out,

Introduction: The Watchtower.

September 14, 2012

 Now we all know that I'm a major nerd. Comic books and Cartoons are some of my favorites. When I moved out of my childhood home, I found a little apartment which was perfect. I'm calling it the Watchtower. Now if you do know what then that's great, but I'm still going to explain it for everyone else who isn't quite in the know.  The Watchtower is the Headquarters for the Justice League, it is the base for all of the league members in Young Justice. What better name for my new place than the watchtower?

  I'm so excited to have a place all to myself. A place I can decorate anyway I please, and showcase as my own little orb of space. I can't wait to fully be moved in and decorated. And on top of that I can't wait to SHOW you guys! And now I can because I just got my internet and Phone line hooked up!! So The Watchtower is officially in business.

Welcome Home. Clearance Number 07981. Spokhette.

Mistress Out,


Face of the Day: Rouge +Green

September 13, 2012

Mac Palette Black Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Chronic Eyeshadow
Ulta's Purple lipstick #236 

I've really missed these posts. Looking forward to adding then to the blogging Schedule.
Mistress Out,

Minty Plaid! A D.I.Y. Nail Tutorial

September 10, 2012

 Hello Readers, I'm really starting to come into my own these past couple of days. I don't have anything to do until work tonight, so I decided to watch some new music videos and paint my nails. Today is a super easy tutorial, it just takes a little patience is all.

Step One: Gather supplies.

- Mint Green Nail Polish
-White Nail Polish
- Scotch tape 4 pieces for each nail

Step Two: Paint All Nails White
- Make Sure it Dries Completely. COMPLETELY!

Step Three: Place Tape strips on nails.
- They should make a tic tac to board on your finger, like plaid.

Step Four: Paint ALL nails Mint Green. Over the Tape.
-Wait to dry.
- Usually Mint is very light, you might need more than one coat.

Step Five: If your nails are COMPLETELY dry, remove the tape and enjoy your design.

Mistress Out,

30 days of Knitting: Day 7

September 7, 2012

What is your least Favorite knitted piece?

         My least favorite knitted piece would have to be My very first knitted Bows. When I first started to knit and crochet it was to make cute adorable hair accessories for myself. These knitted bows came out so completely uneven and unkilter that they survive only in a prison of my own making in a place I dare not mention aloud. There are no pictures, no evidence except for he actual pieces, I kep them for the simple fact that I never wanna make anything else so lack luster again n all my life. 

Mistress Out,

30 days of knitting: Day 6

September 6, 2012

What's Your favorite piece you've ever knit?

   My favorite knitted piece would have to be My Hello Kitty Makeup bag, It was a commissioned piece for a 6 year old girl and I tried to channel that when I put it together. I tried to stay true to Hello Kitty, because Every little girl loved Hello Kitty. She's an icon like Barbie, or Cher. This is my favorite because the client was extremely pleased, and there is nothing better than making a child smile, literally its worth its weight in gold. 

  It was also my favorite because of the Aesthetics and the functionality of it. Completely knit in purl, it kept the holes to a limit, kept it from having small things fall out, and plus she's a six year old, all they have is small things. It had a velcro Clasp so everything stayed inside. The face was completely made out of felt and stitched on. with hot glue as a back up. You know how kids are their rough with their items I had to make sure it was sturdy.

Mistress Out,

30 days of Knitting: Day Fve

September 5, 2012

How long did it take from the time you learned to knit to finish your first project?

    I learned how to knit about 2 or 3 years ago. During that time I liked the aesthetic of knitting, How my needles looked in my hand and how I looked while knitting, but I was not a fan of the turn out, and it took me FOREVER to figure out how to cast off properly. So all the pieces I did work on and come close to finishing I was unable to wear for fear of unraveling. 

  I'd say it took about 2 to 3 months of continuous knitting to complete a  project.  But Boy when I did I felt amazing!!! I'd felt like I'd taken on the world and had won, and believe you me, there is nothing in the word like it. 

Mistress Out,

Tactical Tuesdays # 4

September 4, 2012

 I know It's been a minute since I've done one of these, but that just means that I have double the amount of stuff to show you! So without further ado since this edition is huge here goes nothing!

