Youtube Preview: Massive Makeup Haul

August 28, 2013

 Now I know I've been getting back into the groove of things here at VSS, but I know for a fact that it has literally been forever since the last time I blogged about makeup. That's not becuase I don't like it anymore, or that I have stopped doing it, its just been literally forever since I've written about it, but don't worry, I am back and better than ever! I've even recorded a new VIDEO! But here's a sneak peak of all the cool stuff I talk about! Make sure you guys check the youtube video soon! I'll be uploading the video Thursday. * fingers Crossed*

  • CoverGirl: Ink It #230 Black Ink Eyeliner
  • Nyx: Gel Liner and Smudger GLS03 Danielle (teal)
  • Nyx: Studio Liquid Liner: SLL 105 Extreme Green
  • NYX: Studio Liquid Liner: SLL 108 Extreme Pink
  • Too Faced : Cat Eye Kit
  • Maybelline New York: The Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara #233
  • Maybelline New York: The Colossal Volume Express #230

'Til Next time,


Haul: Snapbacks and Purse Upgrades

August 26, 2013

 Hey guys!
So I thought I would drop by and show you guys whats been happening on the style front of the blog.  I haven't really been up to anything crazy, but every now and again I do pick up a few things. I finally got a tripod so I can start taking outfit photos again, but in the meantime, I can introduce you to my snapback obsession. If you've been following my instagram, you will have already seen these, but since not a lot of people are, I thought I would put them up on here as well. Ever since I was little I've always owned a snapback. But since heading up to Columbus to go see D-Pryde and actually procuring one for myself, I have been absolutely itching for more and more.
  Thursday I fulfilled that itch by purchasing two more from Spencer's during their buy one get one 50% off! It was so difficult to make my decision! I literally stood there for like a whole half an hour pacing back and forth to try and figure out which one's I wanted. The clerk came back to me like 12 different times and I still hadn't made a decision. There were so many choices, but a lot of them had that ugly mesh back that I hate with a passion. And All the ones I gravitated towards were about the same color. Black and green, and I already had one of those. They had a whole bunch of Mario, the boyish Tapout. and wiz Khalifa, but they didn't have any Mac Miller, they only had mario, but no other characters, they had transformer stuff but no decepticon stuff, I can't be a good guy all the time.
  I decided on Scooby-Doo and Adventure Time. I also got a brand new bag, I loved my pink one but it was definitely time for something new, when your bag is nothing but zipped pockets and 90% of them don't zip anymore its more than likely a sign to get a new one!
Out with the old and in with the new!

Baked, with Scooby Doo
Finn The HUMAN!

Til Next time,


Handheld Mistress #18:Magical Drop 3

August 23, 2013

 Hey Guys! The Mistress is BACK! Yesterday evening, I took my cousins out for a night on the town, since we don't drink smoke or party this entailed a trip to the local mall, for our favorite spot Arcade Legacy, I've talked about them before on the blog, but today I'm talking about a particular game that they had in their possession. They get new arcade games about every month or so. And tucked away in the back was a neo-geo console, with multiple games on it, and one of them was called Magical Drop 3. 
 We'd been there for about an hour or so when I found it, and I love puzzle games. So I plopped right on down and I played it and I played it and I played it some more. I was so enthralled with the colors and the game play that I hadn't even noticed how much time had already passed! I looked up for a hot second to make sure my cousins were behaving themselves and people were leaving! Not like one or two, but in DROVES, which meant that it was time for them to close up shop! I had sat there and played the game for an entire hour and half without being interrupted or moving from my spot. I knew right then and there I was addicted and that I had to write about it!
  So I did some research, the first one came out in 1995 in Japan of course, and there are like seven all together! They made one for the Playstation and one for the Game boy color, here's hoping for a random visit from a gaming fairy on my next trip to Gamestop. *fingers Crossed*. The third edition included 3 different types of game play. Survival- One player, move til you drop. Battle - Battle against the computer or a fellow opponent. Magical Journey- Which is basically like a game board and everytime you complete a puzzle the Character gains a space, the more spaces the further along the board you are allowed to move. I had been playing the game so long, that I only had 4 spaces left before I had gained my goal!