New Music:

-Wonder Girls: Girlfriend

-Big Bang: Feeling

-G-Dragon: That XX

-Teen Top: To you

-Rainbow: Kiss

-Florence + the Machine: Drumming Song

-Analogue Monsta- Time To

New Blogs:

-Pugly Pixels: Coding Help and e-Courses

-Dream in Vintage: Indie Business Owner and Vintage Fashion by Ashlee

-Word Addict: Personal Style Blogger Tammie, introduces you to cute looks and new Vocabulary!

-Boys are Idiots: A personal Write up from a 23 year old damsel.

Things I want:

Puglypixels' Css E-Course

Ipod Classic 160gb in white

To Finish Doctor Who re-runs so I can watch the Season PREMIERE!

Mistress Out,

400th Post Celebration

September 3, 2012

 Hello Readers!!!

   In honour of my 400th post I thought it would be cool to take a step into history and show you guys my most popular posts.

#1: Shopping Haul with 268 views.

#2: Where oh Where could my blonde Pi be??? with 203 views.

#3: How To: Chevron Nails 300th post with 166 views.

#4: When You meet Professor Layton by a dead end and its not to make out, with 102 views.

#5: Welcome to September with 77 views

#6: D.I.Y. Catwoman's Lace Mask with 74 views

#7: Call Me Pinky, No Porno with 61 views

Mistress Out,

30 Days of Knitting: Day Three + Four

Do you have any other WiPs? + How did you learn to knit?

  I do indeed have a new Work in Progress. I am working on new fall products for the shop and am in the planning stages of a multicolor cowl. 

  My friend Nova Dee, taught me how to knit. She knits because she has a fidget habit and since I know it needed less yarn then my crochet habit, she taught me second semester of school and I've been knitting ever since!! I thank her every day for her help!

Mistress Out,

30 Days of Knitting: Day Two

September 2, 2012

What is Currently on your needles?

 Knitting and Crochet are activities that are very calming for me, they give me a kind of suspended state. Now having mentioned that, the way I knit and Crochet are very hectic, I usually have multiple different projects on my needles at the same time. At the moment I have three projects on my needles:

-Katie's Kitten Makeup Bag- 40% complete (Knit)
  A rectangular knit bag in yellow, with a kitty face and ears, Velcro Clasp

-Eboni's Dead Cat Hat- 79% complete (Crochet)
  An all black hat with Black Cat ears and black tassels, with a dead kitty face done in White thread. 

-Gianna's Watermelon Pillow- 25% complete (Crochet)
  A green and Red Crocheted Pillow with super soft fluff inside and threaded seeds.

Mistress Out,

Welcome to SEPTEMBER!!

September 1, 2012

 Hello Readers, I can't believe it is already September! The year is literally flying past me. I'm going to have to get my life together! I am determined to make the best of September this year. 

 Here are just a few of the things I'm hoping to be able to do this month.

- September 28th-30th: Ohio Comic-Con. During this weekend I will be in Columbus getting my nerdette on. I have two costumes completed. 

- FINALLY MOVE INTO MY APARTMENT. I am so ready to start living in the watchtower, it's not even FUNNY. If you are wondering why I call it the watchtower. ( JLU's headquarters is called the Watchtower, and I'm a nerd. It's not that hard to put together.)

- An Exciting 365 Photography project. 

- I've been re-energized to create, Brand new items for the shop.

 I'm so ready for September you guys! Fresh New Month, Fresh New Start. It's also the first official month that VSS is OPEN for Sponsors. If you guys are interested in Sponsoring me, or doing button  swaps please feel free to email me! 

Mistress Out,

30 Days of Knitting: Day One

What was your first finished Project?

My first finished Knit project was a pink and white neck warmer. I was inspired by Twinkie Chan's Diagonal peppermint Scarf. I was really happy with it, I wore it until the wear and tear created unfixable holes. I have yet to remake it, I might do that this winter...

My First finished Crochet Project was a red and white striped purse. It was completely done in single crochet, I was sooo happy when I completed it, I wore it everywhere. I still have it, I called it the candy Striper and it is still a pattern that I use when people commission purses from me.

Mistress Out,


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