Til Next time Gamers,

Toil and Trouble: A date downtown (Picture heavy!)

August 21, 2013

So according to Just dropping by, I was headed out on Friday to a date, with the professor. Here's the Photos and other stuff that I left out.

We also went to the Below Zero Lounge which is a gay bar, we caught a drag show (My first one ever) and got lost and ended up in Hustler and then found the car and took a drive to Kentucky for the Anchor Grill. Aint he the cutest?!

Til' Next time Gang,

My Date with D-Pryde.

August 19, 2013

HI Gang!

About a week ago, I drove up to Columbus, for a concert. I went to go see D-Pryde at Skully's Dinner. Now according to my GPS, it was supposed to take approximately one hour to get from my apartment to Skully's dinner. So, I packed my purse, and headed out. It took me approximately two and a half hours to actually make it to my destination, considering I got lost on the way to columbus and ended up in London, and then I finally made it to Columbus and then got lost on the way to the theater.

 By the time I actually made it to the theatre, It was almost 830! I was freaking out, because the flyer said he came on at 7, but he was the headlining act so I was just in time! Before he went on he was just hanging outside talking to people like a real person! It was the coolest thing ever! Then he went on stage and the place was so small I got to be right next to the stage!! We were so hype! We were all jumping around and enjoying ourselves, He grabbed my hand, and we swayed together to one of his songs, it was epic! There were two Asian girls in front of me, he kissed her hand and she fainted, I'm pretty sure she'll never wash that hand ever again!
  He did a few songs off of his new ALBUM, not mixtape people. HIS ALBUM! He finally made it! Canal and Richvale, I am a huge fan of Nightmare.
You can get his album on Itunes. He had special hats that were only on tour, and he is so cool that at the end of the concert, he had a meet and greet, and he signed my hat, if I didn't have to drive home I would have most definitely would have fainted, and someone told him, that I had taken the day off and he gave me a hug, I swear I was on cloud 15. This is like the 3rd one this year with someone famous! I'm moving up!

 You can also see the video from the Columbus Meet and Greet on his instagram, if you guys don't know who he is, please check him out, he deserves the praise! 

Yours Truly,

Sponsor Vulcan Sugar and Spice!

August 5, 2013

Hey Gang!
 Its a whole new month! And you know what that means? Sponsorship time!! I haven't really been keeping up with the blog and that's no ones fault but my own but do not fear! Vulcan Sugar and Spice is slowly gaining its way back to its former glory! Which is why its a perfect time to hop onto the bandwagon! Sponsoring Vulcan Sugar and Spice gives me that little umph that I need to expand! Plus You're also getting your name out there its giving us both a helping hand! And if you haven't already realized, I love helping people! Its a win win for us all!

For more info, please Click the photo! or visit

Hope to hear from you soon!

Yours Truly,

Welcome to August!

August 3, 2013

This year is going by so freaking fast! I can't believe it, Where was this speed, when I was a high schooler trying to get rid of the horrible institution, where was this speed, when I was practically salivating to be out of school, its soo crazy that my life has been passing me by like this. I've been working on making better uses of my time, but it hasn't been going so well. But you guys don't read this, for my uncool life, so without further to do the to do list! ( I'm soo glad that this heat wave is over. I was ready to murder somebody and now everyone is safe.)

- Get moved into the new place: We finally got the application approved on the new apartment! Now all we have to do is get moved in!

- Finish up the business cards, for my latest business venture.

- Finish catching up on television shows before the new seasons start:
 - Gossip Girl
 - Doctor Who
 - Pretty Little Liars
 - Bates Motel
 - Hannibal

- Revive Handheld Mistress: I have lots of ideas, its just transferring them to paper thats the issue.

- Start Networking more. Blogwise, business wise and the whole nine yards.

- Give Vulcan Sugar and Spice a makeover. ( It's in desperate need)

- Get back into the groove of knitting and crocheting again, not for profit but just for fun.

- Bring Youtube back from the dead.

Do you guys have any plans for August? I'd love to hear about them! Feel free to leave them on twitter or down in the comments below.

Yours Truly,



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